Monday, August 3, 2015

Manhattan Temple Trip

Manhattan Temple Trip
Dynamic Duo together again!

June 29, 2015
Sister Cooper and Sister Kafu.
Dear Framily,

Well happy Fourth of July! I hope you all enjoy the parades and the fireworks! I love the fourth! Also....HAPPY CANADA DAY!

So Tuesday sister Giles had a temple trip because she is going home and so Sister Kafu came and exchanged with me so I would have a companion. We went to district meeting and the whole zone is
like...sister Cooper you can't keep companions for very long can you. Because I have had a different companion the last 3 weeks, hey I have an exciting mission I guess haha!

Wednesday we had our temple trip!! I was seriously so excited! We all met in Newark and then took the train into the city! I am so glad that I will never be a zone leader because these trips are sooo stressful
for them! They get to be the shepards of 20 missionaries in Manhattan haha! It was sooo amazing to be at the temple and I seriously learned soooo much my mind was so blown. I think I was able to lean so much because I feel like it was the first time I fully knew what was going on so I was able to focus more intently! On the way home I sat by this guy from India on the train and he has to commute 4 hours everyday....can you believe it? Anyway I had an awesome discussion with him and it was fun! When we got off the train there were a couple elders that forgot and they stayed things got crazy! And the zone leaders were in a huge panic! But it all worked out! It was fun to be in the city and also in Newark!

Thursday we had sister Orleans team up with us to go teach Don and we picked him up as an investigator! He is from Aruba and he is awesome! It was sister Orleans first time out with the missionaries and she was pretty scared! But she did awesome and totally connected with him! It
was amazing! That night we had dinner with the Clegg family and they give the first
pickings of their garden as a gift and they gave it to us! They call it their first fruits! It was sooooo cute!

Friday we had another exchange and we seriously saw miracle after miracle! So we had take out Chinese with the mathusek family and it was awesome! The kids are so into missionary work it is amazing! They
called their friends while we were at their house to invite them to the Ward activity!
The we went and saw Jennifer's down stairs neighbor to invite her to the Ward party that night and she got all ready and then we found out that she can't we scrambled around to find a ride and after frantically calling people and sister mortensen stalling we got the Clarks to come pick them up! They were awesome and they had so much fun at the party! We weren't able to go to the party because they were having a movie night! So we after that headed to Edgar street and we tried some potentials! We knocked at the first door and this boy opened it and we had a door lesson with him and he was really excited to learn! Then I saw someone walking down the street and I think I really startled him but he survived and was way cool and he told us to come over the next day to teach him more! Then we talked to this lady...but she spoke Spanish so sister mortensen took that one down town! It was a seriously incredible night!

Then the next day we went to try someone in the morning and we saw the George's ( investigator family) getting in their car so we jumped out and caught them and were able to teach them a quick lesson and it was sooo good because John the dad totally opened up and we were having
the hardest time getting him to! It was a miracle! Then we went to the appointment with the guy we contacted his name was dale. We get there and he was asleep! So we said we would come back at five. Across the street we saw that there was a car in the drive way of Kaceys house who is a former investigator so we went over and we were able to teach her and ask her to be baptized! She said yes! She still has a lot of hurdles to get over before that though!! It was awesome! Then we ran over to Jennifer's house and we had Bethany come with us! We taught her about gratitude and it is so amazing because she is finally reading and praying daily and she said that she has noticed a huge difference because she feels the spirit more! It was incredible! After that we exchanged back companions and went and taught dale...but he was still asleep so we taught his brother instead haha! His brothers name is Ziggy! We taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized! He said yes! The only problem for us is that he lives in Dover so we will have to hand him off to the missionaries there, but still it is some exciting! It was raining really hard all day long and there were huge puddles and things were starting to flood and we were getting out of our car and our phone fell into a large and spacious puddle. The our phone was bright and white and delicious to the taste ;) no it was actually really bad because we had a lot of appointments and no way to confirm them and we had team ups and it was a mess. So we were in a panic a bit.

Sunday church was amazing and we did our fist electronic progress record! Is was so convenient! Elder Passey came home and he served in the Salt Lake City south mission! He was an awesome missionary! He teamed up with us that night to teach Rolaine Joseph and it was an awesome lesson! We taught the restoration and she pretty much explained to apostasy to us! She has concerns about s loving prophet
though so she is praying about that this week! And guess what parents her birthday is on the 5th!

Okay and then this morning sister Giles had a departing trip because she is going home next week and no one had anyway of telling us what time to meet for it... Because our phone was broken and we could only see a little sliver but we notice sister Taggart calling and some how we were able to answer. Turns out we were 30 minutes late....and then the phone killed in the middle of the call so we ran to the church to use the phone there and then sister Giles was really stressed and I kept telling her it is okay and everything will work out! And it did they came and picked her up at the church and dropped off sister Kafu so I would t be alone. Then we were able to call sister Vause one of the senior missionaries and she said to come to east orange and get a new phone. So we drove to scary crazy east orange and we had breakfast with them! So that was our crazy morning haha!

That's about all I have for the week! It has been a fun ride! I am really sad that sister Giles is going home. We have been trying not to think about it this whole time. I love being a missionary so much! I
seriously can't think of anything better than this right now! I love being able to feel of the spirit in such abundance and I love the people here! They are crazy and amazing!

I love you all and I miss you like crazy

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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