Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas just popped up!

Sister Zamora with Kaity and Sister Goulding

Sushi with the Zamoras

November 30, 2015
Dear Framily,
I love you all! Thank you so much for your emails! Well I don't have much time today. This week has been good. We did a lot of finding...:)
On Tuesday we were in West Orange and our appointment with a potential investigator fell through so we were trying a couple other people on that block. As we were walking back to the car Sister Goulding said that we should knock one more door so we did! When the lady opened she says, "Oh we had an appointment with you that we missed didn't we?" Then we just played along and said, "You probably did!" She then went in to say that right now wasn't a good time, but to come back soon! We were both so confused! We got back in the car and looked up the address! So the missed appointment was 130 days ago! She remembered though! It was so cool! It is amazing the things that can happen when
you follow the spirit!
On Wednesday night we went and had real sushi with the Zamora's ! It was soooo yummy! Best fish in the world right there! They were surprised that I actually really love everything! On thanksgiving we were both really sick. We went to the Williams house for dinner that night and it was really fun! We had
lots of Turkey. And they were so sweet with having things for my companion to eat with all her allergies!
Friday she was feeling sick again so we took it easy in the morning and I made a lot of phone calls then that night we had a rough night out trying to find people to teach! We texted brother Zamora that night and he said he would take us out to breakfast the next day. So Saturday he took us out and he gave us some courage and advice! He is so awesome! He doesn't really have any testimony left, but we noticed
that he gets spiritual promptings to know how to help and take care of us! He treats us like his kids and it is amazing!
Sunday was awesome and after church we went and were able to find an inactive member that said to come back in a couple of weeks! Then we went to go and find a member who we thought was pretty less active but he opened the door and we realized he was at church! So we got to know Brother Ward and we shared the new Christmas video with him! We also challenge him to have a gospel discussion with one of his neighbors! After we left he sent us a text and thanked us for coming over and seeing him! We knew that God wanted us to go and see him! After that we had dinner with the Dolan's! It always feels so at home at the Dolan's house. I love it! On the way home we felt like we should stop by a recent convert/less active sister Sami. Right when we finished praying to leave the car she pulled up in the driveway! We ran over there after her and scared her a little bit! But she let us come inside with her! We were talking about the sacrament with her and then at the very end Sister Goulding powerfully states a promised blessing to her if she reads the Book of Mormon every day. The spirit came in so strong and Sister Sami felt it! It was a great way to end the week :)

To end the email I want to take a second and talk about Mary! I have written a bit about Mary in the past. She was a resident at the Berkeley Heights Nursing home that we did service at in Shorts Hills. On Tuesday I found out that she passed away my last day doing service there. Mary reminded me so much of Grandma Cooper. I felt so close to Mary! My heart broke a little bit hearing about her passing, but I am so grateful that I will have an opportunity to be with her again. I am grateful that when I do see her again her pains will be gone and she will remember who I am! It is incredible how much you can give your heart to the people you serve. I don't think I realized how much missionaries really do love. We experience a lot of heartbreak, but it is so worth the eternal friendships we create! I love being a missionary! It is some hard work and it isn't the easiest, but it is the most rewarding! I know that this area has soooooo much potential and as Sister Goulding and I rely on the guidance from our Heavenly Father we will be able to reach the people that need us.

I love each of you so much! Be diligent in reading your scriptures and having earnest prayers!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl!

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