Monday, August 3, 2015

Here goes another week!

Holly and Carl's Wedding!

Sister Cooper and Sister Egan with Holly and Carl


April 27, 2015
Dear Framily,
Thank you all for the lovely emails this week! There was so much to read...and I loved it :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO CHRISTIAN!!!!
So this last Monday we had a Zone Sister activity and we made a "healthy" lunch and then we painted nails and played games together! It was so much fun and these sisters have my heart that is for sure! I love them to death! That night we had a lesson with Juliana and we taught the restoration :) she had so many questions about the Book of Mormon and I was so surprised that I could answer a lot of them. It is crazy how much I have learned the past 8 months! Juliana blows my mind every time we see her! She is so prepared! Saturday night she texted us and said that she wants to go to general conference in Salt Lake City!!! She is eating this all up :)
Tuesday we had Zone conference which was awesome! They talked a lot about how to work with members, how obeying laws from god is the only way we receive blessings, and about having the Gospel become us and making it who we are and once that happens that we will have so much power as we testify! It was cool and my brain was so sore afterwards! They feed us so richly with knowledge and after every meeting I feel like I need to go into a coma! After Zone meeting the missionaries in Englewood did a contacting Blitz to help us find new investigators :) it was really cool and we have a ton to work with now :)
Wednesday Amanda Villarini came home from her mission!!!! We went over that night for pizza to go meet her and it was so weird! It kind of hit me that someday I will have to go home and then I got really sad because I don't ever want to leave, but at the same time I is a real huge mix of emotions! I honestly think leaving New Jersey will be harder than when I came out and left home.
Before we went to dinner we had about 30 minutes to contact and we went hard!!! We contacted this Marine named Joseph and we he was so cool! Sister Egan and him connected major time with guns and some MMA people and I was so lost...anyway we got an appointment to come share more of our message with him for this next Saturday! What made it an even cooler contact was that we almost just passed him, but we both were literally pulled by something and turned around and chased him down a bit ha-ha! On the way back to the car there were 3 men sitting outside the seven eleven having a smoke and so of course what a prime opportunity to talk to them! We ended up watching the “Because He Lives” video on one of their phones! We asked them each what they liked about it and one of them named wander was so cute he said that his favorite part was when the pregnant lady was on it because he loved the new life association. We set up an appointment to see all of them yesterday. They ended up canceling, but we had a conversation with Wander and he really wanted to reschedule so we did for next Sunday!
Thursday we had an appointment with a potential that the Korean Elders gave us from the blitz! He is from Jamaica and his name is Lee Roy! We picked him up as a new investigator and at the end of the lesson we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and he had been weird about reading the whole lesson...turns out he doesn't know how to read. So we told him that we can help him learn by reading with him when we come!
Friday we saw Sister Caez...okay since she came out of her almost dying experience when she was in a coma she is like a whole new woman! She wants to come to church now and she is like pushing her family to come and join in the lessons!! It is so awesome!! That night we got a text from Holly and Carl saying that they were getting married the next day at 10:30 so of course Sister Egan and I did a full on happy dance in the car and we got so excited!
Saturday...I can hear the bells ;)
So we had the wedding! It was so simple and cute! They just had a quick ceremony with their children there, us and about 6 friends! The bridesmaids had tee-shirts that said bridesmaid and the groomsmen had tuxedo tee-shirts and then Holly and Carl had a Mrs. and Mr. tee-shirt! It was hilarious and so them!
After the wedding we went to Ellis Island for the afternoon and it was kind of slow, but it was really fun! It is really fun that I am getting better and helping people find their ancestors! We were able to help almost everyone find one person or more!!! :)
Sunday we had regional conference and Sister Caez came as well as Juliana! We got a ride and everything for Jose, but he said that he missed the ride because he was taking selfies of himself...we were like..uh..what? Anyway he will be coming next week. During the meeting I was sitting on an isle that I could see the foyer and there was a woman out there looking in so I beckoned her to come sit by me. She came in and sat right next to me. Her name was violet and turns out she was just walking by and felt like she needing to come in so she did! She loved it too! We had a “linger longer” afterwards and she totally hit it off with the bishops wife and the ward just took her in! She said that she will be coming back next week and that she wants to meet with us :)
After church Amanda Villarini (just came home from mission in Peru) and her friend from Utah who went to skyline Emily Pearson come and teamed up with us for a couple of hours! We ended up going on splits and I went with Emily! We decided to knock doors around the chapel and the first door we knocked we got in and picked up 2 investigators! We taught Georgia and James a mother and son! Georgia even had a daughter that went to BYU! It was so awesome and we set up 2 return appointments for the week :) Emily is an awesome missionary! She went on her mission to Argentina!!!
We then went to our lesson with Jose and Sister Lopez came with us! He didn't do his reading assignment so we read with him and I could tell something was up with Sister Egan and when we got home for dinner I asked her about it. She has had a really hard week and so I just held her while she cried for a while. The elders came over that night and gave us blessings :) After the blessing Sister Egan was really calm and it was beautiful! I love my companion so much and I know that there are many reasons as to why we stayed together for another transfer! She is my family. I call her Hermana Ohana and she calls me Hermanita Bonita every night when we say buenas noches :)
Well folks that is a wrap! I hope and wish and you all have an amazing week and I love you mostest! I miss you too!
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl
P.S. Thursday we went to Chipoltle and they gave us our meals for was the best miracle of the whole week ;)

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