Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 Months down today!

February 3, 2015

Dear Framily,
Alright so I will begin with an explanation as to why I am emailing on a Tuesday....
SOOO yesterday we woke up to a beautiful half a foot of snow/freezing rain, but that didn't stop us! We went to go get in the car to go to the library, but someone decided to plow our parking lot and while doing so plowed like a 3 foot wall around our car. So we called the elders because we didn't own a shovel and in the time it took them to get to us we got a crutch and a spoon and began to shovel ourselves out. We succeeded...until we realized that we had to go up a really steep hill to get out of the parking lot...and it was covered in ice. SO the elders took us in their car all day. Also, people here are really scared of the snow and EVERYTHING shuts down including I am emailing on a Tuesday!

So last Monday we had a crazy miracle happen. So it had been snowing all day and we weren't allowed to drive our cars so we walked to the church and got the shovels and just started shoveling people’s driveways because all of our appointments canceled and we live pretty out of the way of our area. So we started shoveling the street our church is on. This guy pull up next to us and says, "how much do you charge?" and we yell, "FOR FREE!!" then he says, "Follow me home then!" Now normally if I was not a missionary I probably wouldn't have followed him home, but we are missionaries so we did! Turns out he was a really cool guy and he gave us hot chocolate and took pictures of two little white girls shoveling his driveway! He asked how he could pay us back and we told him we would like to share our message with him and his wife! So we got his number and set up a time to come back! Ps his name is Mel!

We shovel all morning again because well, we did. And then that night we went and taught our recent convert Josh and his mother Sister Perez! They are so awesome! When we were done with the lesson we asked her if we could help her with anything and she says yes and starts explaining what we could do and then she looks at us really concerned and says, "are you really sure you want to do this?" And we were like oh yes! So we put plastic covering over her windows ha-ha!

We had a lesson with a less active named Sister Elizabeth Segovia and it was such a spiritual lesson. So we went in teaching endure to the end and she really just instantly opened up as we were starting to get to know her. She then opened up about how her husband just really has a hard time with the church and how they collide religiously! Sister Egan was totally owning the lesson and brought the spirit in really strongly when she committed her to bare testimony to her husband! SOOO COOL! I am such a proud mom! 

We walked for what felt like hours! We went and saw sister Suarez who lives in a nursing home and she is a hoot! We sang hymns with her let me tell you that woman can sing!! It was a blast! 

So we took our team up Kim to our lesson with Mel and his wife that we had set on Monday. We pull up to their driveway and they are getting in their car to leave so we pray and literally run out of the car to them and Mel says, "Girls I am so sorry but there is an emergency and we have to go...and I lost my phone." then he drove off. So we got juked and I felt really bad, and didn't know what to do and just stood there in my tracks really confused for a second. It was really confusing and I can't really describe why. 
So we changed plans and went to street contact, but it was freeeeeeeeezing cold outside and our poor team up Kim was dying! So we took her home.

WE FINALLY MET ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS! So we have been having the hardest time meeting with our investigators that the sisters before us were working with. We were finally able to meet with Sister Parkinson. Sister Parkinson was self-excommunicated, but want to come back! So the bishop joined us for the lesson! She is a so sweet. She has had about 15 back surgeries and just got down with one. So she won't be coming to church for a while, but she is really excited to come back!
That night we went and met with Sister Moses and Sister Pitter. Sister Moses in 92, but looks in her 70's. She also is still driving and living like a boss! We are helping Sister Pitter get to the temple and it is really cute how excited she is about it!

We had two new families move into the ward which is AWESOME!!! Also, it is starting to get really fun as we are getting to know a lot more of the members! Neither of our two investigators came to church, but we did have our recent convert Josh there! 

So once the elders rescued us they took us to Sister Santamaria's house to have brunch. Mom, Sister Santamaria is a Chilean version of you! You two dress alike and act alike! It is so fun and I just want to hug her to death! She is also a Spanish teacher too! It is really so nice to have a mom here in Englewood! My heart melts every time I see her! After we had brunch we went and shoveled from some of the single ladies in the ward. We then went to the church with all the other elders in the ward and Korean branch and some of the other missionaries in our zone. We played sting pong for a while which was sooo much fun, and I never lost! Then we had a nerf gun war! Sister Egan and I were total bosses and got both of our Sister Training leaders out! Then Sister Egan was kind of having a hard time and I took her into the chapel and talked with her for a while. Our Sister Training leaders came in and we sang hymns together. I know without a doubt that God gave me Sister Egan for a reason. I know that he is giving me the words and helping me with what I need to do to ensure that she is okay and succeeds. It is so amazing to be able to feel of God's love for her and to see her potential. She says all the time that I have a motherly love. After all the missionaries left the trio elders and the duo elders and us shoveled the church walkways! It took forever!!! And I am really sore today!
Well that was our week! We are working hard and having fun! 
I love you all and wish you an amazing first week of February. 

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

Ps Sister Egan and I spontaneously cut me bangs....hehe

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