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I am in a food Coma!

December 1, 2014

Dear Framily,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are about 20 pounds heavier! Don't worry though you can get a gym membership for the new years and never go ;)

So we picked up Qiana to come on team-up with us for the night. She got in the car a looked really upset, and we could tell she didn't want to talk about it so we just kind of let it be. She got better as we started making her laugh a bit! We went to Ivy Hill and contacted some people on the street! We found this girl named Mila who was so cool we walked her all the way to the Walgreens door haha! Anyway she is really interested and Qiana connected with her so well! It was cool! We went to the church after for and appointment the Wuthnay, but he didn't show. We found out the Qiana's cousin had been shot and killed the just the day before and my heart broke. I knew exactly how she felt and I just hugged her. I told her that I have been in the same position and kind of tried to help her. It was really heart breaking and brought up a lot of memories for myself. But I am just happy that I was able to be there for her.

We picked up two new investigators making a total of a whopping 11!!!! So Collins was our first new investigator! He is SOOO COOL! He graduated in 2012 and he was literally an all-star. We walked into his apartment and he had the whole living room and I mean every inch covered in trophies, medals, and palques from the sports he did! He was like all state in everything I am not even kidding! It was crazy! I felt like he was famous or something! But anyway the lesson was awesome and he was super receptive and when he have the closing prayer his sister came in the room and the spirit was really strong!
Deniel was our second new investigator of the night! He is straight from Ghana and has been here for only a couple of months! He loves....and I mean...LOVES his bible so much! He has a lot of hard questions, but hey nothing we can't handle! He is really fun to teach, but I am going to need the gift of tongues because he is hard to understand! His wife walked in at the end of the lesson and she was able to join us for the closing prayer. I love when we have kneeling prayers in the first lesson because it just brings the spirit in so much stronger!
That night we got to see Fredy and Nancy!!!! Jeff our usual team up when we see them was busy so it was just us four and I am kinda glad it was because we were really able to have them open up. Nancy shared how she doesn't fell worthy to be baptized and that is what is holding her back and all I could do is testify. I know what it feels like to be unworthy. Everyone does. But those thoughts come straight from Satan and he wants us to get caught up on them. I told her that Heavenly Father loves her and that we shouldn't feel unworthy as long as we are using and relying on the atonement and changing. God wants us to be comfortable in his sight and to come back to him. She was crying. The whole lesson after Sister Giles and I had testified was perfect. It was the best lesson I have had on my mission so far. God’s love was on fire.

So there was a huge storm that came in and we had to ground our cars for the day. Our district meeting was canceled too! So we did our weekly planning in the morning! By about 4 the snow turned into rain and we were able to start driving so we took Ashley with us to go see Karen and her Kids! We taught the law of chastity. And it was really interesting...teaching it to 11 year olds. Just weird! But Sister Giles and I had come up with this board game during comp study dealing with the law of chastity and we played that and it was so much fun! Aly and Aj were so into the game and Karen was laughing so hard! I of course lost hard core! But they really loved the game so we let them keep it! Karen said we need to patent the game haha! She then expressed to us that she is really thankful that they sent sisters to her because she never let the elder teach her kids, and she feels as though we have really taught her things and made a huge impact on her family. It was really touching hearing that from her.
That night we went to Rosemary’s house (she is a member and is Bethany my fav kids mother) we helped them put up and decorate the tree! It was so much fun! Bethany reminds me of Sydney because she is so bossy and sassy and I love it!

Thanksgiving! We woke up and picked up the elder to go to the TURKEY BOWL!!! it was zones 4, 5, and 6! It was so much fun and president Taggart and his family came and played with us! We had a powder puff game for about one hour of the time and us sister went hard! I even got a touch down! It was awesome! It was really fun and I was able to get to know a lot more of the missionaries! Joseph Vanwagener (lily's brother) was on my team for part of it! Elder Nelson put the black under eye stuff on me and it was funny! That was seriously the best part of thanksgiving! There was still snow on the ground so everyone was slipping and sliding while trying to run! Sister Clarke and I were so serious and we were laughing and having so much fun! It was the best!
After that we had to rush home because Wuthnay said that he could meet us at 2 so we tried to find a team up but no one was available! We ended up having the lesson outside of the church in the freezing cold! It was interesting, but really fun too! For our last lesson we had committed Wuthnay to read Alma 34 and he read the 34th verse in every chapter in we clarified things up and told him that it was chapter 34! He is so prepared! His dedication is astonishing to me! And he is a huge sport for meeting us outside and walking and hour to and fro to meet with us! AHHHH he is so cool!
We went to Jennie's house (the home bound investigator) for our first dinner and it was really good! Her Aid had made all of the food! It was kinda sad that she didn't have any family or friends there to eat with her, but I am glad that we came! She loved having us there!
We then went straight to Collette's house for another dinner! For this dinner it was American/Jamaican food! So I tried oxtail and dried fried fish...the oxtail was pretty good! It was really fun being with them though and they feel like my family. I love them so much! We really spend so much time with them every week that they are family and I was at home for thanksgiving!

SISTER GILES BIRTHDAY!!!!! When we woke up and went to turn off the alarm, but instead I jumped on top of Sister Giles in her bed and scared the living daylights out of her! It was so funny! Her birthday was awesome! We woke up still really stuffed from all the food too!
We had district meeting that day for zone lunch the senior couple made us another thanksgiving dinner and it was soooooo yummy! We then had Elder Nelson's Hot Seat because he is leaving and it was really funny and sad! This Elder roped a dear through a car window...he is nuts, but also one of the most spiritual and powerful missionaries I have ever met! When we were singing till we meet again it was really sad because our whole zone will be changing this transfer and they feel like family now and it is just really hard to let them all go. But God has such great things in store for all of us!
We went and saw Sister Cochran after and she sang to sister Giles and it was really funny!
We then went to Karen's for a birthday celebration and she gave us 3 huge pieces of cake! Sister Giles and I were dying!
Then to top the whole birthday off we went to Ruth's (our upstairs mission mama) and she cooked a birthday dinner and we had more cake and ice cream and sister Giles got to blow out some candles!

We went to dinner with a former missionary that served in our area Tyrell Hunte and his brother and Mother! It was really fun and we heard stories of some of our members! It was a blast! The elders came with us too!
After dinner we went to go see Raph and Yana at Ivy Hill. When we were walking into the building I saw a cop car and I got this weird feeling inside. We headed up to the 14th floor and went to ring their door bell but the door just opened up. A HUGE cop opens the door and stares at us. I bet our little missionary faces looked pretty funny. Yana came to the door all flustered and said that Raph was sick in the head and then the police officer told us to leave. When the door shut I just broke down. My heart just tore into pieces and I couldn't hold back the tears. We called our ward mission leader and informed him of when happened. I was so shaken up. We went out of the building as the ambulance was pulling up. We stayed out on the street for about 20 minutes just waiting to see what was going on. Raph came out with two police officers. He looked so scared. Usually when he sees up on the street he yells to us and waves but we were right there and he didn't even notice us. Something was really wrong. I broke out bawling after he got in the vehicle and we had to go home. We called Yana about 30 minutes later and through her broken English/Russian it turns out that Raph had been drunk for days and he wasn't eating and drinking anything. And he was in pretty bad shape. Yana had no idea where they took him or where he was because she can't really speak English to find out. Brother Thomas was calling the hospital all night to see what was going on.

We had an investigator show up and it was great! He left right after sacrament thought. His name is Greg and he is the Roommate to a less active brother named Sherman.
We taught the third hour lesson on the 3rd discussion and people had a lot of hard questions! I am just lucky to have sister Giles haha!
We went to the Paullins for dinner and it was roast beef and mashed potatoes! It was like a Sunday meal back home and it was soooo good! The Paullins are a really young couple in their twenties and their parents were there for the weekend so we were all able to eat together! It was really nice!
We went to go see Yana after dinner and she was really glad to see us! She gave us hugs right away and just kept saying thank you. Raph should be coming home soon just! She was able to find out where he was and went to go see him earlier in the day! Everything turned out okay!

This week I have really had to hit my knees and pray, but I know that the atonement is real and that our savior can get us through anything. I know that my heavenly father is in the details of this work and I love him. I am trying to put my trust in him more and more every day! I love this gospel. This week is gunna be ruff because it is my last week with Sister Giles, but I can't wait to see all of the marvelous things she will do in her new area! I love you all mostest!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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