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Look Mom, your favorite Canadian Candybar!

Goodbye to Sister Irvine.

My new companion in my trainer Sister Giles!

Visit with Ashley in Maplewood.

 June 22, 2015
Dear Framily,

Soooooo HAPPY MONDAY! Sorry my email didn't work last week! I promise
that is will this week! I am determined!

Last Monday for p-day we went to Maplewood and saw Ashley and Ruth!!
It was so fun to see them! It was even Ashley's one year mark for her
baptism! It was seriously the best day EVER! I felt so at home! It was
really fun to reminisce with sister Giles on our old time together!

Tuesday we had a training on how to put our area book on the area book
app....and we had to have the past four months on by Saturday....can I
just express how terribly long that takes and how many people that
is??? We got so stir crazy doing it. This iPad stuff is driving me will be nice in like 3 months but right now...oh boy! I am
grateful for these, but it is a lot of stress! Haha
That night we taught the George family and Dylan the little boy was
sooooo excited about Joseph smith is was amazing! He said that he is
going to pray every single day! And he wants to come to church soooo
bad! Last week he said he wants to get baptized before he is a
teenager. They are an awesome family!

Wednesday we spent a lot of the day doing paper work and by the time 5
came around we were dreaming of going outside and talking to people.
Sooooo we dropped the books and went outside. We went to this house
that I have felt prompted to knock on by one of the less active
members. I for some reason was terrified out of my mind and I have no
idea why. So sister Giles gave me a good pump up and we went to the
door....and no one answered. But the second we walked away...Monica
came into my mind. So I acted upon the prompting and we went to
Monica's house (she is a potential). We got there and her door was
open and her son saw us coming. We ended up having a door lesson with
her about the apostasy and it was soooo amazing. We set up a return
appointment too! Then after that every single person we tried was home
and every person on the street was interested! It is so amazing what
happens when you follow the promptings you receive!

Thursday was our walking day and we were walking toward downtown
summit and we had about 6 members drive by and honk! I felt like a
Utah missionary!! We are dinner with a new family that just moved in!
After dinner I had the most spiritual member lesson I have ever had!
We had them make a list of people they care about that aren't members
of the church and then read D&C 29:6-7 and united in prayer with the
about who they could focus on to invite into the gospel. As sister
Robinson was praying my heart was pounding and I had this feeling that
they moved here for a reason. When we ended the prayer we pointed out
his strong the spirit was. They all received an answer that they are
going to focus on their landlord! They too felt that they have come to
summit for a reason beyond just for work! It was incredible!

Friday we went to Wendy's for lunch because I was really craving a
frosty haha! When we were walking in we opened the door for this older
lady and a little boy. While in line we started chatting it up with
her and turns out she adopted the little boy and he came from a very
abusive environment! We ended up eating with them and the little boy
played with me the whole time while sister Giles was talking to the
mom! There was totally a reason why I was craving a frosty!

Sunday Ashley came to our Ward and it was fun! Later that day we had a
lesson with Sister Orleans. She has been making a ton of progression
the past couple of weeks. And we talked to her about the power of
prayer and gave her a little equation of how to receive answers! We
ended by reading Joseph Smiths story! The spirit was so there and at
the end we had the instantaneous thought to invite her to prepare for
the temple! She said that she would want nothing more than to get to
that point! It was so powerful!

Well that is a wrap for the week! It has been a good one and I am so
grateful for the time I have had to learn more clearly how the spirit
works with me and leads me to my answers and also to the people who
need help and are ready to make promises with God! I love being here
so much! This Wednesday I get to go to the temple in Manhattan and I
am so excited! I can't believe it has been over a year since I was
endowed! I am so grateful for the promises I have made with God and
that every day I get to be better and more committed to him! I love
being a missionary! It is the best calling in the whole world!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

Ashely has been baptized for a whole year!!

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