Saturday, December 19, 2015

The leaves are falling...

Rainy Day!

September 14, 2015
Dear Framily,
Hi! It was fun to receive all the emails this week! I can't believe it is Monday again already!
So last Monday we had an ice cream social with the Ward! It was so much fun! Jennifer and John were there and they even brought a friend! Alexandra and Matt came as well with their kids! It was so nice to see them all connect even more with the Ward! This Ward is the greatest! There were so many cute babies too! Sister Shaffer was dying wanting to hold all of them!

Monday night we had our appointments cancel and it was 8 o'clock and lately people have not been so happy with us knocking after 8 so before we got out to try some doors we prayed that people would be
understanding and receptive and that we would find someone who wanted to hear. When we got out of the car we saw this man with a leave blower blowing leaves in the dark so of course we went and talked to him. He is from India but has an English was strange Haha! He really wanted us to teach his 10 year old son though so we sat down with the son and taught him about the restoration. The dad wants to join in the lesson next time! It was awesome! Such an answer to our prayers!

Tuesday we had district meeting! And after district meeting we had a lesson with a cut old woman and she fed us CAKE and a lot of it then we went to the Thomas for dinner and ATE we thought we were going to die! Then we went to the George's for our lesson and they offered us dinner.....we said no don't worry haha! The lesson started ruff though. We were teaching the plan of salvation and things were just
not clicking. Then we start talking about the temple and immediate the spirit came in and we were able to talk about how important they are!

Wednesday we had specialized training for the new missionaries and it was fun to be with all the newbies this is the meeting where the split the trainers and trainees and talk about our problems and get help....I have such an easy trainee ;) she really is amazing though! I forget all the time that she is a new missionary! That night we had Logan teaming up with us and our appointment canceled so we just went and knocked doors with him! It was amazing! Everyone that opened was soooo nice! We know it is because we had a member with us! They bring so many miracles! We got a lot of potential investigators and we are excited! But then our Area book app deleted all their contact information when we synced....we were so sad!

Thursday our walking day it poured rain ALL day long! We were outside walking in it! It rained so much that it started to come through our umbrellas...we were sooo soaked! When we got to our dinner appointment we were just laughing at how ridiculous we looked by that point! Gotta love jersey rain!

Friday we had leadership training for the new missionaries and it was really good! I love going back to the basics and being reminded of what is most important. We were able to receive so much revelation! It was so fun to role play and pretend to be the investigator. These new missionaries are so powerful! I am excited to see them progress and become leaders! After the meeting we exchanged with our sister training leaders! It was a good exchange! I had Sister Detrinidad come here with me! We saw two less actives and had an awesome dinner appointment! The next day when sister Shaffer came back we went and saw Alexandra and Matt! Matt ended up taking the kids to the park and we taught Alexandra. She had a really hard week with her health and she said that she was praying about it but nothing was happening. Then as we were the pharmacy calls and says that her insurance is going to cover some of her medications she needs! She was I tears! We felt prompted to talk to her about priesthood blessings she said that she would really like one. That night brother Thomas and Busath went over and gave her one. Alexandra said it was beautiful! Please keep her in your prayers.

Sunday we didn't have anyone come to church, but you know what it is okay because we know that they will come next week :) oh wait...jk...we have multi stake conference so hopefully they come!
That is about it for our week! This week I have been thinking a lot why we have to go through so much
suffering. There are many people in my area that we talk to that are having a hard time believing in God because of all the things that are going on in the world. I don't know what is happening in the world,
but what I do know is that Gods love never ceases. I was reading a talk this morning by President Eyring that said something along the lines of, "Joy always comes after sorrow." This made me think of all
the people I have talked to lately. It is hard to see the end of the tunnel and keep hope for it when it is so far away, but there is always joy at the end. We would never be able to experience good without bad. President Taggart is famous in the mission for this chart that he always draws. It is a line graph and he line has many ups and raises higher it dips lower. In life we have to dip low to go high. One thing to always remember is that Christ dipped below them all so that he would be able to bring us back up...and it is only through him that we raise higher. Trust in him, and rely in him. I love you all, and I love my savior. I am thankful for the many times that he has helped me climb back up. I am thankful for the pains I have had, and do have. I could never be happy without them.

Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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