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Post Christmas

December 29, 2014

Dear Framily,

Well first off I just have to say how much I loved talking to you on Christmas!! I honestly thought it would make me really home sick talking to you, but the opposite happened. I realized how much I truly need to me in Jersey right now! But I just wish everyone could come here hahaha! I love you all so much! And I do miss you!

Well I don't really have as much to say this email because I talked to you only a couple of days ago but I will try and add to what you don't already know haha!

Christmas night after I face timed you all we went to our ward mission leader’s house for desserts and we had some really really good pecan pie! The Thomas family loves animals so they got 2 new guinnea pigs for Christmas and I held that little thing for like a solid 15 minutes it was so cute and cuddly! It made me miss Pansy. But then they broke out the snake that they have and they made me put it around my neck for a picture...ewwwwww! I thought I was brave until it was on me and I got so scared! ew! We had to leave after that because we had a lesson to teach to Mark and his Family!
Okay so Mark was actually a street contact from the Elizabeth Elders and we had met with him a couple of times on him porch and either his wife wasn't home or they were about to leave, but they asked us to come over on Christmas because everyone would be home! So when we got there we knocked on the door and Aj asked who it was and we said the missionaries and you hear him run away and say DAD they came!!! They let us in and we all sat down at the table and talked about what they got for Christmas and then we had the first discussion. It was probably to most receptive first lesson I have had. They loved how family oriented it was and when we told them about the first vision they said that it made perfect sense that it had to happen! They all said that they would get baptized when they knew it was true! So we picked up 4 investigators on Christmas day: Mark, Myra, Josie, and Aj!!!!! It was a dream come true and all I wanted for Christmas was to teach a family and it happened!!!!
When we got home we went up to Ruth's and we watched Connor open his presents and we talked about our favorite names of Jesus Christ. :)
It was a perfect Christmas...actually a little bit of snow might have been nice...but it was still perfect!!!

We woke up early and got in the car to go to the temple!!!! We parked our cars at the Newark Chapel and then got on the train that went from Newark Broad to Newark Penn and then got on the subway to 66th freedom tower!! It was really stressful honestly. Trying to get 20 missionaries all around the age 20 to make it to New York was a lot of work, but we all made it safely! When we hit the street the first thing we saw was the Freedom Tower and it was so HUGE!!! Last time I was in New York it was still under construction and it was cool to see the finished product! We then walked to the temple and we did a session all together! It was so beautiful being in the celestial room with my zone. There was a strong strong spirit there. I never wanted to leave. We all just sat there for a long time soaking in all the learnings. It was beautiful! When we got out we went to the food truck across the street and I had a lamb was so yummy! I think it was my first time having Lamb! Then we went back down to the subway and headed home. When we got back to the chapel in Newark someone had broken into the East Orange elder's car and stole the GPS...So then we had to stay a bit longer to call the cops and get the Newark elders over to the Chapel. It was ruff!

We did a lot of walking

Wuthnay came to church and he had his suit on and everything! He really enjoyed it and he is really starting to click in with the ward! It is so exciting! After Church we had a lesson with Wuthnay and Ashley. It was a really strong lesson and it was because Ashley asked a lot of inspired questions to us and to Wuthnay. And because of it Wuthnay finally said a solid big YES to praying about whether he should be baptized!! It was a miracle! I was really on cloud 9 and I couldn't have been happier

That night we went to the Klusey's with the Elders for dinner and we had was soooo good!!!!
Then after we dropped off the Elders we got the impression that we should go to The Serrano's who is a couple that is less active. We saw their name a couple of days ago and decided that we would keep them in mind because we hadn't really met them. But last night we both felt like we needed to go there. So we knocked on the door and it looked like no one was home, then there was some rustling at the side of the house and Brother Serrano comes out and talks to us for a bit then says its cold you need to come inside! So he let us in and we met Amy the wife and we sat down and had Hot Chocolate and played with their dogs as they told us about how they have traveled the world and they talked about their trips to Egypt and Italy and France and China etc. Then I saw the she had some nice shiny bracelets on and I asked her if it was Alex and Ani and then we talked for about 5 minutes about Alex and Ani and she told me where I could go to go buy some and then she noticed my Vera Bradley back and we started talking about Vera Bradley! We will just say that she has good taste and I love her! It was so fun to have a girly talk about jewelry and bags! Then we shared with them the message about he is the gift! They loved it and they said they would watch the video. It was our curfew time so we had to leave but they gave us food as we were going out! They were so cool and I really feel like we were able to break the ice with them and we are going to see them again this week! It was seriously a miracle!

Okay well that is it I think haha! Oh wait! Last night when Sister Larsen and I were having pillow talk I compared mom to an artichoke. As you peel it away or get to know her it is really yummy and good but then when you get to the spikes it is like how she is a bit strict and you have to follow the rules but then you get to the huge meaty heart and it is magnificent!!! I thought it was cleaver and Sister Larsen told me I had to tell you about it mom hahaha! Kinda silly I know!
Well I love you all and I love Jersey and it is just this huge bucket of l. o. v. e. haha! Miss you too!

Love mostest,
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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