Sunday, March 1, 2015

Like as Sister Cooper knows it!

Dear Framily,

Hey hey hey! So, it was great to hear from you and to hear about your weeks and that you are all still alive. I am surprised that I am still alive at this has been a crazy week! But, it has also been an amazing week full of blessings, challenges, and triumphs!

So here is a little bit about the area and about Sister Egan! So our area is called Englewood, but we don't even serve in Englewood, and we don't even live in our's weird. But we cover the cities of Teaneck, Maywood, Hackensack, Rochelle Park, Bogota, and Ridgefield Park. We have a lot of malls around daddy watch out because I might be having a bit of fun soon ;) JK!. Sister Egan is from Holiday Utah. She is a cosmetologist and does hair...I am so excited about that. She is 21 and she is pretty much just like me. We laugh all the time and we both have attention problems and it is just really really fun!

So Thursday we got a call from Sister Vawdrey and she needed help with prep for a funeral service that we had on Friday. So we helped her with the prep for a while and then she gave us a mini tour of Teaneck! Then later that day we walked 2 miles to the Bishop Rumble's house for dinner and we didn't really know how to get there walking other than by going on the Highway because we had to cross a it was an adventure...we are alive. Bishop Rumble's family is awesome so the Bishops name is Patrick and his wife is Maxine and their kids are Patrick Jr, Maxamillian, and Patrice. They got creative with names, but it is super easy to remember them! They are Jamaican and Bishop is an amazing cook! After dinner they walked us across the street to meet the rest of the Vawdrey's and then they drove us around and gave us a tour of the area and they took us past the really run down old meeting house and the new chapel (which is super awesome) and then took us to meet our 1st counselor/ward mission leader Bro. Mata!

Friday we went to Ellis Island and got lost on the way! The highways are crazy and confusing here let me tell you! Ellis Island was really different this time. They started having people pay to do the search so it was a lot less busy, but it was still really fun! We got stopped a couple of times by some fellow Mormons and they loved seeing us! One even took our picture and sent it to our moms. She has a kid on a mission so she knows what moms like ha-ha!
That night we had the funeral service and there were a lot of people that came! It was a really cool missionary experience being able to talk to all of these people about the gospel after and be there for them! A lot of them were part of a motorcycle gang and they were showing us pictures of their bikes! It was awesome!

Saturday a snowy day!!!
One of our members was diagnosed with leukemia this week so we went and visited her at the hospital. Her name is Sister Ogden and they really didn't think she was going to make it on Wednesday, but she did and now they are attacking the cancer pretty strongly. She is completely sedated to we didn't really get to meet her, but we talked to the family and sang songs and said a prayer for her. It was really sad, but also beautiful to see family, friends, and the ward rally together for her and the family.

We met the ward and it is awesome! After Church we took the sacrament to S. Caviness and S. Suares with the Elders. Oh wait so there are two sets of elder that are with us in the ward one set Spanish that cover our area and a trio that is Spanglish that covers the rest of the ward. We also have a Korean branch that meets in Englewood so we have a Korean trio with us too! It is a blast to be working with so many elders! We are laughing all of the time! After we took the sacrament to these awesome women all the missionaries had coorilation with Bro Mata. He is super serious about working with us and helping us! It is so great! And then we all had dinner with Sister Santamaria our Relief Society president! Then we had a second dinner with the Villarini's. They have a son that has autism and I think he has a crush on me because, being a lot like Sydney, he tried to kiss me a couple of times. It was really funny, but it made me miss Syd a ton!

Well I love you all! This week was crazy and stressful, but things are going uphill quickly!

Sister Cooper

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