Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jersey Strong

This little lake was so pretty and I felt like I was in Canada
at the cottage :) it was awesome!

August 10, 2015
Dear Framily,

Well happy MONDAY!!!! It is crazy that is has already been another week come and gone! It makes me really sad because that means that Sister Andrus leaves me next week! Wahhhhh I don't want her to go! I don't like all my friends leaving! But hey life goes on....really though it goes on!

So Tuesday we had our interviews with President during zone meeting. It was really nice to be able to counsel with him and get advice from him! He told me a secret too about next transfer, but I was told to try to keep it all will find out about it in the coming weeks ;) be excited! After zone meeting president and sister Taggart joined us for lunch! Actually our zone won second in a clean apartment contest so they made us lunch! We had steak and potatoes :) it was so yummy. I couldn't remember the last time I had steak! After that we went and taught Sussy! I love her soooo much! So Sussy was I the Maplewood YSA and now she is coming to short hills so I get to keep teaching her! She is my bestie ;) anyway we talked a lot about courage and standing up for what we believe! We talked a lot about Esther and Jesus and the courage they had! It was awesome! After the lesson we asked Sussy which neighbors we should knock and she said that we should try the corner house because there are always kids playing! So we did! It is one of those apartment houses. So we started with the bottom door bell and worked our way up until someone came to the door haha! This man named Alex came to the door! He is super cool too! He is a drummer and has the cutest little boy! He said that he is really interested to learn more, but he works crazy crazy hours like everyone else here so we have to work out a time to see him again!! That night we had dinner with Arta and Rosa! They made us some Albanian dessert, and it made my tummy really upset haha and we had an appointment literally right after so I could do anything haha so we the next appointment with John and Jennifer George! We had Dana Bucco team up with us! It was seriously a good lesson! They really opened up! And Jennifer talked about why she stopped coming to church and John talked about a lot of the concerns he has about joining the church! Dana was the perfect team up! She is a convert and was able to relate to both of them soooo well! It was awesome! By the end of the lesson my stomach was dying so planning that night was interesting haha!

Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Rigby, and Loselli because all of our companions were at the departing missionary temple trip! We sent to SPARTA (yes I say the name like a true Spartan) it was really fun and they are such amazing sisters! We got to do service at one of the Catholic Churches there! We were helping them organize closets! Knowing me of course I got really curious about all the stuff I was finding and the people ended up giving us a tour of the chapel and explaining their communion and so On! It was really cool to learn about, and it made me really thankful for the restoration! When I got back with sister Andrus we went and saw Don! We explained every little detail about church! It is really fun because he is at the point where he is getting more comfortable with us and he was cracking jokes the whole time. Sister Andrus and I were are funny man!

On Thursday we were walking around down town summit and there was this woman walking in front of us and she looked familiar after a couple seconds I realized that it was Defilia (Jennifer's neighbor) so I yelled after her and we were able to talk to her! We set up a time to come and teach her :) I was so excited because she went Mia from us and the Spanish elders!

Friday we were trying to find a referral but they weren't home so we knocked on the neighbor’s house. This super cute young family answered the door! The two little kids were dressed up and tinker bell and Spider-Man so we started playing with them on the front porch! It turns out that the family knows a lot of members of the church! We weren't able to set up a time to teach them, but we have hope that they will want to soon :) it was so exciting!

Saturday night we went and taught brother Bohannon! Last time we were there he said that he was praying to know if the Book of Mormon was true. So this time we taught the restoration! He had so many ah ha moments it was awesome! It is so amazing as a missionary to see the gospel just click in people's heads! We ended with the Mormon message with Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon! Brother Bohannon was just smiling and tearing up! We know he will get his answer soon! :) he could use a lot of prayer!

Sunday we were so anxious to know if Don was going to come! We stood outside in the parking lot until 3 minutes before the meeting started just hoping he would come! My heart was pounding! There was no show so we went the meeting started I looked back and still there was no Don. But as I was scanning the room I saw John and Jennifer George!!! I grabbed sister Andrus arm flipping out with excitement! It has been over 20 years since Jennifer came to church and John has never been before! Bishop was all excited too as we made eye contact with Him! It was seriously a miracle! God provided! John wanted to stay for all three meetings! I am dying just thinking about it! They exercised their faith and now they are both progressing! It is sooooo exciting! We went and had lunch with the Mathuseks after church! They are seriously my favorite! We had this German meal thing that was awesome! So they have this tiny grill that goes on the table and you put meat and veggies to cook on it. Then under the grill there are little slots that you toast great and melt cheese in! It was crazy cool and yummy! They are a really fun family! I felt at home :)

Well that is a wrap for our week! I am so grateful for the hand of God I each of our lives! It wasn't until just now as I am typing this that I realized how much he helped us out this week! I know he is aware of us and how we are doing individually. As we pray to him for strength and guidance we will receive. He will always help us in what we stand in need for! The only thing is sometimes we don’t understand what God thinks we need :) he knows best! I am so grateful for Sister Andrus! She is amazing and it is really a huge deal that I get to have her! Man I am going to miss her a lot! I love you and miss you like crazy! I hope that this next week we can all pay attention to God in the details of our lives. Let's lot take him and Christ for granted!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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