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Something bright, shiny, and new!

November 24, 2014

Dear Framily,

This week has been so awesome and exhausting! Sister Giles and I were talking the Elder Allen and Elder Cruz last night and we all decided that this week was so exhausting for some reason. We are going to sleep our p-day away let me tell you! But I am thankful for how busy we have been and for all of the lessons we were able to have this week! God has been blessing us!

So our zone went to the Jersey Gardens Mall so SHOP!! It was so much fun! And it is the second biggest mall in the country! I was totally in my element that is all I am going to say! I did get some more warm clothing so I don't come home and icicle. It was a blast!

We had District Meeting!!! I gave my first training too! I think it went pretty well! I am just really thankful I have Sister Giles who is awesome and was able to help me and give me some tips! I talked about being a concreted missionary, but I focused more on the Why. Why do we even try to be obedient and try to be good missionaries? They why to everything in life whether we realize it or not is always Jesus Christ our savior.
After trainings we went to Dr. Chicken Shack in Irvington! Sisters aren't really allowed to go to Irvington unless for special reasons (like picking up the elders or team-ups)...but the assistants said we could all go there to eat! It was so yummy too! I love me some fried chicken!
That night we were going to teach Wuthnay at 5 but we could not find a team up for the life of us and we had to change the time to 7 so we could find someone! So we headed over to Shaunay's another one of our new investigators and taught her the restoration! She accepted the invite to be baptized too! I am really excited for her! She is so awesome and open about everything too! We teach her on the steps in her house because she says everything is too messy for us to come in, but hey the spirit is there and it is fun with her!
At seven we met with Wuthnay at the church and Myara came with us! So we apologized that we had to reschedule and we thought that he lived in Maplewood because he comes to institute. And turns out no he lives in East Orange and it is an hour walk and we made him walk to Maplewood twice!! We felt sooooooooo bad! But at least it showed his dedication and desire right??? Well we will never cancel or change time on him again! The lesson with him was really cool and we he is so prepared! We taught the restoration and he had a lot of questions! He is so cool!

We got to see Karen finally after like a month of her not being available! I have missed that family! We taught the word of Wisdom and played a game with her and her two kids. We wrote healthy and not so healthy foods on cards and then we would put it on our foreheads and we would have to guess what we had (thanks to the Bryson family for teaching me that game!!!)

So we contacted this super awesome guy while we were walking to Sister Cochran's house and he lives right around the corner from us! His jaw was wired shut because he had gotten in a car accident so he couldn't really talk much, but he told us to come by to his house because he really wants to learn! It was sooo cool!
We saw Fredy and Nancy later that night and just as an update for you all Nancy is not really sure if she still wants to be baptized at this point so keep her in your prayers :) But Fredy finally committed to a date and he wants to be baptized on February 14th hahaha! He is a goof!
We went to institute after and Wuthnay was there!!!! We introduced him to some people and he is living it up already! He doesn't understand what the lessons are really about though because they are really deeeeeeeep! But the lesson was on the light of Christ. So you know how in the scriptures it says that Jesus is in God. God is in Jesus. We are in Jesus. Jesus is in us....etc. Well guess what we literally are because everyone is born with the light of Christ and as we are obedient that light literally grows. And we change from the inside out until we become perfected in Christ. We are all one. It makes sense how some people just tend to "glow" like the prophet! I thought of how Sister Kjar has that light shining so bright!

So you may have been wondering what something was bright, shiny, and new from the title of this email.....WE GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!! We have been in dire need of a new one for like over 4,000 miles now and we got one this Friday! They took a really long time installing the tiwi's though so we waited in the cold for like an hour and a half! I don't even care though because the car is amazing! It is a silver Chevy Cruz year 2014 and it is so celestial! We named it Hughes, but we call it Hue! It is beautiful! We went to five guys after to celebrate!
We met with Wuthnay again that night and Ashley came with us! We taught about the plan of salvation it I swear you could literally see the light bulb going off in his head! It was so great! The spirit was really strong too! He said that he "might" want to get baptized so it was awesome!

Saturday was awesome! We went the Sister Long's house. She is a less active and she is going through a really hard time with the anniversary of her husband's death. We have had the hardest time opening her up, but she opened up almost completely to us. It was so special. I am just ya...I love her.

We had no one show up to church...but hey we really, really tried and sometimes it is just not in our hands. We can just try harder for next week! It was the Primary Program and it was so cute! I love kids to death and I was in heaven! After Sacrament we found Bethany in the Relief Society room with Sister Parker and I got to play with her for a little bit while we were talking to Sister Parker about some things! I love that little girl! We are going over to her family’s house this next week to help them decorate for Christmas and I am so excited!

Okay well that is about all! Oh I forgot to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Let’s all get so stuffed that we are going to burst!!! I will be going to Jennie's (home bound investigator) and Collette's (recent convert) to eat! I am really excited and this Thanksgiving I think I may just have Jamaican food instead of traditional turkey! It is going to be awesome!
I wish you all an amazing week and I love this time of year and I love being a missionary!
This week Sister Giles and I were talking about how it is a good thing we aren't perfect because who would want to talk and open up to a perfect person. Our faults make us relatable and more loving. We then realized that Christ is perfect. And I don't think anyone would want to turn to him for help had he not atoned for all of us. He went through all of our troubles and our sins and our weaknesses so that he being perfect could know what we felt like and how to help us perfectly. I am so grateful that he went below it all just to help me out and make it possible for me to survive and return. I love my companion. I love Christ. I love my Heavenly Father. I love all of you.

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl ;)

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