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Caldwell West


George Family

Otuafi/Vi'iavaka girls

November 16, 2015


Okay so I know you are all waiting for new area is.....CALDWELL!!!!! Caldwell West to be specific! We got doubled in, which means my companion and I are both new to the area and have no idea what we are doing! We are in the Caldwell ward with two elders as well so they get the east side and we get the west side! WEST SIDE WHAT UP!! Sorry I just had to do that haha! For those of you who have served here and are wondering Caldwell is no longer a Sister Training Leader area (hence the double in) so I am a normal missionary and it is awesome! :) My new companion is Sister Goulding! She grew up in Florida, but moved to St. George about 2 years ago! She has been out on the mission for 6 months and she is a KILLER missionary! She is so cute and little too! She is also an artist and does portraits! She is really good at it! I love her so much already and am so excited to be her companion!

Okay so let’s just get with the week already! So Monday night I said a lot of good byes and it was really hard! I would literally run from each house after saying goodbye so I wouldn't break down in tears! It was the hardest goodbyes! The hardest was definitely Coco! I miss her so much! We sat down together and I bore my testimony to her and thanked her for letting me be her best friend and sister! She bore her testimony to me too and it was the most beautiful thing. Her faith has grown sooo much! She promised me that she will always live the gospel no matter what!

Tuesday we went down to Morristown :) We had the transfer conference in the Gym instead of the Chapel so we could be more rowdy.....let me tell was a CRAZY transfer conference! It was so funny we were all dying with laughter the whole entire time! When President called me name I walked to the front kind of like a cat sneaking up on a prey...not intentionally it was because I was terrified out of my mind! So I get up there and he is teasing me a bit and then calls out that my new Companion will be sister Goulding and we will be doubled in to the Caldwell West area! She ran up and we hugged each other and I was so excited!!!
After the conference it was raining and so everybody’s stuff got VERY wet haha it made things very interesting! It was really hard to say bye to Sister Shaffer as well we cried a lot! I have been missing her!
That night we made the journey to the new area in a PACKED car! We got there and started to make phone calls to all the auxiliary leaders and introduce ourselves! They were all pretty surprised that they had 2 new sisters!! It was really fun!
That night I was praying before I went to bed and I felt the spirit so strongly confirm to me that this is exactly where I need to be right now! I didn't even ask if it was, but it was amazing! I have never had such an immediate confirmation! It makes me so excited to see what will happen these next weeks!

We have been doing a TON of finding and meeting members left and right haha! We had this crazy experience on Wednesday looking for a less active member! So we saw two ladies talking at the corner so we went over and talked to them. They were both a bit stand offish but hey we didn't care! So the conversation ended and we were walking away. We watched one of the ladies to see where she lived and then we pull out our area book to see who we were going to was HER house...she is a member!! We were both sooo confused! She acted like she didn't know who we were! So we have plans to go knock on her door this week and ask her what is up haha!

It is so crazy being here because I have been here on a lot of exchanges...I get disavow sooo often! And it has been fun because I know some of the people I will be working with!

Sunday night we had dinner with the Dolan family  (active members)  and we taught about the restoration and the spirit was so strong. We went around and said why we are thankful for the restoration! It was sooo amazing! They are a really fun family too! And we felt right at home!

I am so excited to be here in CALDWELL!!! There is a lot of work ahead and this area is about to explode!

Love and miss you all!
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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