Monday, December 28, 2015

Our feet on the ground and our hearts in the heavens!

I love my companion!

Kiss the Kitty!
December 21, 2015

Dear Framily,

It's all good this week!! This week has been truly incredible! All our hard work has been paying off this week, and it is making me start to
cry just thinking about it. I know that God truly just took our area in his hands and I am so grateful that he did. I think the best way to describe this week is focusing on the people rather than the day because it's all about them ️ and away we go!

Noelia: she ordered a Bible last week and we called to set an appointment with her for Monday! She let us right in and sat us down
in her couch. We gave her the bible that she had ordered and she said, "Oh I thought I ordered a 'Mormon bible.'" Then we said, "Do you mean the Book of Mormon?" She had wanted a Book of Mormon! So we started to explain what the Book of Mormon is and why we have it, and the blessings that come from having it and knowing that it is true! She was so excited to read it and so thankful that we brought her both a bible and a Book of Mormon! We will be seeing her again next week!

Gena: she is an older woman from Bulgaria that we met a week or so ago knocking (I talked about her in past emails) she wasn't home for the appointment we set last week so we dropped by this week in Tuesday! She let us in and gave us cookies, chocolate, and orange juice. She speaks barely any English and so we had a very hard time communicating with her. We asked her how she liked the Book of Mormon we left on her door in Bulgarian and she said that she loved it! She went to her bedroom to go and get the book! She started showing us all that she had read! She had read all the introduction pages, all of 2 Nephi, and also read from 3 Nephi 11 to the end of the Book of Mormon in just one week! I think our jaws literally dropped! She said that she loves it because it has the same spirit of the bible, but it is so simple and clear! We then tried to teach her that she needs to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and when she does she will want to be baptized! We taught her that using pictures in the pamphlets. She kind of understood! She is so incredible! This week we will be taking a member to go and see her and he speaks a language that is similar to Bulgarian so that should help a lot! We also ordered Bulgarian pamphlets so that she can read them! It is sooo exciting!

Alexandra: we were trying a potential in Beach Street and we couldn't find the house that was marked so we just started knocking on all the doors where they house should have been. The first couple we knocked we had pleasant conversation but they didn't want to let us in or watch the Christmas video. Then both of us felt like we should knock the house on the corner (it had very homey decorations️). A woman answered the door with a 5 week old baby in her arms. She invited us in right away and we shared the Christmas video with her and her Pop Pop (husbands grandfather) after the video ended her mother and law came in through the back door with dinner and was so happy to see us in her home! We talked to them about what gifts they will give Christ
this Christmas. Alexandra said that she is going to give Christ her little boy Luca. Our hearts just melted! We asked if we could come back again and share the restored gospel with them! They said to come by whenever we want and there will always be someone home to teach! So we went back in Thursday. We walked all day long in the pouring rain and when we got there we were drenched head to toe! Alexandra opened the door and invited us in. We took all our wet gear off outside and went in. We taught her the restoration and the spirit was sooo strong!
At the end we talked about receiving answers to prayers and she started to tear up. We asked her what she would ask God right now. She said that she would ask that her family would be blessed this Christmas because her husband is going through some rough addiction recovery. We listened to her and the spirit was there. We invited her to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and pray. She said that she would! We will see her again tomorrow and be caroling to her house tonight!

Liz: so this week we have really been praying to find those who have leadership skills to build gods kingdom and also families that we can help be eternal. On Wednesday we went to follow up with some potentials in Essex Fells that we had met a couple weeks ago. Essex Fells is this tiny little part of our area with HUGE MANSION HOUSES! Fear no man right? So we were walking in between potentials houses knocking as we went! (This street wins the award for cutest wreaths by the way) we were walking up to one house and we both felt the spirit and got really excited! A woman named Liz opened the door and let us come inside. She gave us some water and started asking all these questions about our missions! She felt like she was a member it was crazy! We showed her the Christmas video and she said opened up right away about struggles that she had faced and is facing right now! We were able to promise her as representative of Christ that as she continues to learn about our message she will find peace and receive help! She invited us back over and to meet her husband! She also gave us a referral!

Gina: back when we got transferred into this area Sister Goulding felt prompted to knock a street in Roseland that we hadn't gotten around to. We were running late on our schedule and we got to this street with about 15 minutes to work there unless we wanted to cut into the time knocking in Essex fells. So we made plan to knock 5 houses and we picked five houses to knock and then prayed to know if these were the ones God wanted us to go to. We got an answer to only knock 3 and he directed us to the three houses very specifically. So we knocked the first two and no one was home. We got to the last house and knocked. A cute younger adult woman came to the door and we asked her if we could share this video with her! She came outside with us and watched the video. We asked her about her thoughts and she said she really liked it and asked for the link to it! She then started to express her thanks to us for coming out here and doing this because so many people
need it. We asked her if we could come back and share more of our message with her! She said absolutely anytime! So we set a return appointment with her!

Steven & Aimee: after meeting Liz we jetted off to Essex Fells with no real street to go to because there no potentials other than the few we have found the past week or so! We pulled out the GPS and started praying about streets. We felt like Devon Street is where we needed to be! As I pulled to corner to the street I felt like we hit a wall of the spirit and we both had our hearts just pounding out of our chests. We parked quickly and started knocking houses. The first one the woman was on the phone so we said we would come back! The next couple weren't home or didn't open the door for us. Then we got to a HUGE house and we heard Christmas music playing throughout he whole house. We were doing a little jig in our way to the door 😉. We knocked and a
couple came to do door! We could tell it was date night and they invited us in and asked if we wanted any cocktails....we said no, but
that we would like to share a Christmas message! So they came and sat down with us! We asked to turn off the music and then we showed the video to them! We could tell the Aimee was feeling the spirit. After the video we asked them about their feelings toward Christ and then we testified if of happiness that comes through the restore gospel! We let them get back to their date night at home and closed with a prayer!

Those were this week’s finds and miracles! I am so grateful for Christmas and that the whole world no matter what religion people are take time to think about the savior and recognize all the wonderful things that he has done so that everyone has an opportunity to return to God and receive all the blessings that he has in store for us. This Christmas think about the things that you will give Christ for his birthday! Reflect on what he has provided for you specifically and what you can change to draw closer to him! This has been the greatest week because we have been able to see Christ working in the people in our area! Share the good news and share the love of Christ!

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

Pic 2: kiss the kitty! Ps I have a bag under my rain jacket so I look
a bit weird haha. Also, I am totally soaked by the rain
Pic 1: I love my companion

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