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May 18, 2015

New Skirt!
Bernard and I

Uh My ADD is getting worse...weekly planning got creative 

Dear Framily,

So I am currently looking at a sign the library has of a dog on a computer with his paw raised in the air, and it is really making me giggle. I can't handle it right now haha! 

So last Monday we went on a hike with some Elders...haha it was interesting! Anyway we made it up to this lake and we were sitting over this bridge with our feet dangling just dreaming of jumping in because it was soooo hot when I looked down and saw this really weird thing tangled in some uh water grass looking stuff. So I had an elder reach down and grab it! It was frog or salamander eggs! So Sister Egan and I dared Elder Covington to eat them...and then he dared Sister Egan to eat some! After they did it they were both so scared that little salamanders were going to crawl out of their mouths haha! So that was our p-day adventure! 
After P-day we went and taught Juliana the gospel of Jesus Christ! We asked her how she has felt the spirit in her life and she said that she is able to feel it through nature and told us some really cool experiences! She loves to paint and when she creates she feels the spirit of what she is painting! She is so amazing! We committed her to pray about what day in June God want's her to be baptized on! 

Tuesday we had the most amazing district meeting EVER! So I have been trying to recreate a vision for my mission this whole transfer and I have just been stumped on who I want to become and so on! So district meeting trainings start and boom sister Mortensen gives this super powerful training about VGPA's then Elder Packer our district leader totally throws down what he prepared and creates this discussion training about VGPA's! The spirit was literally burning up and at the end each companionship split off and we prayed and counseled with God to receive visions for our areas. I also received some really good guidance for my own vgpa! (V=vision, G=goals, P=plans, A=accountability)
After district meeting we had an exchange with our awesome Sister Training leaders! I went to Caldwell with Sister Cobb! Sister Cobb is seriously amazing! She has been through so much on her mission and she has really transformed into a beautiful Daughter of God! We went and taught their recent convert Bernard! He was and NFL player that got into some kind of accident and is now in a wheelchair. He is the cutest guy ever! He blesses the sacrament every single Sunday and he is preparing to take his own family names to the temple! 
After our lesson with him the Gps got us pretty lost and we ended up in the drive way of this mansion of a house that the gps said was a road...obviously we didn't drive through the house haha! Just jokingly I said to sister cobb, "lets knock this house!" and she was like, "are you serious??" Then I said, "fear no man right?" So we went and knocked the door and as we were walking up we heard this awesome piano playing! A young mother opened the door and Sister Cobb totally broke the ice talking about her daughter playing the piano...sister cobb was a piano teacher! Turns out this lady is from Mexico and she is a chemist that works for loreal in the city creating all their products!! Like uh woah! She was really interested too! We ended up making a time to come and do a family home evening with them!!! It was so crazy! When we got back into the car we went crazy and were fist pump dancing! Thank goodness the gps got us lost! 

Wednesday we stopped by Sister Parkinson's house just to drop a note off and we ended up going in and having a lesson with her! We met her Sister that lives in Florida too! 

Friday we went and taught an inactive member that we found through her nephew that is 3 and we had the record of his baby blessing! She made a really yummy roast and everything that my mommy makes! It was so good! Oh did I even mention her last name is Cooper??? Her first name is Nicole! So it is really weird calling her Sister Cooper haha! After we ate we shared a lesson with her and her husband. She said that she has a really strong desire to come back into activity and that is going to be really hard, but she knows she needs to do it! Her husband is supporting her decision but he doesn't want to be involved much...we have a feeling that will change though...we think he is just scared of what he doesn't know! 
oh and he is a pro golf I talked up the us open and we had a good conversation! He doesn't compete now but works for golf tech! 

Saturday morning we went and did service with the ward at the community gardens! It was actually really really fun! We had a blast! 
We called Sister Parkinson later that day and she sounded aweful! She could barely talk because her throat hurt so bad and she couldn't even stand up with out getting really light headed!  Ah she really needs to get feeling better and it is killing her to be sick because she want to be baptized so badly! 

Sunday Jose showed up for church and so did Sister Nicole Cooper! It was really cool to have them there! Ah it makes your heart so full!
After Church we went to go and teach Jose. He said that he just wants to be baptized all ready and wants to be done with smoking and be a member! The wait is killing him and he is having a hard time! He is such an amazing investigator! We committed him to fast to get extra help from God to quite smoking! Today is his test he is going a full day without cigarettes! Keep him in your prayers!! 

Well this may be my last week in Englewood and it is really sad. My heart is already starting to brake. I really struggled in this area, and have grown to love it so deeply. I have been brought so much closer to my Savior these past four months! I am so grateful that God sent me into the fire here and made me work under a lot of pressure because I am a totally new creature! I have grown to love the members and investigators that we have found here. They are so special to me! Ah I really don't like transfers because it is so hard to leave these people! Honestly it is harder than leaving home. AHHH! Okay I just pray that God needs both Sister Egan and I to stay here for another transfer! That brings me to another point...I love my companion so much! She is my best friend and sister now, the people we meet just laugh at the fact that we act like siblings! She is family! 

Well because of transfers I suggest that you don't really send anything to my apartment address, just send it to the mission office! Oh and guess what else...we get IPAD'S tomorrow...that is scary too! I even made a trade with the korean elders for a korean i might not be able to use it haha! 

I love and miss you all soooooo much! Yo quiero taco bell! 

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

There was a spider on the ceiling during comp study so we took care of it the right way! with a nerf gun!!

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