Monday, August 3, 2015

Six Months down!

Six Months Down!

Barbie Collection

March 9, 2015

Dear Framily,

SOOOOOO I have some major news....can I get a drum roll please.....
So we got a call Monday night from the 2.3 Elders that cover the other half of the ward and they said that they weren't going to get new sisters in to replace them and that there will only be one set of sisters coming in instead of 2 sets....which meant that we were going to be taking over their area. I think I really DIED! My heart I swear stopped beating and Sister Egan and I had some pretty hilarious overwhelmed looks on our faces. So we pretty much got doubled in all over again. So we cover the whole ward in English and the new sisters (Brown and Lovell) cover it in Spanish. Let me tell you Elders are not as organized as sisters and it was a puzzle to put together all the stuff that they left behind! So we now cover 15 cities: Fort Lee, Edgewater, Fairview, Cliffside Park, Leonia, Ridgefield, Ridgefield Park, Englewood Cliffs, Palisades Park, Englewood, Bogota, Rochelle Park, Maywood, Teaneck, and Hackensack. Our area also has the George Washington Bridge so if we take a wrong turn by accident we may end up on the bridge and then in Manhattan...It is AWESOME!!! The amount of people we teach just doubled as well and now we have a TON of less active work! It is really exciting and this whole thing is a lot easier the second time around ha-ha! 

So Monday we made cookies for some of the people that we are really focusing on so that we could kill them with our love :) it was fun! And Brother Overbey took us out to dinner at this dinner called Jackson Hole that had HUGE burgers...I was in HEAVEN!

Tuesday we said our final goodbyes to the Elders and did a lot of crying...It was like saying goodbye to our brothers. That night we had a huge snow storm come in. We met the new sisters and gave them some records that the Elders left us. We then went and taught Josh our recent convert. We talked about the armor of God and we put modern day armor on him (sweat pants, coat, hat, boots etc and then shot him with our nerf guns and he was totally protected! It was fun and he totally got the concept! 

Wednesday we had District Meeting! Our new district Leader is from Bountiful and His name is Elder Hicks...he looks really familiar and it weirds me out! But he is also super spiritual and it was awesome learning from him! Elder Packam also did a training and related to Gospel of Jesus Christ steps to Pokemon! It was awesome! 
That night we decided to go and find Mel and Jack again. After we talked to the both of them this dog wondered over to us and he had no tags. So we started to walk with the dog and knocked on some doors to find the owner. The dog led went up to the door of a house almost a block away and turns out it was the owner’s home. She let us in and we got to talk with her for a bit. Her name was Olga and she is a Jewish Russian. She kept trying to offer us beer or vodka or wine or cigarettes and then finally she just gave us water haha! So she wouldn't really let us talk about religion at all haha. But she did show us her extensive elaborate Barbie collection (I took picture) and she we plan on going back over on her birthday to with her a happy birthday! She was a hoot and it was very interesting! :)

Thursday we had an extensive planning day to sort through all the elders left behind. It took forever hahaha! But we did survive! We walked to the church after because it had been snowing all day. The Elders and us use to shovel all the snow, but now they are gone so we were left to do it all alone...miraculously the Bishop drove by and grabbed his kids to come shovel with us. We were so sore after. 

Friday was interesting we met with a less active that we found this week named Patricia Ballerini. It was the most rollercoaster of a lesson I have ever had! We laughed our guts out, and cried our guts out and she pinned us up against a wall with all her harsh questions and then we cried again and ended with a laugh...did you get that all? Okay I can break it down some more hahaha. So when we got there she was being really funny and cracking jokes and just really showing a ton of personality. Then we started serious talking asking her about her life and things went really deep and she broke down in tears and we sat there holding her as she cried and we listened. Then we shared our message that was in Helaman 5 and then her concerns about the church came up and she totally just attacked us verbally pretty much. I had a tissue in my hand and I was so frustrated and scared that the tissue was getting ripped into shreds. Finally I just had to open my mouth and testify because that is all I could do. I testified about the Book of Mormon and how every concern is bogus because we have this and it is perfect and pure. And then I testified about the sacrament. And I testified about the atonement. I don't think I have ever spoken with more heart in my whole life. After I finished defending what we love she didn't say anything. She sat there and said, "You’re right" we cried some more. Sister Egan was totally amazing in that lesson. Sister Egan is the most compassionate person and she has the ability to feel like the savior felt for people. We ended with a laugh and now she will be coming to church...we just have to get her a ride. :) 
HUGE MIRACLE!! We went to Sister Parkinson's house (she is our investigator that was excommunicated) She got her neck brace off from her surgery and we were all so excited for her. Then she said, "Sister I am now okay to be baptized on April 12th!" Sister Egan and I are like....wait...what...did you just bring up baptism yourself??? Anyway she is READY!!! Now we just have to get everything cleared with the general authorities and she is going to be in the water in no time!!!
Saturday night we went to Sister Santamaria's house. I love talking with her because it is like talking to my mommy! She and I did the dishes together and we talked about being school teachers and she talked about her whole journey of how she got where she is. Mom she is a lot like you! 
Well Sunday we had no one show again...but we did have some Less actives there and it was awesome! We are really excited for a full week this week! I love you all and I miss you like crazy! Can you believe it has offically been 6 MONTHS NOW?? Time is flying! I feel like an old fart now haha!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl
Six months
barbie collection....
snow is pilled really high and we found this really creepy head in the snow....

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