Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

March 23, 2015

Dear Framily,

First things first Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! I hope you two have a good day, and I promise to stay out of your hair this year hahaha! 

Well it was so good to hear from all of you!! 
Tuesday we had district meeting and I gave a training on finding things to enjoy in missionary work! It was fun and I gave everyone Oreos!!! hahaha I talked about rediscovering humor, finding beauty in the world, noticing the kindness of others, and delighting in the spirits presence!! Then after the trainings were done Elder Hicks our District leader had us teach one of his actual investigators the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Her name was Vanessa! It was a really spiritual lesson and we talked a lot about the love of god, and how to receive answers from God! She was sooo cool and I know that she will be getting baptized soon I can feel it!

After district meeting we had an exchange with our sister training leaders and I went to Caldwell with Sister Allen (she trained Sister Brown my MTC companion) So we were tracting in West Orange and as we were knocking on this door I looked down and say that my skirt was really gapy and then I realized...oh SNAP!! My skirt broke and it was about to fall down! I have no idea how long it was broken for though haha! And it was a miracle that we were on exchange because I had another dress in the car that I could put on because I really didn't want to hold my skirt all night! haha..But then I was no longer wearing green :( sad day! But we had dinner with one of their members and she made up for the lack of holiday spirit by making us corned beef and cabbage! It was yummy!

Wednesday we started to day off with some awesome contacting! We met a young woman named Valentina and we ended up giving her a Book of Mormon and pretty much teaching a lesson in the freezing cold! Then we exchanged back and Sister Egan and I went to go have dinner with Sister Parkinson (our investigator) and after dinner when we were giving our lesson she opened up about some fear she was having. She has really bad anxiety and she had a panic attack last Sunday when she was going to come to church and didn't make it. She knows that she want to be a member again so badly she is just scared that she isn't good enough and that God doesn't accept her anymore because she turned away from him. We listened to her, and you know not very often do I really feel like what I am doing is making a difference or that I am supposed to be here but in that moment I started to cry because in that moment I realized that this is why I am on a mission to listen to people and to love them. There was so much love in that room from God and between all of us. It was one of the most beautiful experiences. The stake president and bishop came shortly after and as Sister Parkinson met with them we took all of the dishes into the kitchen and then slipped out the door to go home. On the car ride home sister Egan and I just sat there silent both knowing that tonight was what god wanted us to do! We called the bishop Thursday morning to see how the meeting went and we found out that the papers from the first presidency came back and now we will have the disciplinary council and then BAPTISM!!!! It will most likely be at the end of April and I hope so badly that I will still be in this area to be here for it! 

Friday we fasted with Sister Parkinson to help her overcome her fears. It was a really really hard fast, but so spiritual. The opposition really worked on us that day! We had leadership training in Morristown with all the new missionaries since October. It was weird because the last one they had I was at as a trainee...crazy how things go. I was able to learn sooo much though! It was also fun to see Elder Allen (who I served with in Maplewood) and Elder Fairbanks (who I served with here) Man I wish I could be around all these awesome missionaries forever! That night when we were driving home it was snowing again....meh....
We had an appointment with Isaiah (who we contacted with sister Taggart) and we had Dan Villarini coming with us as a team up! We hadn't heard form Isaiah for a couple of days so we were praying so hard that he would be home and we could have this lesson! When we all three were at the door we knocked and knocked and no one was home. We turned around to leave and this young girl was walking up to the door looking at us like we were crazy! Her name was Celijah and she was Isaiah's little sister! We ended up teaching her the restoration in the snow...but it was such an amazing MIRACLE!!!! It was so cool! 

Saturday we met with Linda again and we had her read the plan of salvation pamphlet and look up the scriptures in the back last time we left so when we started the lesson and asked if she did it she started teaching us the plan of salvation! IT WAS SO COOL! She knew it all and had a testimony of it! She was radiating when she was talking to us and it was the happiest I have ever seen her! It was sooo cool! 

Sunday night we had dinner with Mama Diaz and oh boy did we feel like we were at home! We got to meet her daughter amber and they were making us laugh till we were crying! Mama D is also like the best cook EVER!! (sorry mom) She made chicharone (sp?) which is this Peruvian pork thing...oh heavens it was divine! We read part of the Joseph Smith history with them and Amber my heavens she was marveling over Joseph Smith and was testifying about him and Sister Egan and I were so confused as to why she is not baptized...she is our project now! :) Mama D is one of those people here that I need in my life.. I came here to meet her! 

PEOPLE BEING A MISSIONARY IT THE BESTEST THING EVER!!! I really am loving this right now! Y'all need this! Go serve the lord where ever you stand because you will have joy and happiness and you will have love for everything! 

I wish you an amazing week and I miss you all! 
Sister Cooper the Jersey girl

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