Sunday, September 28, 2014

First News From New Jersey

September 15, 2014
First news from New Jersey!

Okay so coolest thing we got to see Manhattan as we were landing in Newark we even saw Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty!! So we landed and obviously went pee pee! Our mission president’s wife bet us at baggage claim with a couple of the other couple missionaries!!! So they took us to some place in the city of Newark and we got paired up with some old missionaries then they got us in a circle and started singing called to serve then all of the sudden all our temporary companions just ran away so we ran and followed them! We talked to 3 people, and the first man didn't really want much to do with us, but we gave him a pass along! The second guy was going to school so we just walked him to class and I gave him a book of Mormon!! He was actually pretty excited about it! And he has seen the missionaries in his neighborhood!

The third guy called us over from across the street and asked us if we could do his genealogy for him! Ha-ha anyway he thought Joseph smith was John Smith and he knew a lot about our church...probs why he called us over! We got his number to give to some elders to help him with genealogy!! Super cool! I love being a minority! Mission president and wife and family are amazing! I am loving this and dinner was amazing because I have only had crumbs of muddy buddies and pretzels today!! Love you all!

Sister Cooper who is now in Jersey

On the airplane here we go!

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