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One Month Down Peeps!

October 6, 2014

Dear Framily,

Well happy Monday everyone!! The air is chilly and crisp in Jersey, but hey I love it! This week was pretty awesome and long and short all at the same time!

Monday after I wrote you last we went to 5 Guys....oh my holy moly I was in heaven! A burger has never tasted soooo good! The people in there were staring at two white girls chowing down on some burgers! I want another one right now actually! That night we saw Sister Edwards and talked to her about how the atonement covered more than just our sins; it is here to pick us up. I  think of Jesus under my arms helping me walk at times and let me tell you he is there! You let him in and he will be there right away! That night we also had FHE with the singles ward and I am starting to really remember names it is awesome!

Tuesday we had district meeting at the Maplewood chapel like always and after we went to Tito Burrito....oh my, it was so yummy and kinda funny because there were like 20 missionaries eating huge burritos and I think we overwhelmed the workers! They have cool Jersey shirts there to so I will snatch one up next time I go because I know there will be a next time! On the way to lunch Sister Giles and I contacted a Catholic Priest and he was so nice! He had a lot of questions about how we do missionary work! It is really fun how all the religions are interested in our religion!
After conference we went and saw Karen and her kids! I extended a pretty bold baptismal invite and they said they want their answers from God first, so I said this week go to God with a decision not just an answer! I hope it helps and I really want God to answer them! It was so spiritual and awesome though!
That night we also saw Saylline and Ronal some recent converts and talked to them about serving others in all things!

Wednesday we had Leadership training and we had to wake up early because it is an hour and half away! But leadership training was really fun and I got to meet a lot of missionaries! We learned a lot on how to be bold and loving! I also learned how important going to church is. We aren't asking our investigators to go to church...we are asking them to partake of the sacrament, use the atonement, and bring Christ into their lives! It hit me hard personally and I realized how important it really is to get our investigators and less actives to sacrament and church! On the way home we stopped by McDonalds and I had heavens syrup...DOCTOR PEPPER!!! All during Leadership training I felt like we needed to go see Gigi and It was really bothering me. And we had an appointment that night, so I didn't know how we could do it! So being the reliable missionaries that we are, we decided that we needed to follow through on our appointments, and I was kinda hoping that Linda wasn't home! On the way to Linda's we re-contacted Bryan and got his information which was so awesome! When we got to Linda's house she wasn't home, and I was so excited because my heart was on fire about going to Gigi's! So we ran to the elevator and out the door and then we re-contacted another previous investigator Anna who had dropped off the face of the earth for a while! There is definitely a reason why we went to Linda's! We rushed over to Gigi's as fast as we could while going the speed limit! When we got there it was getting pretty dark and we were praying so hard to make sure we were doing what the spirit was telling us to do! We got buzzed into the building our first try (miracle right there) and then we started knocking on Gigi's door, but there was no answer and it looked really dark. We left our card and number and were about to leave when Sister Giles felt like we needed
 to knock on the manager’s door! So we knocked on his with the intention of finding out if Gigi had moved or not and the manager’s door was unlocked so we opened it and it was actually a door that went outside...weird! We heard a door open down the hall so I look down and there was a guy leaving and I yelled at him, "Do you know Gigi?" and he came over and said that he did! He asked us if we meet with her a lot and I said yes we do, and her phones stopped working and we aren't sure if they kicked her out of her apartment! He told us that she is still living here :) and he told us he would tell her we stopped by! He then said that he saw us all the time, and then I said, "Enock don't be a stranger then! Next time you see us stop and talk!" he said that he would! The spirit does direct us for reasons known or unknown we just have to follow always!

Thursday we had more leadership training and it was soooo long, but they had a special surprise for all the missionaries to come to after training so I was so anxious! We thought it might be iPad or iPhone or something about meet the Mormons! When training ended and all the missionaries arrived they sat us all down in front of the screen projector and started playing the movie “Meet the Mormons!” We all went crazy with excitement! The movie is so good and it really clears up so many misconceptions about Mormons! Go see the movie EVERYONE! We don't know if it will be playing in New Jersey yet because 600 people per county have to request it in order for it to come to the theaters sadly! It will be playing for sure in New York so hopefully lots of Jersey residents go and see it there if not here! It is really going to help our missionary work! I am so excited to see the effects!
That night we met with Nancy and Freddy again and we talked about baptisms and we helped Nancy realize that it is a beginning and not and end and we also challenged Freddy who knows it in his head that it is true to take his decision to God and let the spirit guide him! The spirit is such an amazing teacher and it was strong in our lesson!

Friday we had our weekly planning session and then went and saw Ashley and talked to her about the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Ghost! She had a lot of questions about how they work and the difference! It was a fun lesson and I feel like I learned a lot from Ashley!
All the rest of our appointment fell through either they didn't show up or they called us drunk so it was great! Ruth our lovely neighbor called us and she invited us to come have dinner with her and her son so we went to her house had some yummy pizza and talked about the story of Peter walking on water! We then played apples to apples and shocker I lost like always!!! It was fun and I love having Ruth as our missionary mommy! She takes care of us! We put the rug that is in our room on top of our car and drove it to the dumpster hoping that all the bed bugs in there die a peaceful death! I still am sleeping with bug spray on though! ha-ha! I hope they are gone!

So many of my questions were answered! Elder Robbins totally answered the concerns Ashley and I were discussing about fearing God and everything I was trying to explain to her the other day Elder Robbins just put it on the table to grab! I was so excited!
I also loved Cheryl Esplin's talk about the sacrament which I have really been trying to make more meaningful to me! She said that when the deacons pass the sacrament it is as if Christ himself were handing it to powerful, and I had never thought of it like that!
Every talk Saturday I really just loved!
I also loved Tad R. Callisters talk about the role of parents as teachers and it made me think about my mommy and daddy and how we used to read the scriptures together at night and I am really thankful that I heard my parents’ testimonies growing up! I hope that I can be as good of parents as mine are! Oh and I don't remember who but someone mentioned curfews and it made me laugh!

Saturday night we met with Wendy and Saylline and we talked about Alma 24 and burying your sins and temptations and how it will make you so much stronger and others will notice!

Sunday morning Nancy and Freddy came!!!! It was fun having investigators there! They got to hear the prophet speak too! AHHHH
In between sessions we went the Taber-Kewene's for lunch! First off they have the hands down cutest house inside and out! Second they make amazing food! They can their New York friends come over for lunch too so there were a ton of little kids and parents! It was a blast, and I definitely sat at the kids table!
My favorite talk of all conference was Elder Bednar's talk! He is so amazing and I was sitting there praising saying YES a million times to Sister Giles! It was awesome! I can't wait to read all of the talks when they come out and at time!
Sunday night our lessons fell through again....and right when we found out I got the impression that we needed to go see Gigi again. And at first I kinda brushed it off because we had already tried that week. But then it came again and I told Sister Giles and we headed over there! We saw her car out front and we were screaming with excitement! The front door was open and so was Gigi's so we called in and she told us to come in! And the place was a half empty disaster! Turns out she was getting kicked out and she had 4 days to leave and find a new place! So we dropped our bags and started helping her pack up things and take them out to the U-Haul! It was so good that we came to help her because she needed the help! Jonny Boy our "best friend" helped her move too along with Raymond and her other friend from Ghana!

The Lord works in mysterious ways, but as I have learned this week always follow the spirit and it will guide you to where you need to be no matter what! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

I love you all MOSTEST!
Sister Cooper of Jersey

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