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Transfer to Short Hills June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015
Dear Framily, 

Alright so so far I have served in...
And now...can I get a drum roll please.....
My area actually touches maplewood and a lot of the ysa I worked with live in this area! The ward is like a UTAH ward. Almost everyone is white and it is actually a pretty functional ward! They do home and visiting woah! This area is pretty rich as well so there are a lot of very beautiful houses! Sister egan's new companion is a fillapina! This transfer I am greedy busting (my companion just got out of training) her name is Sister Kaitlyn Irvine! She is from Sandy Utah! She is pretty Amazing and I Am really excited to serve with her! She is really excited to learn and work so it is awesome! 

So Monday night I said some final goodbyes. It was really hard! 
Tuesday morning sister Egan helped me finish up packing and then we both started to break down in tears laying on the ground! Once we collected ourselves we drove to sister Parkinson's and I dropped off a letter saying one last goodbye. I really miss her. We then went and had a very yummy lunch at noches de Columbia with the hermanas. Sister Lovell went to jersey city! 
This transfer conference was a really hard one! I had a lot of my friend missionaries go home and both sister Egan and I were crying our eyes out literally the whole entire time! Mom I now know what you must have felt like when you sent me off the university or here to my mission. It was really hard to watch her go and grow up without me! Man it was really hard! So Sister Irvine and I packed up the car and drove to our area! So this area does a really good job at feeding us and one of the first things everyone told me is that I am going to gain a lot of weight...I will prove them all wrong! So we had a dinner appointment that night and I was looking at the planner and it was the gardners... And I was like wait...tell me about this family! So sister Irvine says they are a newly wed and I just start going crazy and literally jumped out of the was JEFF and MAYARA from the maplewood ysa ward! I was so stoked! When they opened the door they got all excited and really confused haha! It was so fun to catch up with them though! 

Wednesday we went and saw the vivaka family! Okay this family is awesome! They are Tongan and are beautiful singers! The have been struggling with activity though! We taught about the importance of church and then sister vivaka totally opens up and bares testimony to her children and we were all getting really teary eyed! The we pounded out a scripture in 3 Nephi 11 and the spirit was just singing away! It was so beautiful! We committed the to read the scriptures as a family and to strengthen their testimonies together.

Thursday we did a very in depth planning session! We tore through the area book and fixed it up hard core! While doing so I taught sister Irvine how they work and all that jazz! 

Friday we had lunch with the recent convert Richard! Mom he is from Ontario! He is really awesome! He was baptized in February and he has already read literally everything! He has gone through all of the seminary and Sunday school programs plus more! He is in his late 20s and is about to start residency at a hospital in nyc! So he never told his parents that we got baptized and this weekend he finally told them....they took it well too!!

Saturday we wine to Ellis island! Kacey one of the workers there when he saw me he about died because they split up sister Egan and I! He said that is was just too cruel haha! He is awesome though! Ellis island has changed a lot in the past 9 months! They have been doing so much restoring after sandy and now things are starting to look really beautiful :) 

Sunday I got to know all the ward members! They are really amazing! I just kept getting blown away! They had the choir sing...pause okay they have a stinkin choir! And like 2 of them where in the opera and one on them is on Broadway and it was beautiful! I got to see Ramario who has been dating Ashley and it was so awesome to see him! He texted Ashely while we were in sacrament meeting and I am so excited! I might get to see her!! 

That night we had dinner at the Thomas's and it was really good. Brother Thomas is famous in the mission for many reasons. One of them is for his referrals that he gives. So he is a doctor and he always shares a message with each of his cool right! Well he kinda scares me because he is really intense! I feel like I have to be a perfect is kinda like being pressured by Bonnie (vhs drill treat coach) and I am well you know scared....but I will learn a ton from him! And he is an amazing disciple! 

Alright that is about it for now! I love you all! I can't believe it will be 9 months this week....eek! 
Love you mostest,
Sister Cooper the jersey girl

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