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The First of the 12 Weeks

Sister Parkinson's Baptism

August 24, 2015
Dear Framily,

It was so amazing it hear from all of you! I miss you like crazy and hope all is well. New transfers are always hard because you miss your old companions, but they are amazing because you love your new
companions too! Speaking of that my new Baby is Sister Shaffer! She is from Preston Idaho. She is this cute little shorty and she is sooooo ready to work! She has been adjusting really well to missionary life
and work! She works hard too which I love! She was a little scared teaching a first, but she is getting more comfortable with it each day! She doesn't love door knocking or rejection too much, but she
handles it really well (better than me sometimes haha). I love her so much! She is a little shy, but I am opening her up :). I am soooooo excited to see her progress over the next 12 weeks! She is 19 and she
did a year at BYUI too!

Tuesday morning we had the trainers meet the trainees meeting! It was really fun, but I was so nervous! There were quite a few new missionaries and I had no guesses as to who would be my companion!
When I did find out it felt right and my heart was at peace. The transfer conference after that was soooooooo long because all 18 missionaries going home bore their testimonies. I cried a lot because
I was close to quite a few of them. It is really hard to see them all go home. I wish we never had to leave. After the conference we packed up the car and had our first appointment with Arta and Rosa! It was a
bit of a shock for Sister Shaffer with the accents and exotic food. She handled it well though! We taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy and Arta had sooo many questions on what she can and cannot do.
The biggest one was whether she could go to the beach or not and she was trying to work her way around it. Haha.

Wednesday we had district meeting. We are in the Newark zone now and it is weird because it is mostly elders and only one other set of sisters in the zone....I feel a bit outnumbered haha! After the meeting we had to figure out our Area book syncing stuff in the iPads and all of our data got deleted when we synced our schedules. So we called the office elders and it turned out that at transfers they accidentally deleted our whole entire area digitally...I was almost in tears because I have spent soooo much time inputting information. We were able to get all of the people back, but most lessons were lost and our entire schedules were was a bit of a nightmare but we survived and things are okay now. God helped me remember a lot, and for that I am thankful!

That night we stopped by to Matt and Alexandra's house. Alexandra is going through a lot medically right now and she is having a lot of tests being done. We talked about the plan of salvation with her.
Thursday all but our dinner appointment cancelled on us :( so we did a lot of knocking and after a bit we both got discouraged, but we were able to talk with one another and the spirit came back and we finished the day strong. We had dinner with the Smiths that night and they made us Japanese food :)
Friday we taught Sarah who is a recent convert with Abby! It was a good lesson, but I had a really awkward moment because I had forgotten what her dad looked like so I asked who that man in the house was...haha was her dad....I got pretty red and realized that I had met him before. It was funny! That night we had dinner with the Gonzales family and they had their friends come over! We talked about the For Strength of Youth booklet and Stephana (mother of the family that was their friends) really liked it! As we were talking about being prepare to meet God again Stephana's son Sebastian said that he doubts if God exists. There were two crying mothers and sister Shaffer
and I were trying to control the situation. Anyways by the end of it we helped Sebastian realize that he needs to turn to God and find out. Sister Gonzales invited him to come to church with them!

Saturday we got to see Richard!!! He came down from the city (where he recently moved to) and got some fro-yo! It was really good to be able to talk with him and catch up! He wanted to know about how I gained my testimony and why I came on my mission and how I have changed so I spilt all my juices to him. I hope I get to see him again before I leave this area! I am so grateful that I have been able to gain such good friends here :) we miss him a lot! Later that day we were looking for a referral and he wasn't home so we knocked some doors on that street...we knocked one door and it opened and standing there was Elder Andrus (one of the Spanish elders) he said, "you figured out where we lived!" And mine and Sister Shaffer’s faces were probably hilarious. We were not expecting to knock into the elders. It was pretty awkward and funny! That night we had dinner with the bishop and we helped them rework their family mission plan! We have such an amazing bishop and he is so excited about missionary work! He took one of our Books of Mormon and put it in his backpack so he could give it away I the train to work!

Sunday Sebastian came to church!! We were very excited! We hope that he really felt the spirit! The young men were really good and friend shipping him! Sister Shaffer did really well with the ward and they love her already! We had dinner with the Ellis family that night and they are sooo good at sharing the gospel! We are so excited! They also helped us come up with creative ideas to find new investigators! We have a huge train stop in our area and we are going to target it!! Well that is our week!
For my studies in the morning I have been reading from the book of Mosiah (book of Mormon) and Matthew (New Testament) it was really fun this week because I had one day when the topics matched up perfectly about forgiveness! It was really enriching! A couple verses I like was Mosiah 26: 30- "Yea, and as often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me." I know that we all slip up and I do too, but here is the thing we have to just try and try to become better and keep working on our faults. God is patient with us and we need to be patient with ourselves too. With that I read the parable in Matthew 18 about when Peter ask the lord if our brother keeps sinning against us do we forgive him 7 times and the. Jesus says seventy times seven times. He goes in with a parable about a servant who owed his master a debt and the master forgave him. Although, then the servant turned around and wouldn't forgive his fellow man. As we are striving to overcome our sins we need to be patient with others. Forgiveness come when we can forgive others. As we out Christ in between us and
everyone else we are able to forgive even the biggest trespasses.

I love being a missionary and it is the best work ever! I miss you all!
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

Sister Parkinson's baptism:

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