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8 Months.....Ahhhh Panic Attack!

May 4, 2015
Dear Framily,
Okay so I have officially been out in this crazy land called Jersey for 8 months! That sounds like forever!!! Man I am getting so mission old it is scaring me!! Sister Egan just turned half my age too she is 4 months!! My baby is getting so old!
Okay I am just going to give a quick little email about our week :)
So Monday night we taught Juliana the plan of salvation!!! She loved it! She was jumping around asking so many questions about the spirit world and the celestial kingdom at the very beginning of the lesson! Everything came together though and at the end of it we asked her to be baptized and tried to put her on date, but she wants it to be in one whole year....we know she will be ready before then. For heaven’s sake she is ready right now!!!
Okay so Tuesday we had a lesson with Sister Elizabeth and Aiden. So we have been really focusing the lessons on Aiden and we did the lesson about putting the whole armor of God on! We brought things to dress him up in and make it interactive, but he didn't want to put it on. So we make Sister Egan put it all on and then once she had it on...he wanted armor on so he went and got one of his play costumes out and some nerf guns and then Sister Elizabeth and I attacked the two of them! The best part about it is that Aiden totally understood everything!!!
Tuesday we had interviews with President Taggart and I totally bawled! He made the mistake of asking how my family guys always jerk my tears right out! Anyway I told him about how my brother is turning 16 and my beautiful cousin was getting married and then he got all teary and said that he has missed 3 of his grandchildren being born and has only seen 1 of them! Then I started to cry more! Then I talked to him about his oldest daughter that wants to adopt a little boy with Down syndrome! Ah they need to do it! My life would not even be worth it if I didn't have my little sissy!
Thursday I finished the Book of Mormon...I will talk more about that is just a second... ;)
Friday we went to go and teach Sister Feng and we are helping her understand the scriptures because English is her second language...she speaks mandarin!!! Anyway we read Alma 30 about Korihor and how annoying he was! So he goes around teaching people that there is no Christ and just do whatever you want because who care...pretty much he lived the YOLO to the max! So the people bound him up and took him to go see Ammon because no one knew what to do with him. Then Ammon totally lays it down! He is such a great teacher...I hope I can be like him someday. Anyway, Korihor still is a little stubborn nugget after he totally knows that God exists and demands a sign so he get struck dumb and then he admits that God exists and that he always knew it, but that he was fooled by the evil spirits. I was really animated in the lesson and sister Feng had a good laugh or two, but she totally got it. It just makes me so upset that Korihor was so stubborn and the things is we are stubborn people in nature I mean think about it living the YOLO life people are dying to do it...literally. But they all know there will be a consequence they just don't want to admit it because they are too stubborn to give up the sad life they have. We get so blinded by the world.... people stop it! Open your eyes!!!! There is something so much greater out there!!!!! God is so much greater! The end of the chapter is my favorite because Korihor goes and starts begging people for food and ends up getting trotted down and dies...awful right?? The devil with not support why do people even serve is an awful investment! Invest in God and serve him. He will always support us!
Saturday we went and taught Jose and we taught him about the plan of salvation and when we started talking about earth life the lesson pretty much changed to a word of wisdom lesson and we told Jose that he has to quit smoking! He really wants to quit to! We had Mavis with us for the lesson and aaaah Jose is just so ready and prepared! PLEASE pray for him so that he can give up smoking and be baptized on May 31st! He needs all the help he can get!
We got a call that Sister Parkinson was in the Hospital so we stopped by to see her. She could use a lot of prayer right now! The second we finally find out that she can have her interview she ends up in the hospital with health problems :( when we got there she was fast asleep and we didn't want to wake her up so we just left her a note! Ah it breaks my heart!
That night we went and stopped by Cyrus's house and we taught them about the Book of Mormon then right in the middle of the lesson they get a call that they the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight was going to start soon so we had to wrap up the lesson really quickly so they could leave! Anyway it just made me laugh and Sister Egan wanted to watch the fight so bad hahaha!!
Sunday morning every single investigator that was going to come bailed by 9:45 in the morning! AHHHH all we could do was just pray so we ran outside and prayed! During sacrament meeting....WOAH...okay it was the most spiritual sacrament meeting I think I have ever experienced and I can't even say why. I almost cried so many times! And the whole time I was just praying that everyone else was feeling this too! Then for Sunday school and relief society they talked about becoming who God needs us to be which leads into what I want to end with talking about.
So like I said a little earlier I FINALLY finished the book of Mormon for the first time on the mission. I know that I am a slow reader and I embrace it! But when I closed the book I was so excited to pray and I knelt down so quickly I think I scared Sister Egan. When I was praying nothing HUGE happened, but I was just so happy. It is a happiness that is so hard to explain. I prayed to know as a confirmation that the book is God's word. I already knew that is was, but it was so beautiful to get that confirmed to me. I was on cloud a million and a half! I was so excited to testify and I just started to cry because I was so darn happy. I then started to reflect on who I have become in the long 8 months it took me to finish it. Oh my, I am really different. I have changed so much and it was so cool to see how much more Christ like I have become, and yet I have so much more to go! I thought a lot about the concept of becoming. In Mathew 5 we are commanded to BE PERFECT and I just had the hardest time 8 months ago wrapping my mind around that idea and accepting it. Now, I finally get it. We can’t just flip around and be perfect. it is a process of becoming who God needs us to be. The beauty of Perfection is how it is made perfect. We are made perfect through the atonement. The more we apply it in our lives, the more we rely on Christ and less on ourselves the more we become perfected. I am so grateful that God has given me this time to find Christ, and who he is to me. You know it is hard to see your self-progression when you are constantly focusing on helping other people progress and turn the Savior and change and then you turn and look at yourself and you are like WOAH hold up... I am the one that is changing.
Pray fervently, live worthily, and follow the spirit courageously.

Anyways....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU MOTHERS OUT THERE! I am excited to talk to my excited :) I can't wait! Also want to send a shout out to AUNTIE ALY & GRANDPA HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you all!
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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