Sunday, December 7, 2014

Angels in the outfield-or mission field!

November 10, 2014

Dear Framily,

Where do I even begin???? This week has been crazy and awesome so brace yourselves!!

We had the wonderful opportunity of having interviews with the President Taggart and Sister Taggart! It was exactly what I needed! When I was in the meeting with Sister Taggart I addressed to her about some things and she responded in a way that really opened my eyes. She said that the experiences and what we struggle with on our mission are to prepare us for similar situations in our lives beyond our missions. She said that there is a reason we have our certain struggles because if we don't learn to overcome them now how can we apply what we have learned in the future. Light bulb moment for me! It is so cool, and I know that the spirit was working through her. As I met with President he committed me to pray specifically about the street we are going to and the addresses of the houses and ask Heavenly father directly to bring us to the people he has prepared. Blessing of this challenge were fulfilled that very night. We were in Hillside which we don't really ever do contacting in, but the night before I really felt like we needed to go there and so Sister Giles was like, "are you sure about that???" and I said, "Well yes we need to go there" So we are sitting in our car in Hillside as the sun is setting and we begin to pray to Heavenly Father. We tell him that we are on Grumman and we know that there are prepared people on this road and to help us know where to go to find them. We get out of the car and we walk probably four steps when this man calls out to us from the other side of the street. It was really dark and we couldn't really see him very well at first. He yells again, "What are you two white girls doing here? I have seen you here before!" So Sister Giles looks at me shrugs her shoulders and then starts crossing the street so I followed her and we come up to this man sitting on his porch and he sees us closer and notices our name tags and says, "Oh your Mormons, it all makes sense now" turns out that he has talked to missionaries before and his girlfriend as been telling him lately that he needs to be a church goer and BAMMM we show up on his street! So I give him the Book of Mormon and we tell him about what we do and our purpose here on earth! Then he asked us why you can't have sex at BYU so we explained that to him. His name is Mr. Jones and God sent us to him! He was so prepared and excited about what we had to say and he said that he has never been religious, but he thinks he need to! It was sooo cool!
Okay then we go a couple of streets over to Conan Ave and we pray again about the specific street and the prepared people we knock on this door looking for a girl named Nayfesha and her mother answers the door and she we tell her that we are looking for Nayfesha and she says well I'm the mother! And then we tell her that we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ...and we get cut off. You two are Christians? And we said yes. She says I have never had two Christian girls like you on my door step before. God must have sent you two to me. Then she gave us both hugs and we start talking about how we know we knocked on her door for a reason and she said that we were and answer to her prayers. then this man starts walking up to her porch and she pulls us into her house and shuts the door really quickly and says, "you can never trust the outside world" then tells us to sit down and she says to us the she was reading the bible when we came and knocked on her door and that is how she knows God sent us to her. So we gave her a lesson right then and there about God's love and about the atonement and we gave her the book of Mormon! God will always answer our prayers.

Wednesday for district meeting we had a contacting competition!! Each contact was 1 point information was 1 point and giving away a Book of Mormon was 5 points so we head out in companionships and I am totally in it to win! We had home court advantage too! So sister Giles and I head to the bus stop and contact about 5 people one after the other then we start taking to this guy named Randy and he was going to the library so we walked with him and I asked him what it would mean to him if God was there and he said it would give him hope. He then told us this story about how he was in a bad position in life and the people around him picked him up and got him on the right foot and that because of it he wants to serve for the country and give back. So we just start testifying to him about how God is it the details of our lives and we have to find it out for ourselves that he is there for us and loves us. I could tell that he was really touched so I have him the Book of Mormon and got his information! He was sooo cool! He lives in the Elders area so I am excited to see where it goes! Ps Sister Giles and I totally owned the contest and won, but honestly I am just thankful that we got to find Randy!

So Saturday we decided to go find Harold again :) we were both so excited because this man is crazy awesome! I have never felt the spirit more while talking to someone than I have with him. He has the light of Christ within him! So we go to his house and knock on his door and as we are knocking the people that live there walk up and we tell them that we are looking for Harold and that he told us he lives here and they said they didn't know who he was then walked in really quickly and slammed the door. So Sister Giles and I are like uh WHAT? We go back to the car and just sit there for a second then we look at each other and we both say Harold has to be an angel! So we text the Strouts and ask how we can know if someone is an angel and they said that angels have messages for us. So later that night during planning we figure out what Harold message is and he had told us about his family and about how his kid have rejected him and that they need to have Christ in their lives and he then pointed to one of the Ivy Hill buildings by were we had first seen him and said that his son lived in the building. So Sister Giles and I come to the conclusion that Harold needs us to find his son. We don't know a name, which of the 14 floors he is on or anything. But we will find him.

Sunday we decide to check again and make sure that Harold doesn't live at the address. So we ring again and the answer is no again so we got to the building that he pointed us to at Ivy Hill and started our search. We only had time to try one door so we get in the elevator pick to go to the 8th floor and start at door A. We knock and this Hispanic man opens the door says one second and then a young women come to the door and we tell her we have a message about Jesus Christ and ask if we can come back and she said YES!! So we haven't found his son yet but we found Cindy!!
Sister Giles and I decided to fast this Sunday to help our investigators get to church because they have all been struggling with getting there. Fredy, Gigi, and Yana all showed up. There is so much power when we fast and pray and it can change lives. God will always answer our prayers. Gigi wasn't feeling well and the Elders were even able to give her a healing blessing! The spirit was so strong!

I love New Jersey and I know without any doubt from this week that God is in the details of our lives and He answers our prayers. He sends us angels to help us. I love my Heavenly Father, and I know that my redeemer lives. I feel it every day.

I love you all mostest. I pray for you and I miss you.
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

I received my letter from Hogwarts only a couple of years late
Maplewood from Ivy Hill
Rainy days are the bestest days

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