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You are in for a shock!

New Companion Sister Andrus!

July 14, 2014
Dear Framily,

So this week has not been what was expected at all haha. But we will start with Tuesday! Tuesday the whole mission got together in the morning for a training by spencer Taggart! It was really awesome and he talked a lot about pride and how to overcome pride. He also talked about how pride is going after our will and doing what we what, while on the other hand there is humility which is when we do gods will no matter what! He taught us how we can become spiritual walking faith bombs! At about ten all the new missionaries came in with bright eyes that looked terrified to death! They joined us for the next hour and I was scoping them out and sister Giles, Egan and I were trying to guess who I was going to train! It was really exciting! Then at 11 all the trainers and trainees left the chapel for orientation-y things. So I got up and walked out with them and was talking to the new sisters as we walked down the hall. When we got into the primary room president Taggart called my name from the door way and motioned me to come outside. So I did. He told me that my companion never came off the plane yesterday. Immediately of course I started to cry I think initially because of shock. He went on to tell me how excited he was about this amazing sister and how he felt so strongly that I was going to train her. He said that in the MTC she was playing volleyball and tore her meniscus. It was a preexisting injury and it blew up there. So they had to send her off to get surgery. And because of the holiday they forgot to tell president Taggart what had happened and therefore I found out at the last possible moment. It will be 4-6 months till she comes out on her mission now, but president still wants me to train her! I felt such deep love for her! She is from Venezuela and has been a member for 18 months! She wants to be a doctor someday and speaks 3 languages and has 8 brothers! She is so amazing and her name is Kelly Dianne Troconis Rodriguez! I am excited to one day meet her. So then I asked president what would happened to me and he said, "We think you will stay in short hills." He said THINK which in other words means they don't really have a plan for me! So with tears rolling down my eyes I go back to the chapel. I went and sat back down with sister Giles and Egan. They were really confused and I could feel every eye in the mission on me questioning why I came back in. So I whispered to sister Giles and Egan what happened. Then I sat there. I couldn't think and all I wanted to do was to go and pray so I had sister Giles leave with me. We went and found a room and I prayed for a long time. After the prayer and felt better and I knew that this was God’s plan for me and that I would be okay and that the sister I end up with is exactly who I need to be with right now. I was at peace and calm. We then had lunch and they matched up the new missionaries with their trainers!
Then we all went into the chapel for transfer conference where we get our new companions. They started with zone 1 and worked their way down. I am in zone 6 so I waited for a while. When they were about to say my area one of the assistants elder Garfield came up to president and wrote something on his paper...I knew it was about who was going to be my companion. So then he says, "Sister Andrus will be going to short hills with Sister Cooper!" Sister Andrus was sitting really close to me so we stood up and hugged! I knew instantly that this was right! Sister Andrus is from Sandy, UT this is her last transfer as a missionary so yes I will be sending another missionary home! She is truly amazing! She is hilarious to and I am laughing like every second of everyday! She is already my best friend! We had instant unity!

So that is the main part of this week! Other than that we see miracles every day and we see a lot of people and we have a lot of work to do! We picked up a really prepared investigator named Don and he is just dying to learn! Oh and Sunday we went to the park with a lot of members for a bbq and the. We see our investigator Alexandra with her husband and kids playing at the park so they joined us it was a miracle and now she has member friends! God works in mysterious ways eh?

So sorry we didn't email yesterday we had an all mission summer activity! We played sports and did skits and ate Cafe Rio style food! Oh and when we played sports I mostly played ultimate Frisbee and it was a blast! We were all really sweaty and gross though because it was flaming hot! Lots of fun!

I love you all and wish you an amazing week! I miss you and hope that you are living up the summer and staying close to God!

Sister Cooper

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