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Kaity and Sister Shaffer

October 19, 2015


HEY YA'LL!!! I am so excited to be able to tell you all about the week! It has been such a good week! Sister Shaffer and I have been just loving the work here and this ward that we get to serve in is AMAZING!!! Transfers are just around the corner and I want to cry every night thinking about the fact that I will probably have to leave. I LOVE SHORT HILLS!!!

So let’s talk about the work eh?? But before we do I will just interject and apology for last week’s very short email. We went to six flags and we had our time cut short sooo just know that we had a BLAST at six flags! And also note that I wore was weird...haha!
Okay so let’s jump to Wednesday...I started the day kind of not so smartly. We wanted to go running for exercise and so we decided to go into the woods by our apartment to run. It was fine until we got deep into the trees and realized it was really dark!! I started getting feelings like we should turn back around, so I asked Sister Shaffer if she was okay and she was so we just kept going then not even 2 minutes later...SNAP I am on the ground and my ankle is really hurting! So I have never really hurt myself too bad but my ankle was hurting! I was still able to walk though so I was I am fine! So I just iced it a bit and continued with the day haha! My ankle was sooooo swollen though! We got to do service at Berkeley Heights nursing home and I was helping my favorite resident Mary eat and do her puzzle! Mary was sooo happy that day and it made me really happy! She reminds me a lot of Grandma Cooper! She still wouldn't eat very much though so I was praying sooo hard to know what I could do to make sure she had some food in her. She still wouldn't eat though. So she was finished and I took her back to her room. Then a bit later her daughter came with Chinese food and they ate together! It was really nice to be able to get to know her daughter and tell her how much we love her mom!
Later that night we went and did some door knocking out in West Orange we picked a street by a member’s house and there was this son and father mowing their lawn together. The son waved at us like 5 times so after they were done with the lawn we went and talked to him! He had so many questions!!! And we told him that if we come teach him we can help to answer all these questions and he said that he want quite ready for that, but to come by again. He was sooo prepared, but yet just not ready yet at the same time! AHHH we were dying after though! Then we went to the Kochs house for dinner and they made some yummy soup...and noticed my baseball looking ankle so she wrapped it up for me and told me I had to go see brother Thomas we is a doctor in our I followed orders. It was just a sprain and now I am totally fine! haha I just think it is all so funny!
Thursday afternoon we went and taught Coco at the Thomas house with Sister Thomas. We talked about the atonement! Sometimes I just forget that she really is just learning about Christ because she gets everything so quickly! She amazes me! She found out our age and said that now she is the BIG sister and we are little sisters haha! It was cute! So I now have a very little big sister haha!

Friday we stopped by Donna's house to catch her at home, but she wasn’t home so we went down to Mr. Feoli who is on the same street and talked to him about the restoration for about 10 minutes. He asked us to go and see his son in a nursing home that night so we put it in our schedule. Then as we were walking back to our car we saw that Donna's garage was open so we ran to the door all excited! We were so thankful that God had timed everything so perfectly with Mr. Feoli! Donna let us in right away and we sat down together. She said that it was funny we came that day because she had just sent in her divorce papers that morning and she had prayed that the day could be an uplifting one. I am so grateful that we were able to be an answer to her prayers. We taught her a simple restoration lesson and at the end we asked her if she would be baptized when she knows that this is true. She said YES!! Then we promised her that this resorted gospel will bring her the most happiness. She said that she really needs happiness right now! Donna is amazing and she really feels like our best friend. She is so down to earth and soooo open about the gospel! She is hungry for peace! As we were talking to our members about her it turns out that sooo many of them already know who she is! It is sooo perfect!
That night we went and saw Leilani and the Girls. It was a hard night. The day before they had found out that a very good friend of theirs was murdered in a very brutal way. It was really painful to see them so broken and hurt. We didn't know what to do or what to say to help them. We just listened. Leilani then opened up about the reasons why she is having a hard time trusting God. The second she is able to put down her barriers and let God it and flies back up and she blocks him out. We were able to talk to her about what elder Lawrence talked about in his conference talk. We talked about her asking, "What lack I yet?" and then being humble enough to ask and faithful enough to act. This will help her to be able to progress one step at a time. We also told her to ask God to show her what she does have in her testimony as well. It really helped her! Keep her in your prayers PLEASE!!! She will be in Utah this weekend so she is close to you all!
Saturday we KNOCKED a TON!! And we talked to a LOT of people...that about sums up the day haha!
Sunday we were making our rounds before church started talking to everyone and I saw a really familiar face of a visitor with the Egan family. I immediately knew that I knew him from school up at Utah State and that I had a class with him...during all of the meeting my mind was going crazy remember how I knew him! I realized that he was in my English class and this was the time period when I started getting promptings from God that I should go on a mission. Then I remembered one of the first promptings I had!! I was sitting next to him in class and he pulled out his wallet in class and I saw that he had his missionary name tag on the outside of his wallet and when I saw it I felt the spirit and had a thought that I could wear a tag like that. After the meeting I went up to him and told him this story and thanked him for his example to me and for helping me get out here and change my life! I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to tell him that! He had just barely got married too so it was fun to meet his wife!
During Sacrament Meeting COCO was confirmed a member of the church by our Bishop! He gave the most beautiful blessing. He told her that God loves her immensely and that she is a very chosen daughter of his. He then went on to say that doors and opportunities will open for her in her schooling and also in her work career (which she has been stressing a lot about). He also said that her family will very soon open their hearts to this decision she has made and that they will one day accept the gospel (as you can imagine I was crying at this point). He also said that she will be a missionary in the hands of God to bring the gospel to many who don't have it! Such a cool blessing!!!
Later that day we had an appointment with a girl named Bell who was a referral from a member in Long Island. She is also from CHINA!!! Man I love china!! So this lesson was actually turns out a first date....and it was very awkward...and strange....don't know if there will be a second date, but we do have a second appointment with BELL!!! She is really prepared and really wants to know about the book of Mormon and the restored gospel! She was eating everything up! I LOVE CHINA!!!
Later that night we went and saw Matt, Alexandra and the kids! The kids were so excited to show us their Halloween costumes and it was so fun! We ended up talking to Alex and Matt about some of their family that has lost faith and it is breaking their hearts. It was really cool because in Relief Society that was our whole topic so we were able to share what we discussed in church and they were sad they didn't come! We then talked a little bit about the nature of God and gave them some homework about finding places in the Bible where God and Christ are separate! They got really excited for the next lesson when we will build the foundation with them!
Then we went to Coco's house to help her get her family search stuff going a bit more! She was being sooo cute and we explained to her in more detail about baptisms for the dead! We are going to take her to the temple to do her family names this coming Saturday!!! We are so excited!

I want you all to know how much I love being a representative of the Lord. I love being a missionary and bringing happiness to people. This week my ponderizing scripture was: Moroni 7:48 
48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.

I have been seeking to be filled with this love. My heart is so full because I love the people I work with. It has been so amazing to be able to experience God's love for each of his children. I love helping people draw closer to the savior and become more like him. As I do this I get to see myself draw closer as well. I know that when I see me Savior I will see him as my brother and my best friend. I love that I am coming to know him more fully! Draw ever closer to him. He will bring hope and he will purify you.

I love you all
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl
ps yes mom my hair is fact it is blonde

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