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Week 5 in Jersey!

October 20, 2014

Dear Framily,

This week has been incredible, and I just love being in Jersey period.

Tuesday we had specialized training so we drove to Morristown, and all of my batch came to meet with the Mission President, his wife, and the assistants. They first split up the trainers and trainees and we talked to the President about what we are struggling with and what we are liking etc. The main problem that most of us have is that the Spanish speakers don't know the language very well, or that people who speak Spanish don't want to talk to them in Spanish because they are white...hahaha! And for a lot of the English speakers, we are in areas where people speak so many different languages and it is hard because we don't know any other languages to communicate. We also find that people who speak English pretend like they can’ is so funny! One day I want to pretend like I don't know English and throw them off! It is great! It was really fun seeing all of my MTC family and I really did feel at home with them! I miss them so much! The sad thing is that was our last meeting all together :( now we will see each other at transfer meetings and zone meetings waaaah! It was so fun though!

That night when we got back home we went to find a less active named Bro. McMillian, and this guy answers the door and says some weird thing that we didn't quite understand/hear, and then shut the door really quickly so we just stood there for a second, and then looked at each other like what just happened?? So we go back to the car and when we get in the car I had this feeling that we should go and talk to the neighbor to try and get some more information about Bro. McMillian, so we did. The door was open and there were some guys carpeting the floor, and we started talking to them, and they called for the owner of the house by saying this, "You have two young ladies at your door Joe!" Joe says, "Ladies never come to my door. You must be mistaken!" Then he comes to the door and invites us in, and says, “Hey they are cute ladies too!” We talked to him for a while, and he is a huge teaser. He is about 80-90 fyi, and he told Sister Giles that she was a hard head ha-ha! Such a great guy!
We went to our Ward Mission Leader's house, Brother Thomas, for dinner and his two boys are downright awesome little guys! They were so fun to be with and they reminded me of my brothers! They fed us these amazing burgers and I was in HEAVEN! Best dinner yet let me tell you! I have the best Ward Mission Leader!

We got the wonderful opportunity to go to Ellis Island to help people in the family history center search for their ancestors that came through the Island! I helped people from all around the world including, Poland, England, and Italy. A lot of the people were old and didn't even know how to use a computer! I even taught someone how to scroll down the screen! It was so fun! The best part was when they would find their family and you could see them get so excited and their faces light up! The spirit of Elijah is so real let me tell you it is! I am excited to get into family history when I get home from my mission! We got to walk around the build for a little bit and go to the gift shops which I loved! After our three hours were sadly done working there we had to go back home and we took some pictures outside, but they were a total fail because the wind was blowing so hard! I am just glad I wore a pencil skirt that day otherwise there would have been a bit of a problem pulling a Monroe! It was cool seeing Manhattan too! On the way home we saw some awesome graffiti too, people are so creative!

That night we went to go and see Bryan but he wasn't at his first house so we went to the second house and he wasn't at that one either so then we went back to the first house and we talked to his daughter Trisha and she seems pretty interested in the young single adult ward and she wants to find a church that is a good fit for her because she goes to the Haitian church, but she can't speak French/creole so she doesn't enjoy it much! We invited her to come to Family Home Evening tonight so hopefully she comes! Bryan walked up later and he was wearing a shirt on top of his head, and it was really funny!
We then went to see Sayllin, and we had to teach her in the hall because her mom wasn't home, but the spirit was still there and it was an awesome lesson!

Thursday WALKING DAY!!!
We went and saw Sister Cochran and she told me that she loved me and was starting to warm up to me which was HUGE because she was kinda shutting me out a bit! I am cracking her open little by little! Super happy about that!
That night we taught Nancy and Fredy and it went okay. We taught about temples and eternal marriage and Nancy loved it, and is excited that she can do the work for her dad! I know that the spirit was there very strongly because I felt it and so did Sister Giles and we hope they did too! We went to institute after and Nancy came with us! We learned more about the history of the earth and when the second coming will happen!
Qiana teamed up with us for the whole day and she is so awesome! She is a star contactor and we met so many people that day! It was a miracle. The best contact we had was with a woman named Chanel and she was really receptive to the Book of Mormon and said that she was going to go straight on the bus and read it. Sadly the bus came too soon...
Qiana even ran after a guy to talk to him...and I mean she RAN after him! He had his headphones in so she didn't freak him out too much hahaha! It was funny! I really learned how to be fearless from her! She is going to be an awesome she is starting her papers!

Saturday we had lunch at this awesome Italian pizza place with Brother Nelson and Ashley! I was in heaven and we had mushroom ravioli and this pesto pizza thing...sooooooooooo yummy and my taste buds can't even describe how good it was!
We went to an appointment after and on the way home from the appointment we saw Bryan on his porch so I pulled that car over so fast you wouldn't even believe and so we literally ran to his house and started talking to him then this guy walks out the door and his name is Richard! He started talking to us and said that he would come to our church. He then asked us why Noah didn't take the families of his son's wives with them and that is sounds like they were kidnapped so we were like uhhh we can study it for you! So I did and I think that Noah couldn't take the families of his son's wives because only Noah and his generations were worthy at the time, and the whole earth had to be submerged in water to come up clean and pure. It is the baptism of the earth and only pure things could be in the boat.
We had a lesson with Leslie who is now our new investigator of the week! She has really been searching for a church and religion that is the perfect fit for her and we taught her the restoration and she said that she felt really peaceful and we explained to her the Holy Ghost and then we taught her how to pray and it was such a powerful prayer that she gave wow! I almost cried it was so powerful! She is going to be so instrumental in the Lords hands, and people we may be having a wedding soon because she is living with her fiancé and their children!!!! I am so excited! Oh and she said that she wants to be baptized!

Sunday Ronal was at church at the young men’s leader took him out in the hall before sacrament and he comes back in with the leaders white shirt on and he blessed the sacrament. Never before have I felt the spirit that strong during the sacrament and I was so proud of Ronal. It was sooo amazing! AHHHHHHH
After church we taught Ahliem and Wendy left right when we started the lesson so we had to go out in the hall and teach him for a bit then we went back inside haha and told him about the restoration and when we were talking about Joseph Smith it was so crazy powerful and he said that he would read and pray to know if it is true and then I asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and he said no. But I am sure that when God tells him that these things are true he will want to!

I really love being a missionary and I am learning so much every day it is like my head is constantly imploding!
I know without any doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ’s church. It gets testified to me daily, and I am so glad that I have that knowledge and that I can return to my heavenly father eternally with my family.

Have a great week and keep a prayer with you constantly! I love and miss you all!

Sister Cooper of Jersey

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