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"Every child is a Dog"-Sister Williams!

Turkey Anyone?

Washington Bridge

Sister Cooper and Sister Egan

March 16, 2016

Dear Framily,

First things first... (I'm the realist) HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY Y'ALL!!! I wish that you are all blessed with luck and that you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and a four leaf clover. Oh and that little elves make you yummy cookies :)

Tuesday we had Sister Taggart (our mission president’s wife) come out with us for the night. We had sent her a text a couple of weeks ago saying that we needed mom hugs and then she said I will come and see she did! It was really so much fun to have her with us and she is the bestest. We took her to go and teach the restoration and the Hackensack library. We were teaching a man that we contacted on the street named Russ. When we called him to set up and appointment he opened up with us about how her really wants to quit smoking and turn his life around. Sister Taggart was a love bomb in that lesson. Moms make great missionaries fyi! We think Russ might have a tiny bit of comprehension difficultly, but at the end of the lesson he said that he would be baptized!!! We will see what the future holds! After that we went and met with a Less Active named Stephanie for the first time. She just got out of a really toxic relationship and when we started talking to her she started to cry and Sister Taggart just jumped right in there and put her arms around her. It was so beautiful. After our lesson with Stephanie we went to a Mexican gyro place and ate dinner all together. Sister Taggart’s daughter might be adopting a little boy with Down syndrome from Russia soon. They have all been praying about the decision and mom I told her to have her daughter call you, but then I forgot to have Sister Taggart get your number so I will text her your number haha! I told Sister Taggart about Lilly and all about Sydney. She loved it! 

Wednesday we went and read some scriptures with Sister Feng. She has a hard time understanding them so the Elders had been reading with her and now we are haha! We read the beginning of Alma 5 and when we got to verse 28 when it talks about being stripped of pride I told the story from C. S. Lewis Asland ripping away the skin of the dragon. So the story goes uhh I forgot his name but the youngest boy of the children sees this dragon come out of a cave to get a drink of water and on his way to the water the dragon dies. The boy then goes into the cave and sees all this treasure. He envisions himself with all the riches and the glory he will have with his find. He gets tired and goes to sleep. He wakes up as a dragon and goes out of the cave to get a drink of water from the lake and realizes that he was turned into a dragon. Asland comes and tells the boy that he must change or something along those lines and so the boy helps the people rebuild a ship with his dragon strength and helps with a bunch of other stuff. Then he returns and Asland says that he much undress so the boy wiggles out of a layer of the dragon skin. Then Asland repeats no you much undress. So he wiggles out of another layer. Then Asland repeats again you much undress and digs his claws into the dragon and "Stripes" off a huge layer of skin. The boy screams with excruciating pain, but after it is over his skin is smooth and Asland dips him in the water and he comes back up a boy. We people get really prideful when we let the things of the world get to us. We too must strip ourselves of pride. It will hurt and we will have intense pain in the process, but we will change into who God wants us to be. Through the help of the atonement we can undress ourselves of pride. 
Sister Feng loved the story haha.
That night we went and saw Sister Diaz and ate some yummy food with her. She is sooo amazing and she is also a special education teacher! I love her sooo much! We are helping her to quit smoking so that she can to go the temple!

Thursday we had Leadership training and Elder Stroud came and talked about the baptism of fire....INTENSE!!! I suggest reading 2 Nephi 31,32 ; 3 Nephi 11:35 ; and 3 Nephi 12: 1,2. 
That night after we got home we walked up to fort lee for an appointment we had with Brother Mortensen. We got there a little early so we went exploring. He lives right by the George Washington Bridge so we went and got a good view of it! Then in our lesson we asked about the bridge turns out there is a museum so we will be going there today! 

Saturday we had a lesson with our investigator Linda Victor and she tells us that she is getting married and we all got so excited! She is marrying a preacher that she has never met in person hahaha! He is coming in April to "claim his wife"...things are about to get interesting let me tell you :)
That night we went to go see Sister Williams...again she is such an amazing cook! We were over there on Valentines for dinner before. She works in trading in NYC and right now she is working with Taylor Swift’s dad and with the Grandson of Vera Bradley....I died! She said that when I am done with the mission she wants to take me on tour of NYC. Anyway she is so cool! Her daughter was being sassy kinda like Sydney and then she turns to us and says, "Ever child is a dog."  ”You feed them, walk them, and attempt to train them." it was really funny! 

Sunday Sister Parkinson our investigator was supposed to come, but she had an anxiety attack in the morning and ended up not being able to. It was really sad! But we did get a Ward Mission Leader Finally!! Brother Doxey is now our ward mission leader and he will be awesome! He has a lot of big ideas and we are excited to work with him! 

Well I love you all! And this has been a crazy busy week, but I am so grateful we have been busy haha! Hope your week is amazing!

Sister Cooper the Jersey girl

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