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October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Dear Framily,

Guess what I am officially done with my first transfer!!! Can you believe it? Well I can't!

So last Monday night we got totally juked by Edward, but hey we will see him again and hopefully teach him. We even had Ashley there with us for a team up and we were so excited. We went to teach the ESL class after that and we taught the restoration. These three teenagers in the back were shocked that there was a prophet and they didn't even know about it! It was pretty funny! It is really fun teaching them and we get to learn a little creole too!
After that we went to Family Home Evening with the singles ward and we had a discussion on how we shouldn't be living below our expectations. Elder Uctdorf had a good talk about that! And we need to get out of our comfort zone so that we can grow, learn, and become more like Christ. We do this by having a vision and setting daily goals to get there!

We had district meeting and Sister Giles gave an awesome training on how we should prepare for our prayers! Invite the spirit in before we pray so that he can direct our prayers! Our district leader also made us brownies so I was really happy!
Three missionaries in our zone will be leaving us this week so we had a spot light on them and they told funny, scary, embarrassing, and spiritual stories! I was able to learn a lot from them like how to become a "true missionary" ha-ha. But Elder Taylor said this pretty cool thought: he had wondered his whole mission why our name was above Christ’s name on our name tags. And at the end of his mission he finally figured it out. It is because Christ went through the atonement he has gone far below each of us and he did that so that he can lift us up. It is on him that we live, speak, and love. If we have him as our foundation nothing will ever hold us back or bring us down because he is there to catch us. We carry his name with us always when we are baptized and we become his sons and daughters. Remember that all right?
After Zone conference we buzzed over to Ivy Hill to see the Cruz's and I said hi to this man across the street and he starts running through the middle of a busy intersection toward us and Sister Giles and I are caught a bit off guard and we are scared for this man running toward us. He gets over to us panting and says that he had to come talk to us because not very many people say hi to strangers. He sees Jesus on our name tag and just is in awe for a second. Then he told us that we really are acting like Jesus, and it really touched me. It was really cool! I know God will bless Bill, and I am sad that we didn't get his number and info. But he will be blessed!
We met with the Cruz's and they were about to head out the door so our lesson was kinda rushed and I am just really really worried about them. Satan needs to stay away from my people seriously!
We had dinner with our lovely neighbor Ruth that night and I am so glad that I have her as our missionary mom. She really does look after us and she checks in with us every day! I love her to pieces! Oh and mom she is going to contact you for some help with a book she is writing full of devotions. She wants a piece about daughters and I told her you would be perfect to write it!

We went to Shelon's for lunch like we do every week and she is the greatest cook and I love her Indian food! I don't know if I told you all this but this women learned how to read from the book of Mormon! Cool right? She reads from it every single day because it had blessed her so much! She is amazing!
We went to the college campus Seton Hall after to contact for an hour and it really made me miss Utah State and being at school with Sierrah and Brook and Erica and Mellissa and Brooklyn and everyone else! But college kids are pretty closed off to the missionaries I found out hahaha! It was fun! We went to Ivy Hill to do the rest of our contacting and we met Ashley who was actually about to get kicked out of her apartment and has been going through a lot so I asked if we could say a prayer with her and so I did and I could tell that she could feel the spirit.
We went to go see Cindy Patton whose husband who recently died was a member. It was really so good that Bro. Nelson told us to check up on her because she was moving and really needed help getting things together for the estate sale. She started crying because she needed help and comforting, and I am so glad that we were there to assist her. We went back Friday to help her.
After that we went and saw Collette who is our rockin new convert! She taught a lesson in YW that last Saturday and did awesome! I love her!
We then went to the Chiropractor and had a good laugh with him! I love when we get to go see him and so does my back and neck!

I met/taught and investigator that we repicked up this week. He is Jamaican/Native American/English/Irish! He has beautiful light skin like Sierrah and jet light blue eyes and dreds! He is in his forties, but looks like a thirty year old! He is super cool he travels all over the world teaching medical seminars and teaching afro Brazilian dancing! I really want his life; it sounds so awesome! He also has read the whole book of Mormon, bible, Koran, and every other religious book out there! He is starting Doctrine and Covenants now! He is one day going to be the greatest member of the church! He has a hard time asking God direct questions so this week we challenged him to do that! And I think he is really going to do it! Ah he is awesome!
We had TAC Thursday too so we deeeeeeep cleaned the house and I learned how to use an old fashioned mop that is not Swiffer. I like Swiffer mops better just putting that out there.
That night we taught Fredy and Nancy with our awesome member Jeff about missionary work and service and we reminded them of their goals and guess what Fredy prayed about being a Mormon and got this billboard looking sign in his head that said "DO IT" he then said that it was creepy. Haha oh Fredy! Nancy is still pushing toward getting baptized on the 16th of November which is coming up soon! I am so excited for her and she has come a long way, but these next couple weeks are going to be extra hard!
At institute we learned about the sacrament, which was perfect for me because I really have been trying to make it more spiritual and meaningful like it should be! There are so many symbolisms in it is beautiful! I am just really so grateful for the sacrifice that Christ gave. In the Olden days of the prophets when they would sacrifice lambs the lamb would simply walk up to the altar with no hesitation. He was submissive. And when Christ was going to be crucified no guard or anyone had to push him into doing it or drag him to the cross. They laid down the wood on the ground and Christ submissively laid down and extended his arms for them to pierce. Isn't that the most beautiful thing you have ever heard? He did that for you. Now we are the ones that should be partaking of the sacrament in that manner -submissive- with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

Friday we went the Cindy Patton's house to help her get ready to move and for the estate sale. We went with the elders. It felt so good to be able to wear jeans for the first time in almost two months!! But the best part was being able to help her. She had some of her family and friends there to help two and none of them really knew much about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so it was fun talking to them about it while we were working together. Bro. Nelson went over the next day and told us that we had really touched their hearts and they will forever look toward Mormons in a different way.
We went and saw Ashley after that and took her to go teach an investigator named Cassandra. It was fun watching them develop a friendship and it is soooo great that Cassandra has a friend at Church because now she will probably come!
We then went to see Raph and Yana! Raph asked Sister Giles and I to marry his son and we told him that we don't really plan on going to Russia anytime soon and that we can't marry his son. But Raph is really concerned about his children and broken hearted that they don't have the love of God in their lives so we comforted him and gave his some suggestions on how he can help them and share the gospel with them. He then gave us Russian pizza which is better than Russian cake at least.

We finally found Love and Allen after weeks of knocking on their door! Perseverance pays off!
We also contacted at Ivy Hill Park and talked to some nice JW's like we do every Saturday hahaha! We saw this man sitting on a bench so we went up and talked to him as well and he was this old Jamaican named Harold. He talked to us about how Christ breathed life into every single one of us and even the trees and the squirrels. Then he told us to clap for Jesus so we clapped for Jesus and had a wonderful conversation about Jesus! Harold is a very faithful man! We prayed with him and then went on down the path. We turned around about a minute later and he was gone out of sight gone! Let me explain to you that this man has a cane and walks very slowly and there was no way that he could have been gone that fast. So we walk around staring at where the bench is waiting for him to show up again. We go talk to someone real quick and turn back around and he is standing there by a man that was asleep on the ground. He told us to give him one of our books so I set one down next to the sleeping man. Then Harold says, "No, put it in his hand!" So I wake the sleeping man and put the book in his hand and tell him he should read it blah blah blah. Then Harold says, “aright now you have got this deary.” He is crazy cool! We got his address and we will definitely be seeing Harold again.

We had no investigators show up at church which was really disappointing but 2 of our RA's did show up so that was great! We went to the Klusey's for dinner that night with the Elders and had some deep doctrine discussions that were awesome! Sister Klusey treats us missionaries sooo well!

I know that my Savior lives. He is everything to me and I love him with my whole heart!
I read Alma 5 today and I encourage you all to read it as well! It was so amazing and my new favorite by far!

Have a great week! I love you mostest!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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