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Hola! May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015
Dear Framily,
Well it was so nice to talk to my family yesterday! It was crazy to see how much everyone has changed in just 8 months! It is weird because to me I feel like everything in Utah is just on pause and it will be the same when I get back home. Then you get those sad realizations that you all still have lives too haha! Well, I am glad that you all still have lives don't get me wrong here ;)
Here is just a brief ;) overview of the week that happened! So much happens in just one day it is always so hard for me to keep things short!
Tuesday we taught Violet!! She was the woman just showed up at church they day we had regional conference and came and sat by me! We had PJ and Mavis come with us to teach her at the church! For some reason I was just totally off that night and my brain was having some technical difficulties! Thank goodness for companions and return missionary team ups haha! Anyway Violet's lesson went great and the spirit was really there! She is really interested in Joseph Smith's story and she said that she is completely open to baptism after she know that it is true and learns more :)
Wednesday we had a make it or break it lesson with Linda! She hadn't been keeping commitments and we needed to lay down the law haha! Anyway we ended up teaching the Restoration! It was the most focused lesson we have EVER had with her! Things completely clicked with her about the apostasy and she was like God needs to do something about this!! Then we got to the fist vision and she read over the first vision a couple of times then looked at us all wide eyed :) At the end we asked her if she would be baptized and she paused for what felt like 5 minutes!! Then she finally said YES!! Then she paused again and looked at us and said, "It is going to be really hard to get out of the church I am in...but I guess I have to do it!" She has been taught the restoration probably 7 times over time and finally everything clicked!!! It was a miracle!
That night when we were going home for the night this woman came up to us as we were unlocking the door. She asked us if we could give her a ride because her son is in trouble. We told her that we can't give her a ride, but we would be willing to walk with her! Her name was Heesena. She is this cute older woman from India that lives in our same apartment complex. She was really flustered so as we walked with her we tried to get her mind off things and get her relaxed! When we made it to her son it turns out that nothing was wrong and the cop pulled her son over for some reason and her son forgot the registration because it was on his phone and he left his phone at home! The cop was really nice and told the son that he needed to buy us ice cream haha!
Thursday we walked to Sister Parkinson's house and it was so hot! I felt my forehead and was like...what is this stuff...oh it is sweat haha! When we got to the house she have us both big glasses of water :) We taught her about eternal marriage and temples and family history! She is excited that she will get to go back to the temple and be endowed again!! At the end of the lesson she asked if transfers were coming up soon and we told her that they were and that one of us will probably be leaving :( she got so sad! When we got back home and were doing our weekly planning we both decided that we aren't leaving without her being baptized so Sister Egan called her up and asked her to be baptized on May 24th!! She said that nothing would make her happier right now!!! I literally was dancing like a crazy woman!!!! We were so excited and she was so excited! We called the bishop right after and he said that is would work and that they will interview her soon!!!! We have faith that she will stay healthy and that everything will work out!
Friday we taught Leeroy at the library and we read the Book of Mormon intro with him because he doesn't know how to read!! Then we showed him how he can listen to the book on the computer. He had never been on a computer before though and didn't know how the mouse worked! It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! When he got the audio to play his face just lite up and he was so excited! We left him there listening :)
Saturday night we met with a potential investigator named Whander!! We contacted him a couple weeks ago at the 7-eleven and showed him the Easter video on his phone! He ended up bringing a friend to the lesson and we sat outside the dunkin' donuts! Both Whander and Mike have been working really hard to turn their lives around! They are both in their twenties! The spirit was really strong in the lesson and Whander had some really good questions. At one point when we were talking about Heavenly Father and the power or prayer he asked us what we would pray for if someone we really loved broke our hearts. I had to think about that one pretty hard. I started thinking about times when my heart has been broken and the potential it has to be broken. I realized and answered that I would pray for my heart to be healed by the power of the atonement. I then went on to explain that we can't change the decisions of other people, or even change them at all. It is always up to them what they do, and that is a gift God has given us to make our own choices. We can never force someone to love us or to do certain things. What we can do is control our own lives. We can be healed through the atonement if we turn to Christ. We ended the lesson by singing the first vision for them! The spirit was so strong as we were singing...and I never thought that could happen with my scary voice haha!
Sunday we were standing at the door to the chapel waiting very anxiously for investigators to show up! Juliana was the first :) and she came five minutes early!! Then the time kept ticking at exactly 10 Jose walked out of the elevator and our hearts started to pump we were so excited!! At that time we went into the chapel! As they were doing announcements Heesena and her son walked in!! Then Leeroy walked in!!!!!!!! Then Violet walked in right as the sacrament was starting!!!!! I seriously couldn't contain myself!!! We have been working so hard to help people make and keep commitments with God and they are doing it!!!!!!!! It is seriously the best feeling in the whole world!! It was so cool!
Well that is a wrap for the week! I love you all so much! I am so happy that I get to be a missionary and help these people out! Talking to my beautiful family yesterday I realized how lucky I am to be here in Jersey! I know that this is exactly where I am supposed to be and I am so excited to serve God and be a tool in his hands for the rest of my life!!!
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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