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Spring Fever-Not!

February 18, 2015

Dear Framily,

Alrighty here we go with another week of everything you could possibly think of! 
Last Monday after we emailed you all Elder Preston, Fairbanks and us went sledding on and ice was a blast and everyone was super sore...except for me yay! That night we went and had dinner with a family that just moved in, the Jacobsons, they are really fun and they have a lot of kids! They made mashed potatoes and it was so yummy! Sometimes you just get so tired of rice and noodles that you would die for some mashed potatoes :) it was awesome!

Tuesday we had an insanely spiritual District meeting! For accountability we went around in a circle for Valentines and said what we loved about each other. The spirit was so strong and it really helped us be unified as a district! We all really needed it! Then we went off in twos and did some contacting Role-plays. I was with Elder Preston and it was the most real of a role play I have ever had! The goal was to be able to use the restoration pamphlet to teach to their needs and the front picture on the pamphlet just took a whole new meaning and it was powerful! I love being surrounded by such spiritual bombs all the time! 
After district meeting we FINALLY met our investigator Lena after 4 weeks of trying to get an appointment with her! We talked about baptism and confirmation. She had sooooo many questions which is good, but it was hard because she is Russian and there is a bit of a language barrier...but we were able to get the message to her! She is praying about being baptized on March 22!
That night we went to Bishop Rumble’s house to sit down with him and talk about the area map we have! It was really nice to be able to get some advice from a local. He gave us some good service opportunity advice that we had no clue existed! AWESOME!

Wednesday we went to Morristown for Specialized training! Can I just say my trainee is a piece of cake! I love her to death and she is so prepared to be a missionary! Also, it was soooo warm on Wednesday I even took off my tights and had spring fever! It got up to 34 degrees and we were on cloud 9 million ;) After trainings we went to go see Sister Elizabeth and we talked to her about how much we are able to learn from the spirit children have! It was beautiful! 
Later that night we met up with our Ward Mission Leader and went over our area map! He was a huge help! Not only did he tell us awesome contacting areas but he told us good places to eat! We are so excited!

Thursday Sister Egan got really sick with a bad cold so I made her sleep it off and I mainly worked on our area map and made a million phone calls! ps mother I did get the packages thank you soooo much! I love you to death! The bread was awesome!

Friday the missionaries in the ward put on a Valentines dinner!! It was a blast and we had a great turn out! Some nonmembers came and surprised us too! It was awesome! Sister Egan was still really sick though and I felt so bad!

Saturday!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!
We canceled all of our appointments except one because Sister Egan really needed to get better. So I made her sleep some more. Then that night we went to Sister Martine Williams’s house! Oh my heavens that family is hilarious! So Martine is French and her husband is English and you just get these two really funny strong personalities together and you die of laughter the whole night! Oh and Sister Williams is pretty much a professional cook it was seriously the best dinner of my whole life! 

Sunday night we went to the Sanchez for dinner! They were hoots too! People in this area are seriously comedians! They really made us feel like we were at home and it was so much fun to be with them! They had Sister Egan try her first cannoli too!

Monday as you know we were celebrating our presidents! We woke up to frozen pipes because the temperature got down to like negative 15 during the night so that was great! We ended up having to shower at our was so weird! Then we went thrift shopping and we went and played pool with the elders! It was a blast!
That night we found out that we were having in zone exchanges on Tuesday too!!! Then later that night we stopped by Lindsay and Marisel's house (we taught Lindsay on our last exchange) It was getting late so we just talked to Lindsay for a while and then set up a time to come and see her and her mother together! She is officially our newest investigator now!!!!

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we had exchanges and SISTER ROBINSON CAME TO ENGLEWOOD! It was so much fun having to C-ville sisters together! We had so much fun and also saw miracle after miracle! We went and contacted a street that Bro. Mata had told us to try and we had solid contact after contact! Everyone was so happy to talk to us and we got 6 peoples information which was crazy good! And we set 3 appointments with these potentials! One lady named Phyllis told us she wants to come to our church on Sunday and that she is going to bring all of her friends! And then she went on to tell us that she wants us to not only teach her, but teach her whole family including the grand children! She was cool! Then we contacted this beautiful Muslim young adult named Nsreen! She was a little hard to crack open at first but once she told us she was a kindergarten teacher we totally clicked and I told her how I want to be a teacher too! And then when we asked if we could come to her home to teach her about the gospel she said yes!!! She said that she would love to have us over....that is the first Muslim that has ever said that to me! It was beautiful! Then we contacted this couple that was a hoot and she was such a diva, she was eating us up too! We set an appointment to come and see them! BEST CONTACTING HOUR EVER!! It was crazy awesome! 
That night we went and stopped by Sister Perez's house. All of the sudden she had just stopped responding to our calls and our texts so we decided to just go over there. When we got there out of all the door bells we were able to ring the right one and we were able to get in contact with her. The battery in her phone looked like it was pregnant not even joking. So her phone is struggling and that is why we haven't been able to reach her! It was good that we come over too because she had a really hard day and Sister Robinson totally got her heart when she shared Alma 37:37 with her! So amazing! 

That night Sister Robinson and I girl talked it up and it was like a slumber party! It was a blast! 

Well I love you all! It was so cool to hear the Sara and Zoe got their mission calls! I am so excited for them! Best decision they will ever make! 

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl 

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