Sunday, November 9, 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving!

October 16, 2014

Dear Framily,

I barely have anytime and I think I might be getting kicked off of the computer so I will tell you more about the weeks next Monday when I have more than 6 minutes to write!

Tuesday the 30th we had an exchange and Sister Schaefer came to Maplewood with me! It was so much fun and her and I are really good friends now! We are going to be writing buddies for her last transfer here! I am sad she is leaving! I feel like all of the sisters I am meeting are leaving soon it is weird. We taught Karen that day and turns out she talked to her pastor and she is a bit confused on what she is going to do and the direction to go. It was kinda a rough lesson to be honest, but we testified and the spirit was present! 

Wednesday the best part of the whole day was when we talked to this girl named Felicity at Ivy Hill Park! She was sitting on a bench and we started talking to her and sat down with her. She is from Africa and reads every version of the bible so that she can get the most knowledge. When she said that I was jumping up and down on the inside because that was a total invitation to throw the Book of Mormon at her ha-ha! So we did! We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and how it is another testament of Jesus Christ and she was so excited about it! She asked us where it came from and I told her the first vision story and read the intro with her! The spirit was radiating! It was the best contact I have had yet and I was so happy! When we walked away she was flipping through the book and started reading it!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!! Well every day is the best day but this was an awesome day!

Friday we went to IHOP with Sister Edwards, and she is really concerned that we are going to get ebola, and I was like ehhh it’s fine! It sounded like the last ship story line when she was talking to us! I thought it was funny! 

Sunday we went to the Cruz's family (our recent converts) to read the Book of Mormon with them and Wendy's boyfriend/baby daddy was there and he sat in on the reading and loved the Book of Mormon! He is Muslim and wants to learn so we are going to teach him! We teach him this next Sunday!

Last Monday on Canadian Thanksgiving (PS hope you had a happy one) we had specialized sister training and we did yoga and ate and learned about makeup tips and fun stuff like that! I mostly just liked being with all of the other sisters! I finally saw Sister Brown after a forever without her! It was so nice to be with her! 
That night we went to go see Bryan and he was upset with us because for some reason he was waiting for us all day even though we made an appointment with him for 6:30...Haitians and their time makes me laugh sometimes! Anyway he said we need to come back another day ha-ha
Then we went and taught an ESL class for people that are Haitian and it was funny because we couldn't understand them at was a hoot but also really fun! They can read English really well, but they have no idea what they are reading! We taught them the plan on salvation and Raymond would ask random questions and go off on tangents constantly! Sister Giles and I just sat there and listened to him ramble in French!
After the ESL class we went the the last bit of FHE with the single adults and then we got in this really deep conversation with Elder Strout about the Holy Ghost and Baptism with fire. my mind explodes everytime I talk to him! 

Well that is about all for this last week. I will tell you about the current week this coming Monday when I have more time aight?? I love you all mostest! Read Alma 26:12 it is amazing and was my scripture for the week! 
Also seek to find out who the Holy Ghost is because when you know that you know the biggest mystery of all time. Really try to listen to the promptings of the spirit because that is what will lead you back to our Savior Jesus Christ!

Sister Cooper of Jersey


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