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Look at me, I'm a greeny!

December 15, 2014
Dear Framily,

Well I am now officially getting greeny busted! (I don't know if I am spelling that right?) My new companion is Sister Larsen, and she is from Las Vegas!!! She worked the strip before her mission and that is how she is able to afford it.....jkjkjkjkjk she didn't do that she had a normal job working for her Dad that's a Lawyer or something! But she is a lot shorter than I am and has beautiful long blonde hair! I actually have not taken a picture with her yet believe it or not. But I promise I will! Also the Irvington Elders are now a trio!!! Elder Kuyan joined them and he is from the Philippines up north somewhere! He is super cool! He told me he is going to make me eat bolute...we will see about that though!

So Monday we had our last zone activity all together and we went bowling! I totally creamed most of the boys and all of the girls haha! But I was really shocked because usually I am aweful at bowling! Then we took Elder Vargas and Allen back to Irvington because Elder Wood and Elder Cruz went to the mission office randomly?? It was weird, but on the way home we stopped and got some yummy ice cream from Carvel!
That night we went over to the Nelson's for dinner with Kimbrelle who just finished nannying. It was so yummy! It was totally a mommy meal and I was in heaven!

Tuesday: Transfers!
So it was really hard leaving Sister Giles. Like really really hard. And adjusting to a new companion is hard, but it doesn't really take that long! Sister Larsen is awesome and she only had 3 transfers left so she could die in Maplewood! She is really experienced though and I am learning a ton from her!
That night we met with Wuthnay and read the scriptures with him to help him understand them better. He was really sad that Sister Giles was gone. It was kinda funny though.
Then later that night we went up and had dessert with Ruth! I love Ruth so much! She is the best and she takes such good care of us! She is going through a lot right now though so we were able to just listen to her.

We had ZONE TRAINING! This month they are really focusing on Key Indicators which is pretty cool! They focus is also on Trusting in the Lord. But it is really cool how the two relate because these key indicators for our weekly reports come from Heavenly Father and because of that there has to be a way for us to reach them every week. We just have to Trust in him enough to make his will ours and also rely on him to lead us to where we need to be so we had reach the standards he has given us! It is a really cool focus!

So while we were weekly planning we were going through the former investigators searching for people that we should go and see because I really want to focus on working the whole area and branching out more. So we came across the Collins Couple and we gave them a call right then and there. Allen Collins answered the phone and it turns out that his wife had died only two weeks ago. We made an appointment to see him the next day. (to be continued)
That night we did the baptismal interview questions with Nancy and Fredy to help them assess where they are and what we need to focus on to help them be prepared to be baptize in February. It was really spiritual and the best part was the Nancy and Fredy felt that they were really close to being ready and it helped them realize how much progress they have made! They so focused now and they planned to fast on Sunday to help overcome their addictions!!!

So we had this new appointment to go see Allen Collins but we had no team up to go see him! We called people for 30 minutes straight to try and find a sister to come out with us to teach. Finally we were able to get Jamima to come out with us! So we went to Allen Collins house and we get inside and on the table ready to go in his Book of Mormon and all of the pamphlets. It was so cool! As we were talking about the plan of salvation his eyes watered up multiple times. He said that he has really been trying to stay positive through everything, but that it is really hard to. He then told us that this helped him know that his wife and son (who also died from ALS a while ago) are okay. He is a cool man! I know that our Heavenly Father was mindful of him and knew what he needed! I am so grateful that we were lead to him.

For I swear the first time in the longest time all of our appointments went through! It was amazing! And another amazing thing is that Sister Long talked to us about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. (she doesn't really know if they exist) It was the most open she has ever been to religious things and I know that it is because Sister Larsen is here. It was a miracle!

Get ready for this alright...
Nancy, Fredy, Yana, & Greg all investigators showed up to church and guess what else Sister Edwards, Sister Cochran, Brother McMillian, & Raph our less actives showed up as well! I was seriously the happiest missionary. And to make it even better the Sacrament Meeting talks were so spiritual! Brother Parker totally drove it home when he talked about the difference between being healed and being cured. You know when you lose a leg or if someone you love dies you can't really be cured from that, but you had be healed from the pain, and come to terms with things through the atonement of Christ. He can and will heal all of us as we turn to him. He also mentioned how we shouldn't be like the Dead Sea in our works. Christ uses us to help heal people, and if we are only taking things in and not giving we are the Dead Sea. No life can thrive in or around it. We need to be giving just as much as we receive! I was in heaven listening!
That night we had the Missionary Christmas Devotional and it was so much fun! There was a HUGE turn out and all of us missionaries were totally shocked by it! We filled up the whole chapel and almost the whole gym with people, members, investigators, and people from the community! IT WAS CRAZY AWESOME!!! The spirit was really strong as well during the carols we sang and also when the primary kids sang! I was really beautiful to feel the power of so many missionaries testify of Jesus Christ's birth and ministry through song.
(Fredy, Nancy, and Ruth came to the devotional along with a lot of our members :))

I really don't think I will ever be able to express how much I love being a missionary in Jersey. I love wearing Christ's name on my chest. I am so happy it is really weird sometimes! I am excited for this week ahead and also really excited to get to see you on Christmas with the lovely technology we have these days :)

I love mostest,
Sister Cooper

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