Saturday, December 19, 2015

We will serve the Lord

Coco's baptism.

September 28, 2015
Dear Framily,
Soooo hey y'all! It was so fun to hear from everyone this week! I am also just so excited to share with you about what happened this week! I have had soooo many questions about the people here and away we go...dun dun duuuuun dun dun duh du dun dun (Disney music)

So Tuesday we had our last district meeting for the transfer which means that the missionaries going home get to tell stories at lunch! Elder Allen my first district leader is going home and it was fun to
hear his stories and testimony! I was there for a lot of his stories in Maplewood so it made it even more fun (I just typed in runner but I went back and fixed it because I know mom would just give me a good
roll or the eyes ;) after lunch all the elders started teasing me with dying jokes and I'm like elders I still have a long time....and they were like but you are next sister! Ugh it hurts haha! Elder Allen was
one of them so I just came back with even worse jokes because he is practically gone already haha! It was fun though!

Wednesday we taught coco at the Farmer’s house and we taught ALL the commandments in 45 minutes! She lives all of them already so it made it a lot easier haha! She is so amazing I just get mind blown every time we teach her! Then sister farmer got out her wedding book and we talked about eternal marriage a bit! Coco and sister farmer have really connected well and it is so amazing!

Thursday night we biked (safely) to the George's and had dinner with them. It was really fun to spend time with them and get to know them better over a mean! After dinner we taught the restoration again to lead into setting John and Dylan on date! When we got to the part about the restoration of the priesthood we invited John to be baptized in November! Dylan was so cute and had his fingers crossed waiting for his dad's answer. John said that he isn't opposed to being baptized, but that he doesn't want to put a date on it. We tried to resolve his concerns by talking about the importance of goals, but he still didn't want to set a date. Please be praying for him! On the bike ride home as we were taking about it we decided that we are just going to emphasize him getting an answer because once he gets that...he will be baptized! Haha! He is so ready he just needs to realize it!

Friday we did service at the nursing home again and there are two old ladies there that have become my best friends. One speaks Spanish and will read me by never speaking English to me and the other reminds me a lot of Grandma Cooper! She is just so sweet and she barely talks, but she will always give me the biggest smiles! Awe I love it! Later that night we went to the Ure's house for dinner! They have
soooo many kids and it was awesome! They are really good parents too! I want to be like them!

Saturday morning we played ultimate Frisbee and I was running after Eliza and totally biffed it hard on my little hurt bad haha. Then Brother Thomas pretty much shoved me over a catch and I got
some nice bruises! It was a good and intense game. After that we went to the bishop’s house where we were going to meet with Coco! When we pulled up our district leader pulled up right after. We started with the interview and she passed ;) elder ransom said it was one of the most spiritual interviews he has had. Then we had bishop and his wife join us for the lesson. We taught all the laws and ordinances. Coco is so excited to go to the temple and she is also really excited to do her family history! She has a lot of work to do and pretty much all of China needs to be done! She was so excited! Bishop and Sister Hawkins were both in awe at how amazing she is! That night she came to the women's conference and was able to meet a lot of the sisters! This Ward is amazing and they Fellowship so well! After the conference we went to the font to find a suit....they had no adult smalls so she had to wear a child's large and it was a little tight! She was so excited! We showed her the font and explained how it will
all work! We had the Georges, Nia, and Coco at church on Sunday! Dylan George was so cute because he ran to his class so excited! The gospel principles class was amazing we had a lesson on sacrifice and it was so good for John! The spirit was really strong and j think he was really able to realize that if he wants answers he needs to sacrifice. Best lesson yet!
After church we had an hour before the baptism the George's left right after church and we were a bit bummed about that. But we were able to take a lot of pictures and get the food all ready! Coco met more of the members as well! When we went into the relief society room it was completely full! There was not an empty seat in the house! We even had to go get more chairs haha! The program started and brother Egan gave an amazing talk on baptism. Then sister Clegg sang and played the guitar! The spirit was there strong and coco was ready to be baptized. Richard and she went down into the water. Richard looked a bit nervous because this was his first time baptizing someone! He was baptized just 33 months ago! He forgot to say her last name the first time so they did it twice, it was beautiful because it shows the importance of the ordinance! Coco looked so happy and beautiful! When she got all dress they came back in and Nia (investigator) and a couple of the primary girls sang I am a child of God. Then Abby gave a talk in the Holy Ghost. Then coco got up and bore her testimony. She talked about how through the death of her grandfather she was able to feel that there is life after death, that God really does exist, and that Christ is her savior. She also talked about how she is so grateful to have an eternal family some day and that she gets to keep learning and growing! Her testimony sounded like she was a member for years! Everyone was in shock at how strong she is spiritually! After the baptism we all ate refreshments and sooooo many people came to talk to coco! One thing that she told us is that when she left China she felt really lonely, but now she will never feel lonely again because she has the Holy Ghost and a family here. Coco is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met! She has immense faith, and she is not afraid to act in it no matter what her family or friends will think or say. She knows what is most important! Coco's Chinese name is Keyu which means to “cease every opportunity”. She definitely is.
Never let an opportunity pass you by that will bring you closer to the savior. Always be prepared for what will come your way. I love and miss you all! Remember who you are and what you stand for.
Sister Cooper the Jersey Girl

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