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Gratitude List

Talented Sister Goulding portrait of Sister Cooper

Sister Cooper and Sister Goulding
Kaity, drawn by Sister Goulding

November 23, 2015
Dear Framily,

Hi! Hope you all have had a good week! I also hope that each of your tummies aren't too quenched anticipating the yummy turkey to come this week! Soooo much happened this week, and I am excited to tell you all about it, but I will do it a little differently. On Monday last week I decided to write down five things I am grateful for every night and then in my nightly prayers I would only express my gratitude to God. I did this in preparation for a talk I gave in Sacrament meeting on Sunday about how to express gratitude. I am so glad I did this because I was able to more clearly see the small, but significant ways the Lord bless, and guided me each day. I was also so much happier this week too! Gratitude really does change you :)
Here goes the gratitude list 😉

-silence: in the mall the music was so loud and I didn't even notice how much it drove away the spirit until we walked out of the mall and the spirit immediately came back. It is incredible how easy it is to
be drowned out by the world.
-Sister Zamora's amazing dinner: now I am grateful for this because Sister Zamora really made me think about how incredibly important it is to seek and follow the spirit all the time. She has been working in this. So then, I started focusing on this and saw sooo many miracles.
-a good relationship with my companion.
-the ability to repent and humble ourselves before the lord. In my studies that morning I was really pondering how important it is that we are constantly humbling ourselves and changing. I am grateful for the changes I have made to me to more fully take upon Christ's name.

-I am grateful for Sister Shaffer! I got to see her and I am so grateful for the missionary she is becoming and our friendship! I am so happy she is in my zone!
-I am grateful for our dinner with the Adams family and that brother Adams was able to point us to some families in the Ward that we can focus on and really help to strengthen their testimonies! Then after dinner he followed us to our next appointment at the Sami's because he wanted to help teach the new member lessons. Unfortunately they juked, but he was so kind and so appreciative of the time he got to spend with us! He was amazing!
-that sister Dolan helped us with our song. My companion and I got asked to sing at the Christmas fireside with two other sister and we have been sooo stressed because we can't sing! Sister Dolan played and sang with us to help us figure it out! She was so sweet to drop everything to help us!
-good laughs! Sister Goulding and I were giggly the whole day and it was just so fun!

-pulling a Sister Zamora and just walking on foot following the spirit. I am grateful that as we did this we were directed to a young man named Carter! He was so sweet and we were able to have a very amazing conversation with him about the specific plan God has for him! He even said we could come back!
-having Denis call out to us from his car at Bernard's nursing home after we had knocked on his door that morning. So that morning around Carter’s house we felt like we should knock this door and Denis popped his head out the window and said yes? Turns out he was sleeping so we said we would come back. Later that day he saw us and popped his head out of his car window to talk to us! We got his number and said we would come teach him! He was SHOCKED to see us. I am so grateful for
Gods incredible timing in things!
-my family....they are pretty awesome!

-Mike! He was a cute old man that we talked to as we walked! We was really sweet and open...till he found out we were missionaries, but I am grateful that he was able to feel genuine friendship!
-my companion and her AMAZING cooking! I am also grateful that she is teaching me how to cook too!
-hot chocolate.....😍
-rain🙄it poured all day long...and it was walking day....but it did make us laugh so hard because we were soaked and we felt like we were in a movie because cars would pass and walls of water would come at us. One got sister Goulding super soaked!

-I am grateful that we were able to help at the food pantry and get thanksgiving dinners ready for families. It was so beautiful to see how much food was donated to help all these families!
-Chinese food....😍
-Kat's baptism! Sister Goulding's investigator in Elizabeth was baptized and I am grateful that we were able to go to it and that Sister Goulding was able to be there for Kat!
-the white handbook and the guidance and structure that it give us as missionaries
-all my past companions. Sister Goulding and I that day were talking about how much our companions have helped us to change and grow! I love each one of mine and they are incredible people. I miss them all too!

-breakfast with Sister Little! Sister Little took us to a diner and we had such a good lesson with her! She is a single woman in the thirties that is sooo amazing! She has such an amazing testimony and we were really able to get her excited about missionary work! It was a good lesson because I felt so real!
-drawing to convert and dunkin donuts! We decided to use sister Goulding's incredible talents and go to dunkin and sit down with someone and talk to them as she draws them! We sat down with a man named Billy! He is a professional opera singer! Also, it turns out that he went to BYU for a summer opera program and even went to temple square! So we were able to talk a lot about that! We also talked about what he is grateful for and how he expresses it. He said that he is grateful for people like us that will come and talk to him. He said that we really made his day! He then said that he expresses gratitude
by loving and serving people. Last Sunday he was doing a show and quoted a line from the wizard of oz that said, "Love is not Measured by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others." Beautiful right? He felt the spirit and that I am grateful for!
 -also grateful that the dunkin donuts people were nice and gave me an extra donut 😜the love handles aren't too happy about it though haha!
-I am grateful for the prompting that I received while driving down a street to talk to an older woman working in her garden. He parked the car around the corner and went back to talk to her! She was very sweet and we were able to help her feel God’s love even though she didn't want to hear our message!
-I am also grateful that we were able to talk to Sister Bradley who is less active! We found out that she is going to have an intense surgery to help slow down her Parkinson's disease. She was so grateful that we
said we would pray for her and make sure the Ward did too!

-the opportunity to talk in sacrament and at God was able to help me speak with power and with the spirit. It is crazy how comfortable I have become speaking in front of people. I am grateful that I am
overcoming that fear!
-I am grateful that the recent convert Higgins received the Aaronic priesthood!!!!! He was so happy and excited!
-I am grateful for the family that let us I their home out of the cold even though they sat us down to attack us about beliefs and told us we were teaching heresy. They were very polite though and I am grateful that they let us talk and share with them. They were a very sweet family. I am grateful for my testimony and belief in Christ!
-I am Soooo grateful for our lesson and dinner with the Vandergast family. They have really been struggling and the husband has gone inactive. She made amazing Korean food and she was so sweet to also recook things for my cute little allergen companion! After dinner we had a very spiritual lesson with her. Her husband listened too. She said that she felt like her progression and stopped and she was just not moving forward or feeling the spirit as much. We were able to express to her that we have both felt the same way began to cry as she was talking with us and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity as a representative of Christ to build her up and help her know what she needs to do to start moving forward.
-I am grateful for Sister Goulding and his well we get along and how much fun we have had together this week!

These are the things I am grateful for in is past week! I personally feel that one of the most important ways we can show our gratitude to God is by being obedient. Our agency, or ability to choose is the only
thing that God can't control or take from us. So let's show him some love and choose to follow his Son Jesus Christ. Think of ways this week that you can be more obedient and draw closer to our father in
Heaven. It doesn't matter how far you have fallen you can choose now to change and come unto Christ! Show God some love this week! He deserves it for all he does for each one of us! I love you all so much and am grateful for you love, support and prayers every day! It means the world to me to have each one of you!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

Ps. Happy Turkey Day 🦃
My companions talents this week!
The one on brown paper she drew in 10 minutes while I was driving!

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