Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy 10 Months!

July 6, 2015
Dear Framily,

Okay the news you all want to know about....transfer gossip!! So sister Giles will be leaving me Tuesday :( I am really sad about it! She gets home in Wednesday! She is an amazing missionary and a good
mom to me :) So Thursday night I got a text from President Taggart saying, "Sister Cooper I need to talk to you, please call." So of course my heart drops and I call him. He says, "Sister Cooper we have been praying and received an answer. We would like to ask you to be a trainer to a new missionary coming from the MTC. Will you accept this calling?" So my heart was about to explode! I said Yes! So I am going to be training again and sister Egan is getting a sister!!! When I got off the phone with president the spirit instantly just hit my heart and I knew that this is what God has planned for me. This week I realized that I haven't been a normal missionary my whole mission. I was being trained then greeny busted, then trainings, then greeny busting twice, then sending missionaries home, and now I am training again! I don't think I will ever catch my breath haha! So I will meet this cute little missionary tomorrow and I am so excited to be her mom!

My time is short so I will only tell one story today that happened on Canada day! After we got home from Ellis Island! We went to go teach brother Bohannon who is an inactive member that goes to another church now. We were sitting out in his deck with him and he started to tell us all about his story and why he is where he is...which was very long and intense! Then he started talking about how when the missionaries would come after he left the church he would yell at them and tell them to get off his property. Now if you met brother Bohannon you would know that this is totally out of character. Eventually because the missionaries were persistent he let them in. And this was during this last winter. He did it out if curtesy. And he said that he still does. He told that he never wants to come back to the church. So we started to talk about the sacrament and why it is so important to come to church. Then the lesson flipped and I don't remember how but all the sudden we were talking about times we felt Christ almost physically touching our hearts. He shared an experience that was very powerful and explained why he hasn't been coming to our church. Then I was able to share an experience I had and afterwards I started to testify and the words that were coming out were things that I was not capable of thinking of...the spirit was working through me and it was so amazing! Brother Bohannon looked at us and said, "I never thought I could learn so much from two little girls." Then we said, "That’s the spirit brother, and you feel it." It was pivotal.

For the fourth of July we got to stay out late! We had a bbq with the Thomas family and then they took us to go see fireworks with some of the Ward at a park in Summit! The fireworks were awesome and I was in heaven after they were done we got slurpees and I totally was crashing! My body is on a clock now and when 10:30 hit I was out of it and had a hard time staying awake haha!

Love you all! I miss you lots and lots!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

Happy ten months!

Sisters called to be trainers.

Kaity and Autumn Giles (going home)

Cool tree!


Sister Cooper and sister Robinson 10 Months out!

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