Monday, August 3, 2015

Miracles Yet Again!

April 20, 2015

Dear Framily....
Okay I thought last week there were miracles...nah...we had at least one every day this week! Sister Egan and I when we got home last night looked at each other and just fell to the ground because this week was crazy! It felt like it was a month long no joke!
We will start with Monday..
So we have had this media referral for a little bit and we finally had time to go try and find him. When we pulled up we saw people walking into the house and we started fist pumping saying...score! They were home! So we knocked on the door. First a lady opened the door and we asked for Jose and she said he lives upstairs then shut the door. So we kept on ringing the doorbell. A little bit later a man answered the door and we asked if Jose was there. He said yes then walked up the stairs so we just followed him. Turns out Jose was in the shower so we waited for him to come out which was just weird...when he came out he was really excited to get his bible and we talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He opened up about some hard times that he has been having and he said that he ordered the bible because he really needs God in his life. So we set up a return appointment! He was so energetic!
After that we had a couple of minutes before we had to head back home and we were near Sister Perez's house. We have been so worried about her because she went totally MIA for the past couple of weeks. We caught her at home and found out that everything was okay. She just got a job and her phone has to be off at the job and things have just been really crazy for her! We were so relieved after talking to her and seeing that everything was okay because the last time we talked to her on the phone she was pretty distressed!
Tuesday night we went to go and try to find a potential we have named Mitchell. We knocked on the door and his daughter Tiera was there. We talked to her for a while and she told us that she just barely started believing in God and that was HUGE for her. We told her what we do for people and why we were there and that we wanted to share our message with her. She said she wasn't interested and after a little bit more talking we said goodbye and got in the car. When we got in and started driving away both sister Egan and I were really unsteady about what just happened. By this time it is 8:45 and we had to be home in 15 minutes. Sister Egan says let’s go back so we pull over and prayed our hearts out. We then turned around and went back. When we were walking up to her door I was terrified that she would be mad at us, call the cops, or worse....we knocked on the door and I could tell that sister Egan felt the same way. She took a while to come to the door and she opened it with the face like, "what are you doing?" So then we said, "You probably think we are crazy, and honestly we are okay with that, but we felt that we had to come back. You need to give us a chance and after one meeting if you don't feel that you are interested then at least you gave it a shot." She okay and then we set an appointment to come back. When we got in the car I felt at such peace. We are insane.
Wednesday we had an hour planned to contact in Fort Lee and we felt like we should go to Edgewater instead (Edgewater is gorgeous by the way because you have a perfect view of the city!!!) We were driving around looking for the perfect place when the name Rebecca popped into my head so I flipped through my planner and saw that an old potential named Rebecca lived in we went to go find her. We parked in front of her house and walked up the steps to her house. We knocked on the door and this lady opened it and said, "Oh hey girls!" then she steps outside and says, "What can I do for you?" We asked if she was Rebecca and she said no, but that her name was Bethany. She then said, "Alright let’s sit down tell me what you have to share today." We ended up showing her the “Because He Lives” video. Afterwards she pretty much told us her whole life story and as she was talking she started reminding me a lot of Lindsay. They looked a ton alike and she even sounded kind of like her too. She even had a slight cigarette smell. We ended up having a lesson with her and she said that just that morning she was contemplating her faith and realized that she needed to do more and then we knocked on her door. We set up a return appointment to see her and her 15 year old son the next week. When we started to walk away to the car I just broke down in tears. I could feel Lindsay with me and I know that she guided us to this woman who was in need. Man I am crying right now just thinking about it. It was indescribable.
Thursday night we went and had dinner with Holly and Carl again! After dinner we just flat out asked Holly what she is going to do to become active again and what is holding her back. She opened up about tithing and that it is going to be the hardest thing for her. This was a miracle because we really had no idea what it could be other than getting married to Carl that is keeping her at a standstill. We reassured her, and Sister Egan was really awesome and bared a strong testimony!
Friday night we had a lesson with a referral that we got from someone that was visiting the Korean branch last Sunday. Her name is Juliana and she was out walking her dog last week when the member talked to her about the church and she agreed to have the missionaries come over. We took Sister Mason with us to the appointment and it turned out that Sister Mason and Juliana knew each other....Miracle!!!! They connected instantly! And it turns out that Juliana's best friend is Neil A. Maxwell’s grandson...and that this friend of hers gave her a Book of Mormon and she has already read the whole thing! Our jaws dropped! We picked her up as a new investigator!
Saturday morning all of our appointments canceled and honestly we were a bit bummed out. We went and parked at the church and decided to go find around there. We saw this cute little girl playing in the dirt beside the side walk and her dad was on the back steps watching her while of course having a smoke! We went and started playing with the little girl and she introduced us to her dad Al! She was so cute she said, "This is my dad Al, and I have a grandpa that I call grandpa!" We talked to all for a while. He is from Kingston Jamaica and is an Easter and Christmas church goer, but his wife (who we have met before) goes every Sunday to church. We told him about a video that we are sharing and he said that we could come by Sunday and share it (he had no smart phone) So then we said alright! We asked if his wife Rockelle would be there to and his face went into total shock. He said, "How do you know my wife’s name?" Then we said that we have talked to her before. He said, "Mon I thought you were a prophet for sure!" it was so funny!
That night while we were planning, we got a call from Sister Caez saying to find her a ride to church. Sister Egan was the one on the phone and her face was hilarious she said, "Wait are you serious?" Never in a million years did we think she would call us for a ride, yet alone come to church! She said she was bringing her daughter and son in law too. When Sister Egan hung up the phone we both were jaw dropped! It was awesome!
Sunday after we had PEC and made the programs for the meeting and got the prelude going the fire alarm went off! And only the missionaries were in the building because everyone else went off to pick up their families. So we evacuated and the fire trucks came...we went to go walk Juliana to church with us and when we got back everyone had showed up for church. It turns out that something was wrong with the sprinklers, but they thought they fixed it so everyone went in and got seated. Just as everyone got seated the alarm went off again. So we had to cancel church...we even had 2 investigators show up...Sister Parkinson and Juliana! We were pretty bummed haha! But we stayed while everyone else went and we ended up joining the Korean branch for their sacrament meeting! It was so cool! I didn't understand a thing!
After the meeting we went to our appointment with Al and we showed him the video and did some how to begin teaching! The spirit was so strong and he said that he knows one day he will need to be baptized, but he doesn't want to be pushed to it because he doesn't want to regret it. We hadn't even mentioned baptism yet! So we told him that this is his decision and we are just the ones that will invite and prepare him for baptism! The spirit was so strong and he was really excited!  He wanted to know how he would what church was right and we taught him about the Holy Ghost and he FELT IT!!! We picked him up as a new investigator and made an appointment to see his whole family! I have him two CTR rings for his little girls :)
Then we went straight to our appointment with Jose and we taught him the restoration! He was so cute and when we got to the joseph smith part he said that he has been waiting for something like this so we invited him to be baptized and he said YES!!! So we set him on date for May 31st!! We had him pray about it at the end of the lesson and these were his exact words, "Heavenly father I am going to be baptized on May 31st!" He didn't even ask! He just told God what's up! He even marked the day in his calendar! He is so excited!
There was so much more that happened this week, but that is all I have time to write! I love you all so much and I love being a missionary! Things are looking up here in Englewood. Our work is finally paying off! Have a good week!!!
Love mostest,
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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