Sunday, December 7, 2014

Two Months!

Dear Framily,

Happy two months today!!! I can't believe it has only been two months because it feels like 11 hahaha!! I love it here though and I am excited for the next 16 months!

Well let’s just dive right into the week shall we?
We went and got our hair cut at this hair school...bad idea it took like 3 hours for just a trim, but hey these girls needed some people to practice on and we needed our hair cut! Sydora is a student there so we went to support our girl and we got to see her too :)
That night we got juked which I guess. But we also got to say goodbye to Elder Nelson who was getting transferred. He was one of the missionaries in our ward so we had spent a lot of time with him the past 6 weeks. It was sad to see him go, but change is always good :) He is in Jersey City now!
We then went to FHE and Qiana brought her friend named Kari-ann and we were able to meet her and set up an appointment to teach her :) she seems pretty awesome and is really interested! The elders gave her a blessing earlier that day because she had surgery this week. (we ended up turning her over to the elders because she is in their area)

The elders took our car to go to transfer conference because they are walking elders. So we were carless and my legs could definitely feel it when the day was over. So we didn't have very many appointments that day and we spent a lot of time walking around trying to find potentials and less actives. We ended up contacting this awesome guy named Jim that rescues abused and abandoned animals and finds homes for them! He was really just the nicest guy ever!! We also re-contacted Peter, one of the security guards at Ivy Hill, and he was asking us why we even believe in a God and we told him both of our "conversion" stories to knowing that God is there and loves us. And when we stopped talking he was just looking at us with his eyebrows raised so I asked him what he was thinking and he started swearing at us and me and sister Giles are just smiling and listening to his concerns and then he stops talking and says, "You two are a bunch of Jello" and we start laughing and we are like "uh thanks I think? What does being like jello mean?" Then he went on to tell us that we are too sweet and every offense he gives just bounces off of us. And we are like YES!! Then he really started to open up and he said that it is really cool that this gospel makes people genuinely happy! He has a lot of questions about why it feels like God has stopped talking to people and about the plan of salvation so I have him the Book of Mormon and told him to read the introduction and that when he saw him on his next shift we would answer more questions and set up an appointment to give him the lesson about the plan of salvation. IT WAS SO COOL!!!! On our way back we saw another security guard that we talk to a lot and he told me that my long black skirt make me look Amish....Amish? I was like uh really now you think I am Amish? Then he went on saying that we need to wear skirt that go at least a little bit above the knee because it would be more normal. I was like I thought I looked really cute today ha-ha!! Funny.
That night we were able to teach the ESL class and it was so much fun! We taught them how to have conversations and Sister Giles and I just sat and talked with each of them and then Raymond asked if he could have a picture with me so one of the other students was taking the picture and I pulled a funny face on him and then all of the students pull out their phones and tell me to keep making the faces and they were just getting the biggest kick out of the fact that my face is funny! Such a great lesson! I am excited to teach them again tonight!

We had District Meeting and got to meet all the new missionaries in our Zone! It feels so good to not be the youngest missionary now! We had all planned to go out to HLS for lunch and then the boys walked in and saw that it was a healthy place and decided to go and get pizza hut hahaha...elders....! It was really fun though and all of us were laughing the whole time! Elder Workman for Layton took of shot of wheatgrass and it was so funny!
We went to Ivy Hill after for our contacting hour and we talked to these two guys that were giving away free phones to people who qualified. Sister Giles talked to one and I talked to the other who was named Mike. He was really cool and he is Jamaican, but doesn't look or sound Jamaican. He said that his parents had met with missionaries back home, but he never really understood what they were talking about so I gave him a Book of Mormon and started talking about it then all of the sudden rain just pours down and they ran away to their car and I didn't get his information to follow sad! Hopefully we see him again!
We went to go see Collette after that and we knocked on the door and Ashley opens it with tears running down her face and she said that she had just finished saying a prayer asking God for help and right when she said Amen we knocked on the door. Can you say miracle? So we talked with her for a while and ended up taking her out to our next lesson. We taught the Law of Chastity to Raymond and Gigi....awkward! So Raymond is this Haitian man that is married and is a huge player. We will just say that he doesn't keep this law. During the whole lesson he was trying to convince us that he and Gigi were married so we had nothing to worry about and Gigi is telling him off saying that she is not and will never be his wife, and that he needs to go back to his own wife! But then Ashley stepped in and totally turned the lesson all around and told Gigi that she is strong and can turn to God for help every time and he will be there. Ashley was amazing in that lesson and she was a miracle to us.

We decided to walk to Harold's house and see if he was home. Harold was the Jamaican from last week that told us to clap for Jesus. Anyway we ended up running right into him on the street and he opened up to us a ton and talked about how his family has rejected him and that he has read the bible, but reading it doesn't matter if we don't do what it says. Every time we would say something about Jesus he would say, "YES MON, YES!" in a full on Jamaican accent! It was awesome! He is so Christ like and will make such a good member one day after we baptize him :)
We had linner and Sister Peprah's house that early evening and she is African. So there are some meals that missionaries talk a lot about and one of them is peanut butter soup and how disgusting it is. It smells like peanut butter...looks like peanut butter...but it does not taste like peanut butter. She we walk and sit down and she says, "I made my favorite dish for you, peanut butter soup!" my stomach dropped and inside my head I was screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" it was weird....really weird! Afterwards sister Giles and I had really upset stomachs and we had to take a moment when we got out of her house to settle them down. It was eventful. I can now say I have had peanut butter soup.....
Then right after that we went the HLS with Sister Edwards and had dinner. My stomach was in so much pain!!! But our lesson with sister Edwards was one that we had been praying about for over a week and really working on to make sure that it was perfect for her because she is going through a lot right now. We shared the two scriptures we had each picked out for her and she looked at us and said, "How did you know exactly what to say to me?" she said that it was exactly what she needed and we were praising God let me tell you the scripture I had shared with her was Alma 34:41 it is beautiful.
We had to be in by 6 that night for mischief night and we did weekly planning and then we carved a temple in our cute pumpkin!!

Happy Halloween!!
Some Sisters had to cancel their trip to Ellis Island and they asked us to step in and go in their place so we got to go! It was so much fun and I met this old couple and helped them find ship manifests! We ended up finding 6 of their family members which is really rare to find that many in just one sitting. They were so excited and turns out that they are huge into family history and they got started at the Manhattan Family history center at the temple! They have even gotten back all the way to 400 ad! It was really cool! We got home and had to stay in because it was almost six so we did a bit of study and then we ordered pizza, watched church videos and wrote letters! It was really fun!

We got stood up by some people and they were in the house asleep. We spent like 10 minutes trying to wake them up and we were like yelling and singing luck hahaha!

We had stake conference which was awesome and we had Yana there who was one of our investigators!!! She even got to meet the one of the Seventy!! That night we saw Jenny because she was sleeping on us the night before and it was a good thing that we went because her friend Barbara was there and she wants to learn about the restoration too :)

I love New Jersey and I am so happy to be here! God is so good and he will bless us daily we just have to open ourselves up to those blessings! I love you all mostest and wish you an amazing week!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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