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You've got to believe them!

November 17, 2014
Dear Framily,

Let's just start of by praising the cold weather! I got to take out my winter coat and it was so exciting! I love it! Also people let us into their houses more so we don't have to stand out in the cold hehe!

So Tuesday we had an awesome Zone meeting and this month we are focusing on being consecrated missionaries! We had some really really cool trainings! I love this focus and our whole zone has seen so many miracles this week alone! So we have this game/competition between districts on who can be the most consecrated and everyone is so into it! Things are getting crazy in zone 6! Every day for part of the points we have to contact certain people so this week one day we had to contact a man in a suite, someone with 2 children, someone eating fast food, someone with Dunkin Donuts, etc. it is really funny! I love it! One day this month we have to do a Dan Jones and preach on a corner on our soap scary! It will be so fun though!
Tuesday night we contacted this awesome guy named Asa and he was in his 20's he had some awesome dreads and teaches karate! It was fun talking to him about karate because Sierrah, Kenneth, and Lala did it, so I kinda understood what he was saying! But he is an artist and he showed us some of the cartooning he had done and he is sooooo good he drew the coolest superman I have ever seen! I want him to draw a cartoon Sister Cooper!

We had our first lesson with our newest investigator Thomas! He was a member referral from the Haley's in the Scotch Plains ward! Thomas is so prepared and he wants to change so badly! He has read like the first couple of chapters of the Book of Mormon and loves it! He loves the support that he has gotten from the Haley's so he is going to eat up the YSA! I am so excited for him! He will be the best convert ever!
Later that night we helped Ashley our recent convert with her talk that she was giving in the YSA ward this Sunday! She was sooo scared, but she had a super solid talk about her conversion story!

We were able to see Nancy and Fredy that night and Fredy the stubborn funny guy that he is comes walking into the church drinking some ice tea and we were like ahhh FREDY! But we recommitted Nancy to think about a date in December! Sister Giles asked Fredy what would be holding him back from being baptized and he said that he is open to it so this week he has been praying about the first week of January! Sister Giles and I were so excited! BEST NIGHT EVER!
At Institute after the lesson Wuthney who has been coming to institute for a couple of weeks now finally decided to let us teach him so he can actually understand what goes on in institute! He has been texting us like every day with questions and we are so excited to teach him! I think he really wants to be a member of God's Kingdom!

EXCHANGES!!!!! I got to go to Elizabeth with Sister Schaefer and she is a Spanish sister so I got to do lessons in Spanish! It was sooo cool and the Spanish language sounds so beautiful and the people talk with sooo much love! We were teaching Sister Galo and her friend was there who happened to be a less active that wants to come back to church and then 3 other people walk in and Sister Galo just starts being a missionary to them and tells them about our whole lesson and about Jesus Christ! It was awesome!
I also got to each TACOS!!! They were sooo nummy!
So in Elizabeth the sisters are in a four man house so there are two companionships and it was so much fun!

We all got ready which was really complicated with 4 sisters and one shower but it all worked out! We had a lot of fun in the morning talking too about everything and Sister Pexton has the craziest tonsils they are HUGE!! And she can move them on command it was creepy!
We went and got Macaroons and cupcakes during evaluations and I have my first Jersey Macaroon! I was so excited! Also I got to learn how to contact someone is Spanish! Mom you should send me a book so that I can learn Spanish! It would be so useful!
After we exchanged back Ashley came to the church to practice saying her talk over the pulpit and I gave a talk this Sunday too so she told me I had to practice too! It was fun!
Then we had miracle after miracle happen! So we went the Ivy Hill to do the Harold's son search in building 250 and only one person had opened the door and everyone else was not home so I got the impression that we needed to just go out on the street and contact people so we did even though it was FREEZING! We were walking and I saw this woman with a Vera Bradley bag so I totally hit up a conversation about Vera and she was sooo cool! She said that she would really really want to hear our message about Jesus Christ, but she had to get going so we got her information! Then we stopped this guy named Daniel and we were talking to him about Jesus and he said that someone had given him the Book of Mormon before but he didn't want to but his Bible aside so we started explaining to him that they go together and the Bible is amazing too. Then Raph our Recent convert walks by and pretty much yells "YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM!" then keeps walking! It was so great so Daniel is like I guess I will take your book! Then we said a prayer with him and the spirit was sooo strong!!
Right after we left Daniel Ronal walks by another one of our recent converts who has been giving us the cold shoulder lately and we got to talk to him! Then we keep walking and ring this guy named Rick-Kenzy and we are talking to him about the Book of Mormon when Sayllin anther one of our recent converts comes over and joins the conversation (she is 11) and we had her testify about the book of Mormon to this guy and the spirit was screaming when she was testifying! It was soooo cool! We then went to this bench and contacted some people that I am pretty sure were high...but they were really open to talking about Jesus! And they said that we were a sign from was funny!
Then we got in the car and drove to Shaunay's house. We had contacted Shaunay about 8 or so weeks ago and we when we were trying to find her dead aunt who we didn't know was dead hahaha! But she let us in and we talked to her and her brother about how when Christ died the authority left the earth and also a bit about the book of Mormon and they were so open to it all!
So all in all on Saturday we gave away 4 Books of Mormons to solid people! It was AWESOME!!! Oh and I also contacted someone in Spanish and I had no idea what he said, but he was laughing at me so at least I made his night haha!

I gave my talk!!! About how fasting helps us overcome the natural man and I have to say that I was really happy with the talk! Eddy after it was over I think told me 5 times that it was good and he would just not stop saying it to was funny! Eddy is the coolest guy! People are so nice! We didn't have any investigators show up unfortunately, but a less active that we have been searching for forever now showed up to church with his roommate and the first thing he said to me was that he needed a book of Mormon and bible! I was just so excited that he randomly showed up to church! We are going to see him this week and I can't wait!!!
After church we went to the YSA sacrament meeting to hear Ashley speak and she did sooo well! She got everyone laughing and she has such and awesome testimony! I recorded it so maybe I will sent it home on a Flash Drive or something! You will love it!
After that Qiana came out with us and she is almost done with her mission papers and is soo excited! I let her use my coat because she was freezing cold walking around! She was saying over and over I hope I go somewhere warm! It was funny!
We then went back to the church and helped Rosemay with some things and I got to play with her super cute daughter Bethany! She has so much sass and I was in heaven! I'll attach a picture of her!
Then we went the Bishop's house for dinner with the Elders and had some super deep conversations! It was so fun! I love our Bishop and his awesome wife!

If you feel like there is a wall between you and God break it down people! He is open to us and we just have to open ourselves! He wants to bless us and he wants to help us so let him! I know that my redeemer lives and I love him. I love him. Peeps he is so cool! Let’s change and use his atonement and become better people! Make plans with God on how you are going to do this okay?
I love you all so much and I love being a missionary! I am soooo happy here and I am in love with this message that I share every day! God is sooo good!

I miss and love you mostest,
Sister Cooper

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