Monday, August 3, 2015

Week of Miracles!

Elder Packam and Elder Hicks

Birthday Cake with no utensils?

Dinner with Holly and Carl.

April 13, 2015

Dear Framily,

I want you all to know that I had an awesome birthday! It really was a really perfect day! 

Monday night when we got home from Newark we didn't have enough time to do what we had scheduled to do so we ended up going up the street to some referrals houses that the Korean elders gave us. We knocked on Sema's door first and she was so excited to see us. She is from India and is Hindi, but is super open to our religion. We ended up watching the “Because He Lives” video with her and we had a whole lesson about prayer! At the end of the lesson we prayed with her and then asked her which of her neighbors we should go visit. She pointed to the house across the street and told us to ask for Fay and say that Sema sent you. So we did that! There was a man outside the house and we asked if Fay was home so then this extremely cute tiny old lady comes running outside and drags us in her home and sits us down on the table. She was the most hilarious old lady ever! We told her what our purpose is as missionaries and invited her to our church open house that Saturday and then left her with a prayer! IT WAS SO AWESOME! We then asked her what neighbors we should go visit and she pretty much told us a bio of everyone on the street! 
That night we went and had dinner with Stephanie. She has been struggling and we cried and laughed with her and then we told her she has to be reading the scriptures every day. So we committed her to five minutes every day! We have been sending her inspirational messages to help too! 

Tuesday (the day of birth)
We woke up and I opened the presents that you all sent...PS I love them all! Then we had studies and what not then went to zone meeting! It was really fun to be with the zone and the trainings were so on point with what I needed! Then when we were all having lunch the sister training leaders Sister Allen and Harvey came out with a cake and they all sang to me and I blew out my candle. But there were no utensils to eat with so I pretended to just take a handful...then elder Packham and Hicks were like DO IT!! So I did! I shoved a huge handful in my mouth and almost threw tasted so good though! Then Elder Packham and Hicks took huge handfuls was so funny! Don’t worry we got this all on video! 
We went to Sister Elizabeth’s after and when we ended the lesson we started talking about hair and i mentioned that my brothers are growing out their hair and that my mom braided it all during conference and she about died. We all got so giggly and we laughed for probably five minutes! 
That night sister Egan and I went to Chili's and I had chicken bacon ranch quesadillas and a cookie skillet!!! I was in heaven!!! 

So we woke up really uneasy about our plans for the day. Like really uneasy. We were praying so hard to figure out why and finally we did. We had planned to help a member that the Spanish sisters teach help move and for some reason we felt so strongly that we couldn't go. We felt bad because we wanted to help, but the spirit was pretty much screaming at us not to go. So we changed our plans to door knocking around the church to invite people to the open house. Later that day when we were out doing it barely any doors opened and we didn't understand why we HAD to be there. When we were turning the corner about to go back to the church we saw a group of men working in a garage shop. So I gave Sister Egan a little elbow nudge and told her to lead out the contact...being a little silly. They ended up not being able to speak much English, but we go the message across about the open house and they said that they would come so we were really excited! 

When we got to the open house two of the men that we had contacted the day before were there and they were talking to the Spanish sisters. They had a tour of the building and really wanted to investigate the church!!! It was so cool! I am so grateful for the spirit and the blessings that come as we follow. There ended up being a really good turnout at the open house! A lot of members invited their friends :)
Later that night we were driving and we got another prompting that we had to go and see holly and Carl who we have been trying to find this whole transfer. So we knocked on the door and this pretty woman opens it and says, "It’s the Sister Mary’s!!!" all excited. In my head I am thinking does this woman think we are catholic or what in the world is going on? So I ask if she is Holly and she says yes and drags us inside! We talked to her and Carl and turns out her kids call the sister missionaries "sister mary's" because missionary was just way to long! They told us that they were getting married in two weeks and we were like wait what? You aren't married?? And they said no we have been living in sin for a long time! So we were so excited for them! We had a lesson and we were about to leave when they asked if we had ate and we said no...then they plopped us in their car and took us out to dinner at Gotham city! Which was a super yummy restaurant by the way! We were in heaven!

After sacrament meeting this really cute little Chinese woman came up to me and tried to talk to me but I had no idea what she was saying. So I just took her up to Sunday school with me and sat next to her. After her repeating her words about fifty times she said that she saw the chapel and just decided to come in for service today. After Sunday school I had her sit by sister Chao and Feng who both speak Chinese!! She ended up staying for all three hours and for the baptism after! She loved the baptism too and I could tell she felt the spirit really strongly...because the spirit was so piercing! Harold got baptized finally!! When he came up out of the water he was crying and it made me cry! He bore his testimony after (brother Mata translated for us English folk) and it was the most beautiful thing ever! He talked about how badly he wanted to be baptized and how he fought with the adversary to get there! It was so awesome! 

Well that's a wrap for this week!! The biggest take away this week is that we need to be living worthily, praying fervently, and following the spirit courageously. As we do this we see miracles. We see the lords hand in people’s lives!

i love and miss you!

Sister cooper the jersey girl!

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