Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy happy happy

December 14, 2015

Dear Framily!!
A lot happened this week, but I am not in a huge mood to sit here and type away my mission....soooooooooooo I will just share two things 😉
The day everyone has been waiting for! Ashley and Colette went to the temple this Saturday to be endowed! It was the best day of my whole
life! You know I thought watching someone be baptized was the greatest thing, but seeing two people you love in the temple all dressed in white...there aren't words to describe! So many people came to support them and it was so amazing to be able to see each of them in the temple! Before the session started I saw Ashley in the hall and we hugged for about two minutes straight!! She looked so beautiful and I was fighting back tears. When we were all sitting in the creation room Ashley and Colette were one of the last ones in room. As I saw her walk in and see everyone there to support her there was no more fighting back the tears. The spirit was so strong and she was so excited! I learned so much this time going through the temple! I learned a lot about my personal relationship with the savior and the impact that he does and can have in my life as I keep my covenants. When Ashley was taking the steps to go into the celestial room I had waterfalls running down my face! It made me realize the importance of eternal friendships and when I finally got to be with her and all the people I love from Maplewood in the celestial room I could be happier.
Mom and dad, I think I know how you felt went I went through for the first time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to return back to my God with all the people I love, my brothers and sisters!

Alrighty miracle of the week! Before church started we were standing by the front doors talking to brother Klobek he said that there was a girl that came to the family history center on Saturday and she is going to come to church today! So we all waited for her to come anxiously! ......she came!! Her name is Pamela and she is here being a Nanny and she is from Brazil! She met a member on her plane ride over here and they became best friends! She went to church with her friend once and she said that she felt so happy and good and she wanted to come to church here! Sooooo she stayed for all three hours and now Sara and Sarah who are in their twenties as well totally befriended her and she wanted to learn more and know that this is all true! We are teaching her on Thursday! I am grateful that God is in the details of the lives of the people around us. I know that if we strive to be obedient God is able to bring miracles!
I love you all and am grateful for your love and support!
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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