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Boom clap the sound of my for NJ

January 5, 2014

Dear Framily,

I was glad to hear that you all had a good New Year kick off. It felt like just any ol' day for Sister Larsen and me. I actually didn't really recognize the New Year until I wrote the date and wrote the wrong year and was like oh ya it's 2015. Let’s make it great!

So Tuesday night we met with Nancy and Fredy. Jeff our usual Team up for the lesson couldn't make it so we asked Kate if she could come. She was a bit late and when we told Nancy and Fredy that we had a different team up they were so bitter about it for a while. But after Kate got there and the lesson started it was FANTASTIC! Kate really was a miracle team up! Fredy has been having a hard time with some of his coworkers and Kate without even knowing his situation shared about her experience of forgiving people and BOOM it went straight to Fredy's heart. And Fredy and Nancy are in the end of Alma reading about all the wars and struggling to read them. Kate was able to give them a new perspective on that to. She said before you read to just straight up ask God to let you get something out of the chapters. It so works I tried it this week! Who knew war could be so spiritual ;)
Fredy at the end of the lesson was thanking Kate so much! It was awesome and we owe Kate a lot for that!

Wednesday we took Qiana to see Sherman one of the Lessactives we just picked up and we taught him about the Word of Wisdom. He is struggling a lot with it because his roommates smoke openly in the house all the time and it is really tempting and hard for him. We told him to be bold and straight up with his roommates about his desire to stop and ask them for support! He wants to change now we just have to make it happen :)
That night we went to Karen's house for Aly's 12th Birthday party. They have a movie theater room in their basement and it was so hard not watching the movie, but I am glad that we didn't haha! It was really cool though because it was the most Christ centered birthday I have been to. We went around and each blessed Aly with something for the year and then at the very end Karen asked me to say a prayer for Aly. It was really cool and terrifying that she wanted me to say the prayer in a room full of diehard Baptists haha! It was awesome and the spirit was really burning! After that we went home and texted our investigators Happy New years and passed out on our beds before our heads hit the pillows. We even had Martinelle but we were so tired that we totally forgot about it.

Thursday our New Year’s Day every single appointment we had made cancelled on us and so we planned for the week ahead and then we decided to call Sister Serrano (less active we found last sunday) and she said to come over. So we went over there and met with her and her husband and we shared to sacrament prayers with them and talked about where they are spiritually. I really hope that over time we will be able to help them realize how much God does love them. They are the sweetest couple. They gave us some stuff called Wen for our hair to be healthier which looked really expensive it was really nice! She also has a bunch on skirts and clothes that she wants to get rid of so I am really excited for that haha!
After we met with them we ran home to go have dinner with Ruth. We literally ran because we were so late and we got there late, but dinner was running late so it worked! Conner her son had dinner with us too and it felt nice to spend the first day of the year with my Maplewood momma! Connor found me on instagram during dinner and that was interesting! Then he started sending snap chats of us to all of his friends...missionary work moves forward?? Anyway it was a fun dinner and we talked about our favorite parts of the Nativity story. Mine is the Star. I have always been fascinated with stars and it is beautiful to me that the heavens shined brighter with the birth of Christ. They heavens were happy because now all could have the opportunity to return.

Friday we met Sister Edwards for breakfast at the waffle shop and I had a waffle infused with eggs and turkey bacon...mmmmm...sooooo good! We talked about an article that was in the December ensign called life more abundant it is directed toward young adults but I think it can apply to everyone. You all should read it!
We then struggled because all of our teamups canceled on us last minute so we met allen at the library and Wuthnay the freezing cold! It was okay though. Wuthnay came across some anti-Mormon material so we mostly addressed all of his question for the whole lesson and then read about the resurrection of Jesus Christ because he read/thought this theory that Christ was in a coma. So after reading from the Bible he realized that Christ really did die haha! Christ's resurrection is beautiful.

Saturday we decided to randomly go to Jennie's after someone cancelled on us and it turns out that she had just found out the her sister and law had died. I am so glad that we were there to help cheer her up. God really does put us where he needs us as long as we trust in him and we are trying to follow the guidance of the spirit.

Sunday we had Wuthnay show up for church it was awesome to have him there and he is really moving forward! It makes me so excited! He came to gospel principles this week and really was able to participate and ask questions! It was awesome!!!!!!!!
So the ward was instructed really abruptly and fervently by our area seventy to do a missionary blitz with the whole ward trying to find where our 300 members who aren't coming live and if they have moved or not. I was so happy with this and it is going to help our work in this area immensely! The ward is really motivated too! Everyone is going out Saturday and Sunday and knocking on doors!
Later that night we went to Ivy Hill and we were looking through our potentials to go and see if we could catch anyone at home. We went to Ibrahim who the Newark Spanish elders that cover Ivy Hill Contacted and he was home! He invited us in, but there wasn't a woman there so we just talked to him in the hall we ended up teaching the whole restoration and he really felt the spirit. As we were saying the first vision his eyes got steamy and we know that he felt of it's truthfulness. We picked him up as an investigator and will be seeing him on Tuesday!

Oh and guess what else this man named Bishop Brown who is  a pastor randomly felt like he should go into the Newark Chapel and turns out that they were having a baptism when he went in so he watched it and after the ordinance he decided that he wants to be baptized, and guess what else he live is the Irvington Elders area so he will be coming to the Maplewood ward. The best part is that he has his own congregation and so we may be baptizing a whole church what? I know right? Anyway President Taggart is sending his best missionaries over to Bishop Brown’s church to talk to Bishop Brown’s congregation!!!! CRAZYNESS!!!!

Well let us all remember Christ always. When we do this we know that we are able to do what Christ desires of us!

I love you all and I hope this first week back at school is amazing! Work hard in all thinks that are good!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

The scarf auntie sent me (THANKS it keeps me warm)
Brown hair??? Wait what?
Sometimes we get a little rambunctious waiting for investigators to meet us at the church ;)

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