Saturday, December 19, 2015

And it came to pass...

Six Flags

Theme Park Fun!

Feeling weird wearing jeans!


October 12, 2015
Dear Framily,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Julia (cute little girl) wants to say something:

So I don't have a lot of time today but I would like to share one story. Friday night we went and had lesson with Leilani and the girls Nia and Lita. We were saying the opening prayer and we hear the rain just pouring. So after the prayer we all decide to go run in the rain. They gave us some clothes and we booked it outside. The rain was pouring so hard and the streets are all flooded. So we ran through the streets to the big round about and we were just giving thanks to God in the rain. We were all soaking wet! It was really good to be able to connect with them and establish a deeper friendship. We then had the lesson and the spirit was so strong! We talked about gratitude and how a way of showing it is by being obedient to Gods commandments. At the end of the lesson i told them about time that I fasted on my mission. It was back in I think January. Many of the people we were teaching were going through lot of struggles. As I was pondering what too fast for my thoughts turned to gratitude. I fasted for the purpose of thanking God. Up to that point it was the most spiritual fast I had ever had. I truly felt connected to God. He was also able to help with each person, Netherlands problems that seemed so big became small.

Sorry this is so short! I love each of you!
Sister Cooper the jersey girl

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