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We got Ipads! May 25, 2015

Here is one from the parade! And yes that is Nutella in my hand ha-ha

May 25, 2015

Dear Framily,
So we have got some big news over here!!!
1. We got iPads!
2. I am getting transferred
3. Alex Boye came to our chapel
4. My prayer callouses on my knees are coming in nice ;)
5. Yep that's about it haha

Okay so Monday we went to Emerson and played ultimate Frisbee! It was seriously soooooooo much fun! 
Then we went and taught Juliana and we pretty much taught all the commandments haha she wanted to know everything so we taught all of it to her! And then we told her that one of us was going to leave and she got really sad! She started to tear up and it was making us tear up! 

Tuesday we had an all mission conference and got trained on how to be better disciples of Christ in the digital age! It was really cool and it is cool that we get to learn how to use technology righteously now and it will bless our lives forever! When they passed out the iPads I was seriously terrified! I really like being away from the world and now the world is in my is terrifying! It still doesn't feel real! So we are implementing them in 3 phases. The first which we are doing know is teaching and learning. This will last about 2 weeks as we learn to use these things in studies and in our teaching. The next step is area books and planning...this one I am dreading because it will take forever to digitalization our area books haha. Then lastly social media. You all know what that is. After the meeting we road tripped it back to our area with the Hermanas and then us and the Korean elders went to the chapel to set up our iPads! Seriously so weird haha.
We then went and taught Marcus and the six little girls!! We taught the restoration and they loved it! To explain apostasy we played the telephone game! We are really excited to work with them and they really need the gospel!!!
After that we went and had dinner with Sister Wilshire! She is awesome! She asked us if we could help her understand the Book of Mormon and that got us thinking that we should do a Book of Mormon study class at the church because so many members want us to help them! It would be cool!

Wednesday we had a crazy busy day...we didn't ever eat lunch haha. So we went and saw Sister Parkinson and we taught her the last lesson! She was really excited for her baptism and we told her all the plans that we had and the program! She was so happy! 
That night we went and taught sister cooper and she wants to be active so bad! We have her all set up now too! When we went to leave our commitment she said, "Don’t even and I will do whatever it takes" then I said, "we need a lot more of you!" She laughed! Anyway we committed her to read 1 nephi all the way through Jacob! She is a big reader haha!
Then we went and had dinner with our neighbor Daniel. He took us to a restaurant and I had clams...they were interesting! Sister Egan almost gagged haha!
Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PANSY!!! I thought of my little kitty all day!

Thursday we went to Ellis Island but the Internet was down all day so we just answered people's questions and then they let us do the audio tour of the building! It was cool! Oh and we got stopped by this mom and her son and the kid was going a mission the Calgary so I told him to look out for the Christmas family! He said he will remember that name haha! He leaves in like a month! It was awesome!
While we were at Ellis Island we got a call from Sister Parkinson. She said that she went in to get some teeth pulled and to get some other stuff done and is in a lot of pain. She said that she won't be ready to be baptized on Sunday...we both were pretty much crying. So she is moved to the 7 th of June.

Saturday we taught Jose and he is really struggling with some word or wisdom things and it is a lot more than we originally knew. So we had to push his date back as well to June 14th. He is really excited though! He really needs a lot of prayer!
That night went over to see Sister Parkinson. She wanted to say a goodbye before transfers. We were all bawling. Man I am crying right now thinking about leaving her. Ah this is seriously so hard. We went and said goodbye to her 90 something year old mom and she started to cry too. That broke my heart even more. I might not ever see her again before she leaves this life. It really hurts to leave.

Sunday Jose came to church!! And so did Sister Cooper! During the meeting a man walked in too and after the meeting he disappeared and I don't think anyone was able to talk to him. After church ended we went around to the houses by the church to invite them to the devotional that Alex Boye was coming to do! We went to Cyrus's house and they guy that had showed up at church was sitting on the steps! He was so excited to see us! His name is Chris and he just came here from Liberia. He has a cute little son! So we set up a time to come and teach him!! It was seriously a miracle!
So that night we had the Alex Boye thing! Sister Egan and I were like little kids going to Disney land for the first time! We were in the foyer waiting for our investigators with the most anticipation! Linda, Leroy, Juliana, and two ladies from the community garden came!! There was a huge turn out! We even filled the gym! I have never seen the chapel that full! The devotional was awesome too! Brother Boye is super funny!

So this morning we went to the Englewood parade with the sisters! It was awesome! There were so many church groups that walked! Next year this ward should be in it haha!! We also went to the Ben and Jerrys ice cream shop! It was yummy!

Love you all!! I am really sad to be leaving Englewood! I have spent half my mission here and with sister Egan. The hardest person to leave will be sister Egan. Man she is amazing! We were crying last night about how cool our companionship is. People notice it right away missionaries or not...we really are sister and there is a special bond between us! I am grateful that God gave us each other because we couldn't have made it. Man I'm crying again now. Okay I'm gunna sign out now because I can't see my screen...
Again I love and miss you all
I am excited to see where God takes me tomorrow.

Mostest, Sister cooper the jersey girl

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