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Not one, not two, but three months down!

December 8, 2014

Dear Framily,

All right here we go with another week down, and not only that, but I hit my 3 month mark! And I am officially done with training! It feels so good! Goodbye 12 week :) Also Sister Giles got called as a sister training leader!!!! She is going to be awesome and I am so excited for her, but also really sad and Bishop Klusey and I have plotted to lock her in his office for forever so she can't leave! I love her too much for her to go! She is my sister! It has really been a roller coaster week on second we are crying about leaving each other and then two seconds later we are laughing hysterically. It is so weird!

Well I should tell you about me week now!
Monday I got to have my first p-day nap because I actually had time to! It was seriously sooo nice! I also did a lot of crafting and it was a blast!
That night we got to teach Wuthnay and we did an object Lesson about the commandments Church, prayer, scripture study, and prophets that goes along with 2 Nephi 31! Anyway it was great and he has been having a hard time with the prophet thing and why we even need them so I gave a basketball analogy! Going to all those Jazz and USU games growing up really paid off haha!
We then went to FHE and we got there kinda late because we got juked but it was great! I really love being a YSA ( Young Single Adult) missionary. But over the thanksgiving weekend two of our YSA couple got engaged so we were doing a ton of ring aweing! I love weddings! They are totally my thing! I just get so excited!

We had a super awesome district meeting! All three districts did a rotation so we got to hear from all of the DL's and then we did role plays together! And Elder Wood was in my role play group and every time that happens we do a lot more laughing then roleplaying...he just cracks me up because he can never be serious! Then Elder Nelson who is dying this transfer gave a motivational speech that totally pumped us all up! I am just saying Satan better watch out because Sister Cooper is beating him down to a pulpit! He got no chance.
Then we went to the English/Korean Missionary Christmas Devotional practice so I got to see Sister BROWN!!! My main homie G! I love her so much! It was so fun to catch up with her and then have a little transfer gossip talk haha! But when we started singing I could not stay awake because it was like they were singing me a lullaby and I was totally out! Sister Brown and Sister Giles were laughing at me! But then when I looked over at Elder Allen and he was totally out too so I didn't feel too bad haha!
That night we stopped by Mark's house and we talked to him for a while! He told us his wedding story and he had planned the whole wedding and did everything before he even proposed and then they kind of eloped, but his parents and her parents were there! It was really cute and they did it at Disney World hahaha!
We then went and saw Collette and Jayden her grandson was making me laugh so hard! He was like putting his arms and legs through the stair well trying to fight for our attention...he got mine haha!

We got to go to Morristown with our zone and 3 of the “dying” missionaries for Traditions with the TAGARTS at the mission home! They made us a really yummy breakfast and then they shared some of their family traditions and we did a singing/bell nativity thing and it was a total fail. We will just say that my zone has zero musical talent besides Sister Giles and Sister Clarke hahaha it was funny!
That night we saw Daniel with Santia and the lesson was uh...ya well we got a new investigator at least! He wouldn't let us talk the whole entire time which is fine, but he went off about the bible and questions, but then we would go to answer his questions and he would cut us off before we answered! It was interesting! Sister Giles is so patient, but when I got back in the car I just screamed because it was kinda frustrating in a way. I wanted to help him, but he wouldn't let us! hahaha he is a hoot! Gotta love him! Oh and his landlord got mad that there were missionaries in his place so ya we probably won't be able to meet him there :)

So we did transfer planning and it was really weird and hard because it hit me that Sister Giles will actually be leaving me.....WAHHHHHHH! But that night she got a call from our mission president and got her new calling as Sister Training Leader so we were both so excited and going crazy!
That night we went to institute and Wuthnay was there with one of his friends :) it was awesome! But I had to pop quiz him at the end to see if he was actually listening the whole time hahaha he makes me laugh!

Sister Giles had to go to a sudden meeting for her new calling so I went on an emergency exchange in Elizabeth with my wombmate (MTC bud) Sister Clarke! It was a blast and I got a nickname from the famous Elaine! Elaine has a disability and I am not sure exactly what it is but she loves the missionaries and gives all the missionaries she meets nicknames! We also got to go paint the nails of one of her members that lives in an assisted living home! It was so fun! Oh and we went in this really really old elevator and I thought I was going to DIE!! It was so scary and Sister Clarke was laughing at me the whole time!
When we got back to Maplewood we watched the restoration video with Wuthnay!
Then we went to go see Raph and Yana with a RUSSIAN SPEAKING TEAM UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Tori Thomas just got home from her mission in Ukraine so she heard that we were teaching two Russians and she wanted to come out with us! She is seriously and answer to all of our prayers! For the first time ever we got through a whole lesson and Yana was smiling and laughing instead of looking confused and frustrated! The spirit was so strong and now I think Yana can really progress! I am so excited and I am so thankful for Tori! Oh and update on Raph I think he is in denial that he is an alcoholic but he is feeling okay and is back home!

We went and had breakfast at Karen's house with her kids and her sister from Jamaica was there and it was her first time in America! She brought some Jamaican fruits and things so we got to try this bread fruit thing and this other fruit that was really good haha! It was super fun! And Karen gave Sister Giles a going away present. She pulls out this Victoria Secret bag and Sister Giles eyes got so big! (Sister Giles is not one to shop at VS) and she opens it and there was this beautiful VS blanket in there! I am so jealous!! HAHA but it was so sweet of Karen!!
We then had another emergency exchange because Sister Giles had another meeting so I went to Elizabeth again with Sister Clarke! I hope that one day we can be companions because we would kill it! We have like comp unity down already! We knocked some door and I met a lot of Jews haha! It was really fun! Then we went and taught Sister Thomas with their Branch president’s wife! Sister Thomas is definitely from the South! It was a blast! We talked about the plan of salvation and about getting her husband’s name to the temple so that they can be sealed for time and all eternity! It was a really touching lesson and she is excited that she can be sealed to her husband!
After that we went to our ward Christmas Party! Wuthnay came and it was a blast! We had a talent show and a lot of food! The people here in Maplewood are not afraid to sing even if they are tone def! It was awesome!

NANCY, FREDY, & WUTHNAY all showed up! It was the best day EVER! I was seriously so happy! After so long of working so hard to get people to church they finally showed up! Fredy even brought his brother!!!!! So I sat with Wuthnay and Sister Giles sat with Fredy and Nancy during sacrament! I AM SO HAPPY!!! It is the best feeling ever when investigators come to church!
We taught the relief society class and we talked about the ten virgins and how charity is the pure love of Christ. It was a beautiful lesson to be able to teach with Sister Giles and our Sisters are really excited to serve on another and I hope it builds more unity which we really need!

After Church we went to go see Jennie and it was really good that we came over. She had a really rough week with her home help aid and health problems and so on! She felt as though demons were out to get her and in her words she says, "It freaks me out man!" So we shared psalms 91 with her and we also shared with her. We were really able to lighten her mood because when we walked in she had looked really upset! I love Jennie so much! She always keeps you on your toes. When we told her that Sister Giles was leaving she said, "Oh S*** you have got to be kidding me!" You can obviously tell that She love Sister Giles a lot! I am attaching a picture of Jennie fyi!
Then we went over to Sister Long’s house and we had REAL jersey pizza and we helped her wrap presents for Christmas!
Then we went to Raph and Yana's again. We decided to start from the beginning with the Restoration because we really didn't know if Yana had understood anything that was taught to her in the past 7 months! When Tori was saying the first Vision in Russian it was the strongest I have ever felt the spirit while that was being said. It was beautiful!

Well that was my week folks! I would like to say thanks for all of the emails today! I had such a good time reading about your weeks and I love hearing from you! Just remember that they greatest testimony you have is the life you live. I love my savior and I know that God sent me to Maplewood for a reason and it is because these people are touching my life more than I could ever imagine. They are my miracle every day. I love it here.

Have a chill week.
Love you all mostest,
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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