Monday, August 3, 2015

7 Months down and 2 decades old eh?

7 Months in the Mission!
Silly Sisters!


At Ellis Island

April 6, 2015

Well Hola Framily,

I loved hearing from all of you about your lives and conference and Easter! It was so good to hear! I hope you all received awesome revelation on how you are going to change to be more like the savior after hearing from our awesome general authorities :)

Monday apparently my email didn't come through or something...sorry about that! The emailing system in general was having problems that day...
But we had an all sisters training luau and it was a party! 

Tuesday for district meeting EVERYONE gave trainings and it was so cool! We gave trainings on the things that we are best at. I chose to do mine on patience..which isn't actually something that I am good at, but I feel like I have learned a lot about it. Anyway the spirit was so strong in the whole meeting. I was most proud of Sister Egan because she went in so confident and she didn't have a panic attack or anything! It was a very proud mommy! It was awesome to see how much she has grown in just one week! 
After the meetings we had a lesson with Sister Elizabeth and Bro. Mata joined us. He pretty much threw it down to her and pulled an elder Holland and was like, "Why don't you come to need to be there!" In a really bold and strong way. She was totally taken back (which is good) and she and us made an action plan to get her there. After the lesson Brother Mata came with us to find a media referral. So someone opens the door and then shuts it right away. So Brother Mata makes us give him the phone and he calls the man and says, "Hi we are at your door with your Book of Mormon will you come back out and open the door now?" Turns out the guy wasn't home and it was his brother that shut the door on us. His wife came back and opened the door and talked to us for bit! It was just so funny to have Brother Mata with us! He is a fire ball and we love it!
That night we had a crazy awesome lesson with Joel who was someone we contacted on the street forever ago! So we go over to his house and his brother Dioni and his friend Justin join in on the lesson. We do some heavy duty how to begin teaching with them and they started asking really good questions about our conversion stories and how this will help their lives and word of wisdom questions! Dioni at the end turned to Joel and says, "Man you should pray about all this!" Then Sister Egan and I pretty much jumped out of our seat and said YES!!! It was so cool to see how much they trusted us and there is so much potential there!!! We are so excited!

Wednesday morning we get a call saying that we are going on an exchange that day so I had to hurry and pack all my stuffies!! I went to Caldwell to be with Sister Allen again! It was awesome! Our district leader wanted Sister Egan to fully lead out the area during weekly planning so they took me away! It was so cool though! 
Sister Egan grew so much on Thursday! I think she has found a deeper trust in herself and her abilities! It was so inspired! 
Friday I hit my 7 month mark! We went to Ellis Island that day too to volunteer! It was Sister Egan’s first day driving too and it was an adventure! At Ellis Island I am getting a ton better at finding people’s family and working the site! I helped a ton of people from Ireland that day and it was cool! I had a really spiritual experience with this one woman. She sat down and I came over to help her. She started to cry before she even typed in the name she was searching. I asked her who is was and she said it was her dad. After about 3 minutes we found her dad. It was so beautiful to feel the spirit of Elijah so personally in that woman's life in that moment. She was so excited! 

Saturday we got to watch CONFERENCE!!!!! It was so awesome! I did this thing were I drew a line in my notebook down the middle and on one side I wrote down normal notes of what they say then on the other side I wrote down what the spirit was saying to me. It was so cool to see how much revelation I got! And it was even cooler in some talks where there was more revelation written then what they were saying. It made conference so much more personal for me. 
Saturday night I texted Sister Ballerini to see if she watched conference and she texted back saying that instead she went online and was looking at some anti-Mormon stuff. I decided to give her a call and she ended up pretty much well ya...she said that President Monson is a fraud and so on...I had to cut her off and tell her that we had to go because I couldn't take any more of that talk....
The next morning after praying really hard about what to do I sent her a text saying, "Sister Ballerini God has given you a chance and continues to no matter what...because he does we in turn have to do the same for others including President Monson. You need to give him a chance and listen to his words as he speaks of God." She texted back apologizing and said that she hopes to me being stubborn and sometime a bit too harsh said, "well then good we will see you at the church at 12 o’clock sharp. Hope means that you are sure, unwavering, and active. Bring your children too this is a family affair." We got no response...
After the morning session of Sunday she texted and said that she did watch from home and went on about how the spirit hit her so hard and that she was glad she watched!!!! VICTORY IS GODS!!! MUAHAHAHA!!

As for the talks for me I don't like picking favorites...but...Elder Uchdorf's words really brought a lot of motivation to me and as he was speaking I began to cry and a huge question I had was answered! BAHHH! In between sessions we went to Sister Santamarias house and had lunch with her as well as the Bishop, The Mata family, Sister Feeley, Sister Schlicht, and the Rae's! It was so much fun! I love this ward and they are my family too now! 

Being a missionary is the bestest! This morning we went to Ihop and had a birthday breakfast and they sang to me :)
I love you all! Work hard and play hard!

Sister Cooper

Ps thanks for all the birthday wishes again :)

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