Saturday, December 19, 2015

One year Old!

One Year on the Mission!

Switching our investigators to progressing.

September 7, 2015
Dear Family,
So I turned 1 year old this week! I wanted to do a little cake smashing ;) I still can't believe it has been a year. Ew okay no more thinking about it haha! It was a really good week this week and I am excited to talk about it so let's just dive in! (But I'm not diving into water ;) So Monday night we planned in some contacting time in Summit and when we were getting out of our car we saw Defilia again so we just ran across the street and she let us in her house. It was really hard to communicate with her because of the language barrier. She really needs to be taught by the Spanish elders! But she chose English...we will
see what happens. We really don't think she caught on to much!

Tuesday we had zone conference it was fun to be together as a zone and bond some more! This zone is really fun! We had some really good role plays too! Later that night we had dinner with the Clarks and I
seriously love the member is this ward! They are such strong people! We talked a ton about missionary work and working with members. They are very smart! That night when we got to our apartment I had
something in the trunk I needed to get to I set the keys down in the trunk and grabbed my book. Then I shut the trunk.....with the keys in it....! So luckily out car was still unlocked, but out button to unlock the trunk from in the car doesn't work! So we tried to pull the seats down, but they weren't budging. We called the elders in utter shame and they came to help. While we were waiting for them to come and help we broke into our apartment through the bathroom window in the back. Sister Shaffer climbed through the spider infested window and she was dying! It was seriously so funny! By that point the elders were there so we went back down to the car. After about ten minutes elder Andrus reaches his had in the crack of the seat and is able to pull the leaver to fold the seat down! He saved the day and we got the keys! It was seriously hilarious and I will never do that again!

Wednesday night we went to try and find a potential and there was a big window in the door. (Many families live in the house) as we were waiting for someone to come an older man came down the stairs. He lite up when he saw us through the window and came to open the door. He is from Ireland, and has a thick accent. We talked to him for a while and we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! Although he was not too keen to having us teach him! But next door is some members and we told them about it and they are going to follow up with him!

Friday we went and saw Claire at the rehab center. She had kept her commitment to ask for forgiveness from God. She said that when she prayed she felt like God was t judging her anymore! It was wonderful!! Friday night the Thomas family had Matt and Alexandra and their kids over for dinner! He were on our toes all night to hear how it went! We were so excited! That next day we went over to the Thomas house and Brother Thomas gave us a rundown of what happened and we coordinated our next steps for them! At the dinner they were able to talk about a lot of gospel principles! This next Tuesday we will be teaching about the godhead! But while we were there Brother Thomas texted Alexandra and invited them to church! They said they were thrilled to come!

So Sunday morning comes and the chapel is barely full because of the holiday. There was no sign of Matt and Alexandra. Then our phone rings and it is Alexandra! She asked for the address and a couple minutes later she walked in with Matt and the two kids! The meeting started right after that. Right before the sacrament starts I scan the crowd and I see John and Jennifer George with their two boys!! No one had reminded or invited them and they came all on their own! Can you say...acting in their faith eh? So we had a total of 6 investigators at church! That is nuts....nuts! We had such a hard time getting
anyone to come, and now all the hard work is paying off! John and Jennifer were totally acting like members too they just went to classes and their kids knew where to go and we were so happy! I am still just smiling ear to ear! It was the best! Oh and guess what else Matt and Alexandra's little girl Mia just stood up and she to go bare testimony without telling or asking anyone! They were so scared at what she might say! It reminded me of Sydney and I was tearing up a little bit!

That is about it for the week! Last night all our investigators (besides the dropped ones) went progressing! It was awesome! I love this Ward and I love being a missionary and helping people find joy! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! You are always in my prayers!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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